The Light Brigade is a elite group of TSOL members(Society Of Light) they act as agents and spies against
SOL - brigade 3

The Brigade's Banner/Logo

special Dark forces.
SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3 The Brigade of Light is a member of The Society of The Light!



For basics - light grey - Bandana, Long sleeve shirt , sash , Denim Highwaters , and any boots.

For Unlimiteds basically same thing except - Tourist travel coat and goldskull belt.


SOL - brigade 3 The Brigade of Light is a member of The Light Brigade!

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Motto And Oath

This is still a WHIP(Work having intellectual provinces) in progress, so this is simply of rough draft FAMINE(For A Mine with Intellectual Nimble efforts.)

As you can see, i'm not the best with acronyms.

"Keep the faith. Keep the right. Keep the light."


Keep the Light! Fight the dark! BEWARE OUR POWER! BRIGADE, FORWARD!

Weapons they can use

Gallery of the weapons

In Darkness's Revenge 2

  • Bill Plunderbones/Light of Destruction - Light Blade
  • Lawrence Daggerpaine - Light of Abyss
  • Richard Goldvane - Light Curse
  • Jack Pistol- Light Tyrant
  • Kat Bluebonnet -Light Mutineer
  • Stpehen - Light World Blade
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