The Series


The Light

  • Bill Plunderbones
  • The Light of Destruction
  • Lawrence Daggerpaine
  • Richard Goldvane
  • Bounty Hunter Bill
  • Keira Kinover
  • Jay Brightsun
  • Simon Redskull
  • Wizard
  • Orpehus
  • Cherie
  • Kitty
  • David Light

The Darkness

  • The Shadow Being
  • Edgar Wildrat
  • Bobby Moon
  • Chris Swordbones
  • Raidrage
  • Capt.Skull X
  • Captain Leon
  • EITC armies
  • Samuel Redbeard


The Light is destroyed and Darkness reigns supreme, and now a band of pirates must journey to find Mystical Celestia, The Dragon Of Light. Only she can restore the Light and destroy the Darkness, but old enemies return as do old allies in a battle of the ages and beginning of countless more conflicts.


LONG AGO, in the beginning of time, there was The Light. It reigned peacefully across the universe, until from the depths of space, a Dark glowing substance arrived in the form of a huge black hole, The Darkness! It tried to take over and banish the Light but out of the bright ball of fire came a shining golden dragon Named Celestia. It battled the Darkness, and eventually won, sending it in full retreat from the galaxy. It was once again peaceful. But over time, Darkness slowly spread in the world, but The Darkness waited for the right time to strike and destroy The Light for good!

Darknes 9

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

It was a Monday night the skies were clear as Bill Plunderbones and Keira Kinover walked along Avarcia's beach, holding hands and looking at stars, "It has been 4 months since we defeated Trakadox and freed The Leviathan," Bill said. "Yeah, it's kind of quiet now," Keira said. Sailing on the G.O.P Leviathan, Lawrence Daggerpaine , Rose Sharkwrecker and Bounty Hunter Bill were firing at different ships and getting gold and taking names, "Broadside Port!" Law said. The two pirates turned to the port and blasted a Bohemoth in two seconds tops. " Nice shooting, Rose, " Hunter said. "Thanks, I do my best," Rose said. On Abassa, Richard Goldvane and Edgar Wildrat were PvP'ing with Richard winning. Edgar was part of a organization known as The Dark but lately The Dark influences had left him. Richard charged at Edgar and tried to brawl, but Edgar was too quick and the bladestorm killed Richard. " Good game," Richard said. " Thanks, you too, " Edgar replied.

Chapter 2 - The Darkness Revealed

Out in space, further than anyone could see, there was a planet. It's name was not known, but on it held a secret a creature of great power. Influenced by an invincible force, it was like a dragon with three horrifying heads and black scragily wings. It had two black spiked tails and 4 legs. It lay there resting in chains, and this creature was known as Desghidorah the Destroyer of Life. Around it was a black substance that formed into a Dark creature completely made up of Shadow energy, The Shadow Being the creator of Darkness " AWAKEN MY PET!" it said in a demonic voice. Instantly the chains were cut by chain lighting bolts, and Desghidorah's eyes opened to reveal blood red coloring, the behemoth stood up on its legs and started to incase itself in an asteroid. Then the Shadow being gave it a huge push and it was rocketed out toward an unknown destination. The Shadow being stood there smiling evilly saying, "MY REVENGE WILL BEGIN AT LAST. " He then laughed manically and disappeared from the planet to an unsuspecting realm.

THE REALM - 5 seconds later

Between time and space, there is a whole differnt dimension filled up of many areas. The Shadow Being's form arrived in the realm of torment, a prison for all the Nightmare Realm. In a castle ruled a malevolent creature. His name was Aku, a being of darkness and power. Shadow being came into the castle where Aku was imprisoned in a sarcophagus. He used his Shadow power and destroyed the seal. The thing flashed and a portion of the being's essence flowed into Aku, who opened his eyes and was reborn." My master, I live to serve you," he said, bowing to the Being. "It is time for our revenge, let us get our brethern and strike against The Light," he said evilly. He turned to the ship graveyard, and using his powers, he formed a terrifying ghost ship which was known as "The Flying Dutchman." They boarded it, and using shadow voodoo, it was able to fly as Aku opened a portal and the "Dutchman" flew through.

