Sail ramming speed The Blade Warrior is a type Frigate!!
The Blade Warrior is a war frigate captained by Dog Hullbones. It is a very reliable ship and has been in many battles.
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The Blade Warrior

Undead Island

When the invasion of Undead Island happened, The Blade Warrior was full of people. When it battled with the undead armada, it saved other ships from sinking. It defeated every ship in its path. After the battle Dog used it to kill any fleeing ships. Then it was used to destroy skeleton sea patrols. The Caribbean was grateful for that and slept better than usual.


When The Blade Warrior was used for privateering it was good. It fought for the french and won many victories. The most famous battle was when there were two Spanish ships and the Blade Warrior fighting for the french by itself. The foolish Spanish ships attack Dog. He had a plan though. He just stayed at the island while the shield was up. He sunk one ship and then the shield went down. With that he got a new crew mate and they attacked. Then more french ships came and more spanish ships came. The French won for that day. 

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