The Dark Raider has been one the main Spanish Warships for years now. It has been built in 1589 by Carlos Manifestado. Today it is captained by Darksilver. This ship was passed along by the founders of the Spanish Brethren Court. Captain Fatbeard was the last Captain of this ship, his soul however lives on.

May this vessel forever help those in need DarksilverSig1 DarksilverSig2 DarksilverSig3

The Crew

Captain: Darksilver

First Mate: James Darklegend

Fury Cannonners: Jack, Johnny Plundertimbers, Warhawk, Isiah Ropeswine

War Brig SVS2

The Deathbringer,later renamed to The Dark Raider.


Ship Boarders: Johnny Blackshadow, James Shipwrecker

Repairer: Isiah War

More Info

This ship is the flagship of the Spanish Brethren Court, and The Fort of Spanish Pirates. The job of this ship was to protect the weak. In the times of tradegy and war. The bounty for the crew is 4 000,000 gold doubloons.

May we fight till the end, the last enemy we shall face, shall be death- Carlos J. Manifestado

The Spanish War

The Dark Raider currently is one of the main warships in The Royale Armada, which is owned by Pearson Wright aka Carlos la Verde Sanita. The Dark Raider if very oftenly founded in Mar De Plata fighting with the French, and helping Captain Avarcia.

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