The Cheeses is a group who likes cheese! This group uses cheese to eat, fight, and more! Their leader is Basil Bridgebain! The Cheeses enemy is the Anti-Cheeses! (A.C. is not a page yet, soon to be made.) The Anti-Cheeses are a group of people like The Cheeses, but they HATE cheese! However, this group eats cheese almost everyday! Some of The Cheese's weapons are: Cheese Ion Cannon, Cheese Gun, and Cheesy Knives!


  1. Basil Bridgebain
  2. Bill Plunderbones
  3. Cherie
  4. Grunt56
  5. Captain Ezekiel
  6. Richard Goldvane
  7. Marc Cannonshot
  8. Boogiemango
  9. Lord Cad Bane
  10. Jarod
  11. [[KatBluedog
  • Want to join? Leave a message on Basil's Talk page! Basil Bridgebain, Guildmaster of Boss Buster Lords The Big Cheese

And all these members have come together to destroy the Blue Cheese, and the Anti-Cheeses! Because who DOESNT l ike cheese? (haters)



Their Cheese.


Their flag



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