The Cabinet was a pirate guild under the command of Richard Cannonwalker. It was presumed to be created sometime in late 2009 or early 2010, although the exact date is unknown. It was named after the Cabinet of the United States, although most people assumed it was named for the other type of cabinet.

At its peak, The Cabinet housed somewhere in the area of 130 members.


Richard Cannonwalker created the guild shortly after creating his pirate in 2009. The guild was created in hopes of re-creating the "glory days" of The New Brood, the guild Richard ran on his first pirate before being terminated. In Richard's eyes, his attempt at re-creating these glory days failed.


It is unknown whether or not The Cabinet held leaderboard positions, although it's assumed they didn't due to their small size and inactivity.

Known Wiki Members


No photos or videos of The Cabinet can currently be found. It's believed some are in circulation around the internet, but their locations are unknown.

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