The British Assassins is a group or creed of elite assassins under the command of Grandmaster Jason Shiprat. It was formed by The Grandmaster on March 7, 1775. The group was formed due to the Grandmasters promotion. This groups sole purpose is to maintain stability and order within the empire and her allies. The group awnser's only to Parliament, the King, and the British High Command.

Laws of the Creed

Rule #1: Never compromise the brotherhood.

Rule #2: Stay your blade from the flesh of the innocent .

Rule #3: Stay to the shadows.

Rule #4: Leave no survivors unless to spread rumors to destroy enemy morale.

Rule #5: The Creed is your only life, you will stay in until you are dead or unable to work.

Rule #6: Recruit those who you think can be trusted.

Rule #7: Never allow an enemy to join.

Punishments for failing to heed the Creed

Rule #1 Violation: Demotion to Novice or death.

Rule #2 Violation: Demotion to Novice or death.

Rule #3 Violation: Suspension from active duty and banned from using weapons for one week.

Rule #4 Violation: Demotion to Novice or death.

Rule #5 Violation: Death by hanging, beheading, and firing squad and dishonor to your entire family.

Rule #6 Violation: Demotion to Novice and permanent wall guard until Grandmaster sees fit.

Rule #7 Violation: Demotion and dishonor for your entire family.

  • Note: Grandmaster could suspend or end a punishment if he so wishes and has a viable reason.

Headquarters and other facilities

The Assassins have four primary HQ's.

1st HQ located on Shiprat Isle.

2nd HQ is located in London in an undisclosed location.

3rd HQ is the HMS Ezio Auditore.

4th HQ is located on Kingshead.

The Assassins also have several other facilities such as the training facility on Kingshead.

Kingshead: Assassins fortress, training grouns, and supply depot.

Port Royal: Assassins Den, Intelligence Sector.

Tortuga: Assassins Den, Defense wall.

Padres Del Fuego: Blacksmith shops, shipwright.

Isla Perdida: Safehouse, Supply Depot.

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