Chapter 3 - Invasion Begins


Bill , Law , Keira , Rose , Capt. Lannon , Jay Brightsun, and Orpheus were all at Darkhart when the skies grew dark and a wind blew that made everyone around grow cold " What is going on " Hunter asked suddenly lighting flashed and struck the sea and several islands disinergrating some buildings trees and docks. the group looked up and around " This cant be good " Lannon said the others continued to watch as thunder boomed and the lighting formed a portal and out of it a dark essesnce flowed out followed by a huge ghostly ship, on it a creature of darkness shouted " THE SHADOW HAS ARRIVED! " he smiled evily then he disappeared as Aku readied the Dutchman's cannons ' FIRE " he shouted and the cannons fired spectral shadow bolts and shots.

Up in space on The Sun a creature of Pure Light energy was there a benevolent dragon like creature named Celestia Dragon and creator of Light she was watching and felt a pain in her heart " The Darkness has returned " she thought just then the Shadow Being appeared and grabbed her head and surged her with his shadow energy beams. her eyes went black and her glow dimmed and she fell off the sun and down to earth.

The GOP members had gotten there ships and started shooting at the Dutchman Aku ordered his shadow creatures to attack and Bill drew his Broadsword of Light just as The Light of Destruction being had come out og Bill and used his Sword of Light on the creatures Law used the Peacekeeper blade and Keira shot Eco Light bolts, Hunter shot his Blunderbuss and felled 4 shadow creatures Lannon used his Wok and smacked 2 others , Rose fired her gun and imploded a shadow creature as it was attacking Nick Nickoli who had just arrived, while Orpheus casted several Bufudyne and Niffleihm Spells on some creatures. Capt, Skull X , Cherie got the XL Leviathan Gunship and flew into battle and opened fire on the Dutchman who had shields of shadow energy. Edgar and Richard arrived as well and attacked the Dutchman and successfully disabled its shields and the Gunship and GOP Leviathan opened fire and damaged the hull and sails."Bah these pathetic mortals" Aku hissed.

The darkness 2
when Bill gasped in pain as did The Light of Destruction they fell down to the ground groaning in pain Keira and Law defeated three enemies made up of shadow energy and ran to help Bill and The Light. Up in sky a roaring was heard and the Sun started to go Dark as a Evil laugh rang out that would haunt the pirates forever " IT IS DONE THE GREAT LIGHT HAS FALLEN " the others looked down at The Light being he was still there just severly wekaeend " What do u mean hes still alive and not dead " Edgar shouted " WELL FOR NOW BUT IT SEEMS HE NEVER TOLD YOU FOOLS THE TRUTH ".The others looked at The Light being he sadly shook his head" I get my powers from another source a ancient dragon like creature named Celestia creator of Light he has felled her " So Darkness wins? " Jay said the Shadow Being's laugh rang out "YES YOU FOOLS NOW I AM YOUR GREAT LEADER " At that moment the Padres Volcano shook and out of it came a Giant shadow energy burst that shot into the sky and formed a dark vortex around the volcano showing the evil red eyes of The Shadow Being as he laughed evilly " NOW YOU WILL JOIN ME " as he said it dark tentacle like things came ot of the vortex and started toward the pirates , RUN" Law shouted as the pirates all started running toward the docks and their ships Lighting came out of the vortez and struck some pirates corrupting them into shadow creatures, the Xl Gunship was hit by dark impulses and Skull shouted for Cherie to jump out as he started to be corrupted he activated the ejector seat and shot her out into the sea below as the gunship became damaged and now Skull was a shadow creature, Cherie was picked up by the GOP Leviathan as it sailed away from Padres as the darkness spread, Edgar was running when a shadow hand caught him and a voice said " YOU HAVE SOME DARKNESS IN YOU NOW EMBRACE IT " Edgar's eyes turned red and his body coursed with shadow and he was corrupted into a shadow creature. Bobby Moon was fighting off shadow creatures when a shadow hand came from the vortex and grabbed her JOIN US WE HAVE COOKIES the voice said Bobby got excited "Really?" "SIKE" the voice said and she was corrupted into a shadow creature, a shadow hand came up to Keira and entered her and searched for something it found it: Annytin, the shadow hand grabbed Annytin and dragged her out of Keiras body and took her into the vortex, Keira imediately felt weak and fell to the deck of the ship as Bill and Orpheus comforted her " Where are we going to go? " Rose asked Law kept sailing the Leviathan toward Ravens Cove then Bill using his power opened a portal " To another server" Bill said the Leviathan went through and it closed. Back at the Vortex The Shadow Being stretched his darkness over Cortevos until it was consumed by it " ITS MY WORLD NOW " he shouted evilly " MUHAHAHAHAH"
The darknes 1

