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The Cursed Black Cobra

The Black Cobra is a War Frigate owned by Ziggy Cardon. It is the flagship of Ziggy's guild "Ziggy's Loyal Man". She's been cursed by Blackbeard and lied burning off coast of Isla Tormenta. But now she is free from the curse, free to sail the seas again under Ziggy.
Career Information
Port of Registry: Tortuga
Owner(s): Ziggy Cardon
Captain(s): Ziggy Cardon
Notable Crewmembers: Sander Cannonman, Jonas Gibson, Davy Scurvygull, Jumbee Master
Fate: Cursed by Blackbeard, restored by Tia Dalma
Technical Information
Type: War Frigate
Speed: 10 knots max speed up to 19 knots
Weapons: 34 guns
Battles: Privateer Battles, Treasure Fleets, Queen Anne's Revenge

Ziggy's Loyal Man', Pirates


The ships was bought by Ziggy

First version of The Cobra

as a Frigate. he made it his flagship because it was his favourite ship. he've been on lot's of adventures with her, she was his most valuable prossesion. then when he had the money he upgraded her to a War Frigate and Ziggy was so happy with it, but after one day something horrible happend. She was cursed.

The Curse

It was the second day Ziggy that she was a War Frigate, and Ziggy was so proud on her that he decided to go on a raid. He plunderd a lot of ships and he had 11 men aboard his beloved Cobra. So after a while they asked Ziggy if he wanted to go after the Queen Anne's Revenge. Ziggy was so full of confidence that he agreed and went after the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Revenge Fight

So Ziggy attacked the Revenge together with his crew, they peppered it with cannon fire. she was heavely damaged, and so was the Black Cobra too. but the Revenge was defeated quicker then the Cobra so they boarded her. the first wave of ennemies was easy, the second was almost as easy as the first one. But the third one was harder, they defeated every jumbee of Blackbeard, accept for LaSchafe. he stayed long and killed alot crew man, Ziggy took his voodoo doll and used it agains LaShafe while he was killing others. but when almost every one was dead and LaShafe was low on health took Ziggy his Sword Of Triton and attacked the Jumbee, but he failed and Lashafe defeated him, together with the last 2 remaining crew members. The Revenge sunk, and the crew was brought to jail.

Being Cursed

When Ziggy came out of jail
Ziggy's cobra

Ziggy on the Blue Phounix when he discovered that his Beloved Cobra lies there already for 3 days

, he wanted to repair his beloved Cobra but it di
Ziggy cobra 3
dn't work because she didn't sunk and didn't made port. So Ziggy tried to teleport to her, but it said she wasn't available. he couldn't go to her for 2 days. Then he found out she was still floating on the spot where she attacked the Revenge. The Cobra was burning. but she did not sink. Because Blackbeard cursed her. before the Revenge sunk, he put a curse on her, so she would be there for eternity? she couldn't be sunk and no one could enter the ship. She will burn there forever on that spot.


Cursed Black Cobra Tourist Folder

Tourist Folder

You can visit the cursed ship now if you want. She lies North West, just of coast of Isla Tormenta in HASSIGOS OCEAN. You can sail to this Infamous Cursed Ship that will burn on that spot maybe forever. She might never move. So take your chance and experience the curse yourself. You can try to board her with a d

location booking bureau, if you wanna have a guide on your tour. you might find Ziggy here.

inghy, but good look with that, you wouldn't be able to reach her because of the curse. The Attraction Bureau is lockated in a shack on Isla Tormenta.

The Cursed Lifted

"The Cobra is mine again" - Ziggy Cardon

After 3 weeks of being cursed, the cursed was reversed. Ziggy was so despered for freeing the Black Cobra that he went to Tia Dalma. The voodoo queen told him that she coul

Tia Dalma helps Ziggy to get his ship back

d help, but for that ziggy needed to sink a Man-O-War because they stole Tia Dalma's Crabhanger. Ziggy got her necklace back and so Tia Dalma got Ziggy's beloved Cobra back. So the Cobra is free a
Tia Dalma's Crabhanger

Tia Dalma's Crabhanger

nd from Ziggy again. He finally got his flagship back.


Ziggy is now upgrading his Cobra so it will be even

2nd Upgrade Of The Black Cobra

a better flag ship.

Upgrade History

Unkown Date

Ziggy gave the Cobra her well deserved Black sails and a Snake emblem on her sails.

December 24

Upgraded the Cobra to Cargo I. she can now hold up to 20 goods.


Black Cobra in strom

The Black Cobra during a storm


The Black Cobra at open Sea


The Cobra sailing during an invasion

Ziggy's cobra 2

Ziggy looking at The Cursed Black Cobra


The Black Cobra sailind under the moon


The Cobra sailing in the evening


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