Dear Citizens,

The following people are charged with a wide variety of crimes. Please contact the authorities or kill on sight depending on the crime. These people will face punishment, if not to be killed immediately, in Co. Sons of Liberty court. Thank you for your participation in the justice of these fugitives.

Golden Glimmer

Golden Glimmer is a pretty new member of what I can determine. If she is the other pirate of a higher level than I wouldn't know. She was last spotted on July 25, 1745 as a level 3. Her guild was Followers Of Dark. She is wanted for attempting an attack on Co. Guildmaster Walker De Plank after he refused to let her use his ship. She has been reported to have anger issues and a bad temper while playing cards from other sources. She was armed with a pistol and cutlass, seemingly low-class and weak. If found, bring to Walker De Plank or Charles Crestsilver to be delt with.

Ability of subduing: High

Strengths: Speed, stealth

Weaknesses: Low-level, weak weapons

Punishment: To Be Determined off of their decision. Most likely, it will be a jail sentence or marooning.

Wanted Poster:

Wanted: Golden Glimmer for assault on an Officer

Caseyrian silencer (AKA-Charlotte Swordhayes)

Caseyrian silencer is a member of the PPW and Charlotte Swordhayes in POTCO. She has the minor crime of editing the Crestsilver's Army page without permission from the leader, Charles Crestsilver. It was no major edit either, but still broke the rules. She made this edit July 31, 1746. If found, bring her to Charles Crestsilver or Walker De Plank to be delt with.

Wanted Poster:

Wanted: Charlotte Swordhayes/Caseyrian silencer for vandalism.

Ability of Subduing: Difficult

Strengths: Mid-High level, good with sword

Weaknesses: Seemingly a lone vandaliser

Punishment: For a minimal crime such as this, punishment will just be a warning.

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