Chapter 4 The Plan

The portal opened on the server of Vachira and the battered Leviathan ship sailed out into the blue waters, it landed on Rumrunners Isle and everyone got out, they all wore sad faces ,Cherie was especially sad since Capt. Skull X her boyfriend who she loved was consumed by the evil , Keira was still weak due to Annytin being ripped out of her and Bill had to hold her up , Hunter was first to speak up "I cant believe it The Darkness wins " the others looked at him sadly and they nodded in agreement " This is crazy our friends are captured and turned against us and a unstoppable evil force is taking over the Caribbean " Lanon said , Orpheus then said " Well Why should we hide why not fight back " The others looked at him in disbelief " How?" Jay said Orpheus turned to Bill " Lets talk to the Light " Bill shook his head sadly still holding Keira up who looked very sick " He is weakened gravely but ill try " Bill concentrated and he glowed and a particles of glowing yellow energy manisfested itself into the Lights form and he stood before them. " Hello my Friends " he said Bill then got weak and fell down and lost grip on Keira and she fell to onto him , Law and Rich came and helped Bill up on a rock , Orpeheus picked Keira up and set her down on the rock next to him the two using their last energies gripped eachother's hands " Well so how can we combat the Darkness? " Jack said " Celestia The creator " The Light said " But wasn't she struck down " Hunter said "yes but more like knocked out, not fatally if she was dead i would cease to exist " the Light said " So we could find her and revive her and have her in the war against the Darkness? " Rose said " Yes that would work " The Light said Bill got back up and said " well guys who wants to go on a quest for a all powerful dragon revive her somehow and use her to help us defeat the Darkness? " Cherie stood up wiping her eyes with a fierce determination and said" I'm in Billy Roll " " if its a Battle you will need the Hunter " Hunter said " I'm with you " Law said, the rest had also begun to agree " Aye we are with you all " Rich , Jack and Orpheus said. Keira got up still clutching Bill's hand and said weakly "I'm with you babe " and smiled " Then its settled But lets pick up some friends he said he opened another portal and they all boarded the Leviathan and they went to recruit more people .

Chapter 5 Abassa Invasion

ABASSA - 2 HOURS later

The skies grew dark and the sun was blocked out dark energies appeared over Tortuga as people looked up and started to panic, Shadow creatures appeared and started blowing up buildings and people with shadow bolts, different flying vehicles resemebling airships hovered around blasting shadow bolts of energy at running people and blowing them apart, The armies of the EITC appeared led by Samuel Redbeard and Captain Leon, the armies charged and Shadow Edgar appeared and punched Leon and grabbed him and surged energy into him and he was corrupted as was Samuel and the rest of the EITC. The Paradox guild led by Pearson Wright was also corrupted. Albert Spark just watched and said"Thats real Original" and took off running but was corrupted as well.Soon Abassa was inflamed with a dark cloud hovering above then Shadow Being lifted into the sky and energy surged through his hands he then clapped them and shot shadow chain lighting at the islands and they acted like grapple hooks and he started to pull the islands close together Port Royal fit into Tortuga Bay with a huge earthquake the two islands then were pushed into Padres and slammed into it rocking it also breaking off parts of rock and Las Pulgas, Then Shadow Being lifted Devils Anvil and suspended it in hovering over the Volcano then he Picked up Fort Charles off of Port Royal and picked Fort Dundee and expanded them to reach around the whole combined island , Kingshead's gate wall was ripped off the island and moved to Cuba which was placed in front of the combined island, Soon the islands were all combined into One huge Island Fortress, last but not least Shadow Being picked up the Keep and certain towers from Kingshead , Fort Charles and Dundee and placed them on The Anvil on The Volcano and formed a Castle like structure. "A good Dictator needs a epic castle" He said with a snicker , He smiled evily and stood on a balcony overlooking the rest of the islands in flames " IT IS ALL MINE NOW " Muahhahahaha he shouted evilly in a maniacal laugh that went into a choke.

Meanwhile on Barano The Leviathan arrived and went to The Skulls Marines fort Law Bill and Cherie went in and found Chris Swordbones and Kitty and David Light as they were hiding " Hey Guys " Cherie said " We have a mission " Law said " You guys in? " Bill said Chris looked at the others and they nodded " Kitty said " Yesh " " By the way where is Skull? " David said "Um he was corrupted by darkness " Cherie said sadly " Doh " Chris said " Well we will help defeat the Darkness with you Billeh " Kitty said she also summoned her pet Hellmouth " He will help as well " she said then they all boarded the Leviathan and they opened a portal and went in to keep recruiting.

