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The Black Demon is the ship captained by Christopher Crane. It is feared by many, and for good reasons.


Back in the late 1600s, Chris and his siblings constructed the ship, which was at this point a Light Galleon. Chris became the captain of the ship, and he, his siblings, and various people crewed on Tortuga, would have daily raids to get money. In 1699, Chris took the ship apart and rebuilt it to make a Frigate. In 1722, it was upgraded to become a War Frigate. The ship became feared by many just days after this, the ship now having 34 cannons in total. By this time Chris was a Spanish Lord, and the Black Demon was the pride of the Spanish fleet.

When Chris was exiled from Spain, he stole the ship, narrowly escaping with his life. He put the ship's old pirate sails on, and left the Spanish sails and flag in the ship's cargo room. About 24 years after this, Chris upgraded the ship, placing metal plating on the ship but leaving the wood as a second layer. He also painted the sails black and put a dragon emblem on them. In addition, he had learned how to control the ship with magic, even being able to man the cannons with his own mind. With these abilities, Chris didn't rely on a crew as much as he used to, and took advantage of it to spread terror across the seas. The ship took part in many battles, including a battle against Carlos Clemente's fleet and a massive victory against Jolly Roger. Later, in late-1752, the ship was destroyed while Chris was sinking other ships; only 4 survived.

Some time later after Chris was revived, he had the pieces retrieved and ordered the ship to be rebuilt. It currently resides in a hidden area on Padres Del Fuego.


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