What are we?

The British Experimental Program is a
group of Experimental people, Scientest, and Builders, who make new inventions for the British Empire. The group was founded on November 26, 1744 ( 2011 ), By Inventor Joshua William Pond. Pond founded the Program after finding a way to take the side effects from a thing called Bayote, which was needed for a remedy to help make sailors feel better when sick. Tho the remedy cannot cure the sickness, it makes the sailor feel as if he didnt have one. Bayote caused side effects as hearing people talk in a very low deep voice, not aware of half the things they are doing, seeing things, and a stagger walk. Basically making you feel as if you were drunk. Pond researched and learned of a special tonic named the Crimson Tonic could get rid of any drunken feeling. And it worked with the Bayote! The remedy was called Boyce. The British Experimental Program was a add on to The British Insutrializing Era.


  • .Lead Experimenter - Joshua Pond
  • Lead Inventor - Joshua Pond
  • Leader of Program - Joshua Pond
  • Lead Scientest - Marc Cannonshot
  • Lead Blueprinter - Lord Jeremiah Garland
  • Blueprinters -
  • Inventors - Davy Gunfish,
  • Scientest -
  • Tester - Sven Daggersteel,
  • Experimenters -

Experiments Concluded in Victory -

  • Boyce Remedy

Experiments Concluded in Failure -

  • None

Inventions Created

  • None Yet

Important Notes

  1. Meetings will be held every so often to check on progress
  2. No Inventing Inventions without Joshua Pond
  3. All Blueprints must be approved by Joshua Pond before the inventions/experiment goes into progress.
  4. ALL Inventions/Experiments/Remedies/Etc. goes to The Crown of England and ONLY The Crown of England!
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