In Abassa in the new island fortress named Destral the Shadow Being sat in a throne surrounded by the corrupted people then one of them Raidrage tried to escape but was stopped and corrupted The Shadow Being was just smiling evilly as his revenge was coming to an end with him as the winner .

Chapter 6 The Lost Server

The G.O.P Leviathan sailed across Mondona after recruiting Simon Redskull , Wizard and Angel Stormfury, with Law at the wheel they finally reached the edge of the world and a natural portal opened up " Ah right on cue " The Light said " Sail us in " Bill said the Leviathan sailed to it but then saw that it was hovering in mid air with a huge gap spanning " Um How? " Hunter said looking out The Light focused his powers and then moved the sails around and they formed like winglike things and the ship glided across the chasm and into the portal " That was pretty fun " Jack said."I think im going to be sick" Angel said barfing over the side of the railing. The Portal flashed then closed ,

On the other side in a Blue Lagoon the portal opened and out came the Leviathan ship gliding to a halt at a broken old dock, The pirates all looked around at a lush jungle landmass in distance they saw snow capped mountain ranges and a desert way to the left behind them was of course a vast ocean of turquoise water surrounded by fog " Where are we? " Orpheus asked " you don't recognize it eh" The Light said, They all shook their heads " Well its a lost server its Patros " The Light said as he lifted the fog The others looked around it didn't look anything like a server but then they noticed one of the mountains had a etching of Cuba and Padres on it and the jungle had remenants of Tortuga and Port Royal " Whoa so how is his possible? " Simon said " When a server is deleted it is brought to a section of the realm called the server graveyard over time it becomes a tropical island like place " the Light said " so Why are we here? " Wizard said " Well when Celestia was struck down she was teleported to the realm and was dropped on this server, shes out here somewhere " the Light said " Well i guess we go find her and restore her " Rich said. So they began the Quest the Quest for the Dragon of Light , But from his castle The Shadow Being was watching and smiled evilly then turned to 4 shadow creatures "FIND THEM AND DESTROY THEM" he said as the creatures stepped into the dim light it revealed they were Edgar , Bobby , Raidrage and Capt. Skull X they replied in momotone "YES MASTER" and boarded four Arial shadow vehicle things and flew out to carry out their mission of destruction.

Chapter 7 The Quest Begins

The Band of Pirates started down the long twisting path around ruins of old Port Royal they could see remants of shops buildings the fort " I still cant believe ever destroyed server goes here " Cherie said " If that is true Where is Deserau and Chetik and Romana and the rest " Rich said " They r all over there beyond the barrier " Bill said they all looked out toward the remants of Padres and they could see faint outline of the next server, They moved along past the remants of Faithful bride at times they could see some weird creatures moving around " What are those? " Wizard said pointing at the strange creature watching them "That is a monstrous version of a monkey called Lemuaras they mean us no harm as long as we don't provoke them " Bill replied Suddenly the skies grew dark "Uh oh" Law said then lighting flashed down in 4 beams and struck the way it formed to reveal Bobby, Edgar ,Raidrage and Capt.Skull X though in their dark evil forms "Well well its our old friends " Evil Edgar said "Yes it seems so " Evil Skull said "Well lets have some fun " Evil Bobby smirked and opened her hands and it crackled with shadow energy she made some moves and shot out rings of shadow blasts that disintegrated some trees and rock - Chris drew his Deepwater and shot a fire blast at Bobby - she used her powers and deflected it and shot more shadow energy from her hands Chris ducked out of way and donning Hermit Speed he ran and tackled her and started punching very fast she blocked a few of his punches then kicked him off and leaped into air but Rich used his silver freeze and froze her in mid air . Skull used his Shadow chains to wrap around Cheries throat and choked her she used her sacred repeater and shot him knocking him out he got back up but she was already on him and pinned him down he kicked her off into a rock and started to move toward her with his shadow chains coming out of the ground at her Jay went and shot a concentrated Light and Sonic blast as him and knocked him to ground .Evil Edgar used his Shadow Repeater and shot at Rich and Law and Simon they quickly drew there swirds and deflected the bullets, Shadow Bobby broke free of her ice bonds and shot rings of shadow energy at Rich and knocked hi out Law used the Peace Keeper blade and shot her with fire and light she made a shadow shield but didn't see Chris come from behind and grab her in headlock and knock her out. Shadow skull was back up but Bill was firing light blasts at him but he used his chains to grab Bill and throw him into a rock, Raidrage used his shadow knives and flung them at Keira but Orpheus deflected them and shot his pistol and it hit him then Bobby got back up and stabbed Chris while he wasn't looking and knocked him out Law saw this and threw his dagger and impaled Raid as Keira shot him with a sonic blast . Bill got behind Bobby and zapped her with lighting she turned around and kicked him away Then Chris got back up and punched her in jaw and threw her into a rock. " wait the guys r our friends " Cherie said " even if they r corrupted we cant hurt them " Simon said Shadow Edgar was already up and aiming his shadow repeater at Keira when Cherie jumped on him and punched him in face and threw him to ground , Kitty went at Shadow skull and drew her claws and sliced into his back and kicked him down , Bobby recovered and leaped at Bill who turned at last second but was knocked down by her when Kitty charged at her and sliced into her back and grabbed her in G lock and threw her to ground. Bill then focused and created a huger earthquake and made all the shadow guys fall down, " we have to retreat " Shadow Bobby said "agreed shadow skull said then they all vanished in puff of shadow smoke and were gone. Chris was wounded but still stood. the rest were tending to wounds and were tired " well i think we better find Clestia quickly " Law said the others agreed and they continued toward the remants of Padres. But the dagger wound by Bobby o Chris was a corrosive darkness and it was starting to seep into Chris's mind.

