The Blade of Darkness in the sword used by The Dark. It is held by The Darks host, Prince Edgar Wildrat of England it is used as a deadly weapon of The Essence of all Darkness. The sword is neither a sabre broadsword or cutlass. The gem at the bottom activates the sword type. If you press it once the sword becomes a cutlass, twice a sabre and if you press the gem three times it will become a broadsword. Sword of dark


It is made of a combination of metals that can handle the sheer force of darkness. Any other sword will explode if Darkness should touch it.

Enity - Create and control anything by channeling your darkness.

Dark Blasts - Point the sword at different places and fire bolts made of darkness

Telekinesis - Command and levitate any object at will. This power also allows you to tighten your grip on the victim to choke them.

Alchemy - Turn metal into gold and gold into metal. Solidify water

Summon The Dark Swarm - Summon a giant ball of darkness, that can grow to use the power of all darkness!


Boosts health by 4 points.


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