The Cutthroat Comet


War Frigate (Tyrant)




Captain Finn Hamm


Firestorm VI


Offense II


The Cutthroat Comet was a war frigate and member of Finn Hamm's triumvirate fleet. Though he personally captained the Adipocere, the Comet remained at the ready at Hamm's hidden base of operations should the need ever arise for extra firepower.

Originally, the Comet was a Tyrant warship in service to the East India Trading Company that was commandeered by one of its own officers, the then high-ranking Company Assassin Finn Hamm following a savage mutiny. Over the years, it underwent several upgrades and was outfitted to use Firebrand rounds. Though he eventually cast it aside in favor of the superior model the Adipocere, it remained in his service until his death under the proxy command of his mercenary army.

The ship makes a cameo appearance in Adipocere.

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