Chapter 8 Reviving Celestia

The group continued the long trek across Patros till they reached the Padres section , the town was in disrepair the volcano was over flowing creating a river of lava across their path Orpheus and Lannon brought down a dead tree and made a bridge " quickly guys " Law said they moved across the bridge when the last person stepped off it as it sunk and burned in the lava, the group then arrived at a temple , a wall revealed a mural of a dragon surrounded by 10 golden items each with a weird eye symbol on them " Celestia " Bill said looking at the picture " But what are these? " Kitty said pointing at the 10 golden items " Those are Millenium Items "Bill said "But they are not important right now" As they passed by the etchings. Law went up to the mural and touched the dragon picture then a rumbling earthquake shook the temple as the wall slid away revealing a whole other room it was surrounded by gold and cosmic light pillars and in middle in a coiled mode was The Creator of Light herself Celestia " We Found her " David said the pirates bowed in respect to her but her eyes were lifeless blue The LOTD came out of Bill and started toward her " Today I fulfill my True destiny " he said and touched Celestia's body and light energy surged into her and lighting crackled the Pillars glowed even brighter and the LOTD's eenrgy flowed into them the rest of the pirates ducked for cover and shielded there eyes all except Bill who kept staring , The pillars started rotating faster and faster generating some kind of golden light energy then The LOTD turned to face his comrads and nodded smiling then his body disappeared into a swirling mass of particles that entered the pillars and they moved even faster a platform started to life the body of cleestia up as the pillars started to turn upwards pointed right at her then they hummed and shot the energy in them at her she aosrbed the cosmic power and here eyes glowed bright gold and a explosion of golden energy erupted, sine the first battle the skies were dark and grey but out of the hidden volcano temple a beam of light shot into the sky illuminating the realm Over in abassa the Shadow Being clutched his chest as he felt pain he turned toward the direction of where the realm was supposed to " It Cant Be " he said back in the realm the explosion subsided and the pirates looked up and saw Celestia hovering radiating light energy off her and made everyone feel happy and hopeful, Bill approached Celstia who looked down and smiled " Faithful Light seers you have fuffiled your first part of your destiny " she said in a ancient powerful but kind voice her tendrils flickered and she spoke again " The time has come to beat back The Darkness once and for all my friends I will help you in the battle to come " the pirates cheered then Bill stood up and faced his comrads his friends and said " We Have a real battle ahead of us I dont Know if all of us will make it back but for the liberaton of the game world will you stand and fight? " The pirates looked at each other Law, Lannon, Hunter and Rose spoke up and said We Will the rest followed through and then Bill said " Well then we need to gther some stuff first " He looked at Law and Rich and Jack they nodded back and smiled Then Bill turned toward the direction of abassa where the Shadow Being was and looked out with a firece determination and thought in his head " We are coming for You " while at the same time the Shadow Being looking out toward the realm smirked evilly as if reading Bill's mind said " Bring it On!."

