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The Black Coats are an elite unit of EITC soldiers who operate in secrecy, often in collaboration with Navy Officials, and always away from the prying eyes of the public. Their whereabouts are shrouded with mystery, and the only people who know about their work and operations beyond their organisation being their superiors. Masters of stealth, long range and close quarters combat, and expert sailors, these individuals are silent, lethal, and effective tools of the EITC.

Rumored photo of a Black Coat operative, and the only known in existence to possibly depict an operative.

Missions and Responsibilities



  • Protection and Escort of high priority Trading Company officials and employees.
  • Plain-clothed espionage
  • Intel Collection within Official EITC and Naval outposts

Diplomatic and Noncombat duties

  • Decoration of 200th Foot Regiment confirmation
  • Plain-clothed Officers, Hidden Sharpshooters, and other miscellaneous Secretive Military Presence at Naval and EITC public outreach events. 


Commander Finn Grey

Commander Grey is the only member of the Black Coats who maintains a public presence, however, he maintains that he is only a member of the Trading Company's Hierarchy, and that the Black coats are merely a myth. He spends most his time around Tortuga and his administrative office in Port Royal.