The Royal Marines Are a fighting force under the command of Lord Jack Harkness

A New Order

The British Royal Marines

Commanding Officer

Field Marshall Jack Harkness

Other Members

Lord Jeremiah Garland

Lt. Colonel Sven Darkpaine

Captain Robert Jones

Captain Dakota O'Brien

Lt. Jim McShot

Ensign Richard Jones

Primary Guild

Royale Marines


By Land, By Sea


 The British Royal Marines were founded originally by Lord Johnathan Coaleastern but due to a disbanding of the Marines he became redundent. Lord Jack Harkness Was Promoted five months later to take over the position by Lord Matthew Blastshot. The Marines are posted at the moment in Port Royal were they are under-going re-training in the discipline of military life.

The marines in battle


  • 74th Kings Highlanders
  • 33rd regiment of Foot
  • The 24th Welsh regiment
  • The 93rd Scotch Regiment of foot

Joining and Rank system

The Royal Marines are currently looking for recruits for both regular and commissioned Soldiers to fight for the crown.


  • High Field Marshall
  • Field Marshall
  • General
  • Lt. General
  • Major General
  • Brigadier
  • Major Brigadier
  • Colonel
  • Lt. Colonel
  • Major
  • Lt. Major
  • Captain of the Gaurd
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Ensign
  • Sargeant
  • Coporal
  • Private
  • Cadet
  • Servant
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