The Co. Empire was founded by Benjamin Macmorgan!!! and even was considered the most popular guild at one time. It was one of the very first EITC guilds. Its second in command was Captain Andrew and they lead against all pirates. The Co. Empire was a very hated guild. On the other head, numberous people looked up to the Co. It began to be so big, many wars were created BY the Co. and even against the Co. It lost much power with tons of spying in their guild. Eventually the word ' Co. ' was used in almost EVERY EITC guild. But eventually members left, and betrayed them, including Greencloths. Soon, the Co. fell. It is not official what happened.

Guild Userbox ImageEITC The Co. Empire is a EITC Guild in Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

The Beginning of a new Co. Empire

The Co Empire was just another one of those EITC guilds, and it was a re-make of the former guild Co. Empire, created by Benjamin Macmorgan. The only difference in the name was no period at the end of the word ' Co '. The guild soon became very popular. The leaders and officers of this guild are Prime Minister Lord Jeremiah Garland ( Governor of Padres Del Fuego ), Lord President Usman, Governor of Kingshead Skipper, Governor of Tortuga Joseph Gunshot, Governor of Cuba John Warsmythe ( The Guild Court System Ruler ), and with the Guild Master Benjamin Macmorgan as the Governor of Port Royal.

Co Empire Goes to War

The Co Empire and its GM, Diego, declared war on all of the Pirates of the Caribbean. Numbers grew, and they were seen everywhere, including Abassa. On Abassa, they'd arrest pirates and bring them to jail. Their base was rumored to be on Abassa Kingshead. This was also the base of the original.


There is a new The Co. Empire. The guild master is Benjamin Macmorgan. It works for Ben in his quest to take over the EITC. Currently with the Leader Of Eitc Samuel Redbeard, after Captain Leon being banned forever.


In a Feud, Ben MacMorgan has declared war on all followers of the EITC and there allies.

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