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The King's Men was founded by John Breasly on April 1, 1722 (2011). It was orignally meant to be called The Royalty Guild, but John decided he didn't want the guild so exclusive. So, John's brother, William Damproberts, picked the name "England's Finest". Then it was renamed "The King's Men". That wasn't approved. Then, a soldier of the Royal Navy named William Howe created The British Knights, and made John GM. The British Knights is the guild made only for the King's finest and most trusted men. It is also for the Royal in England. The British Knights controls : Co. Black Guard , Beckett's Elites , and Beckett's Squad. These 3 guilds are nearly all maxed. In this guild we :

  • Train at Tortuga, or any other island in which the Guildmaster chooses.
  • We do SvS, sometimes for fun, or other times against our guild enemies!
  • We do PvP with enemies, or just for practice to get better!
  • We do cruises, we go on a ship and sail the seas, plundering and having fun.
  • We have parties ( such as King John's birthday bash ).
  • And, much, much more.

It currently has 23 members, and is only open to the most select people.


Here are some important members

John Breasly -- Guildmaster

John Breasly is a level 42 player, and is King of Great Britain

Matthew Blastshot -- Second-in-Command

Matthew Blastshot is the second-in-command of the guild, and is head of the Royal Navy.

Captain Leon -- Officer

Captain Leon is an officer of the guild, and John's nephew.

Charlotte Bluescarlett -- Officer

John's girlfriend, level 22.

William Howe -- Ex-Guildmaster

William created the guild, and gave it to John. He is now an officer.

Emily Mcsteel -- Third-in-command

Daughter of John. Level 50. Princess of England. Third in line for the throne.

Simon Lockward -- Officer

Old friend of John's. Level 44.


Friend of Captain Leon's, Level 50.
English Flag.gif The British Knights is in an English Guild.