Chapter 9 Battle of Cortevos

The GOP Leviathan started to sail out of the portal from Patros " Ok we don't have enough to attack Abassa " Rose said the others agreed " Well we have a plan " Law said as the others gathered around him as Jack stood at the wheel, " What we are going to do we need weapons and the only place to get them is DI " Law said " Daggerpaine Industries " The others said, " Then to Cortevos " Bill said, Jack steered the ship toward the portal and through until they reached the server. It was Night and fog was all over when the ship ended up at Ravens Cove and docked in the bay, They climbed up the mountain and looked out across at Cuba it was surrounded by weird shadow ships and hovering in the air was the Flying Dutchman with Aku at the wheel " Hmm how will this work " Orpeheus said " we divide into 2 teams one launches a attack on the dutchman while other team infiltrates the factory " law said " Ok Lets do This " Rich said Bill , Law , Hunter , Keira , Cherie , Rich , and Jack got in a boat and started to row toward Cuba the rest boarded the Leviathan and sailed toward the Dutchman ready for battle.

Aku was sleeping at the wheel thinking of how the Shadow Being would look if he was at Aku's feet while he sat on the throne, When a cannon blast rumbled and struck the ships hull another followed and another " What the Heck " Aku bellowed he looked out but could not see through the fog he heard more cannon fire and ducked for cover as 4 blasts shook the ship he waved his hand out and the fog parted to reveal the Leviathan ship " Shadow Sailors aim the cannons " he shouted ,20 shadow creatures all wearing tricorns appeared "And get rid of those silly hats" he shouted angrily, The lead shadow sailor said "But its stylish" Aku just facepalmed and heaved the shadow guy off the ship and into the ship "Whyy?" he shouted and disinergrated when he touched the water.Aku turned to the rest and said"Do we Understand each other?" The others nodded and took off their hats and went to the canons and aimed them at the distant ship ' FIRE " Aku shouted, the cannons shot out 40 blasts of spectral shadow balls they impacted the Leviathans hull and ripped holes in it Law from the boat watching shouted ' Stop Blowing Holes In My Ship " very loudly ,the Dutchman's port cannons aimed in his direction " Oops " Law said looking sheepish " Turn Now " Cherie shouted and turned the rudder quickly as the port canons shot out several shadow lighting bolts at the water and the boat Cherie sailed them around the bolts and while Bill gathered energy and shot light beams at the Duthcman and knocked down some sails and killed a few shadow sailors, The Leviathan was being blown apart, its hull was strong but was not strong enough to withstand multiple shadow blasts one shot broke the mast and it fell , The guys in the boat got to the shore of Cuba, as Law continued to watch his ship be blown apart " We have to hurry " Bill said they started running toward the factory entrance when several shadow gators appeared " What are those " Keira asked " Shadow gators they are special gators consumed by darkness " Bill said a shadow gator leaned up and spit at Keira the spit touched her skin and it burned it she cried in pain " Acid " Bill shot a light bolt at the gator and felled it , Another one appeared ad breathed a fire blast at them , Meanwhile Chris was elsewhere when Shadow Bobby appeared " Hello Hermit ' she said icily he turned to attack her when she grabbed his arm and wrenched it behind him and kicked him down She touched his chest and surged shadow into him and he became Shade.They Then disappeared as Lannon was watching and started to run toward the battle to warn them.

The land group started running at the factory as more shadow gators appeared and started giving chase Bill and Keira stopped running and gripped eachother's hands in a hold and surged energy that sent a wave of energy water that washed the Gatros away. " You guys go we will hold them off " Cherie said " ok lets go " Bill said as he let og of Keria and ran with Law and Hunter got to the door, But it was bolted shut Bill entered the password but it didn't work " uh work " Bill said smacking the door " Let me try mine " Hunter said and loaded his blunderbuss and shot it and destroyed the door " Run now the alarm should go off " Bill said they bolted in as the defense system activated and guns appeared and started shooting at the others Bill ducked and weaved through the traps and gun and hit the disarm on the control panel and the defense system shut off., outside Cherie shot 8 shadow gators but 12 more appeared " They just keep coming " Keira said washing them away with more Water Eco " Lets try this " Rich said as he sliced apart 4 more he drew his silver freeze and froze all of them around " Now " He shouted and Cherie and Jack shot the frozen gators and they blew apart and didn't reform" phew " Keria said as she clutched her arm they looked out toward the battle and saw the Dutchman was winning "Billy said that there were weapons hidden around the island " Keira said " I do recall he told us that " Jack said they looked around and spotted the bar " There " he said they started running toward it .

Lannon reached them and said Chris was corrupted by Bobby and joined them they looked shocked but continued moving and reached the bar, Rich blasted the door down and they entered, They searched around when Keira found a switch under a painting, up on the roof the mast turned into a cannon and aimed at the Dutchman and blasted a section of its stern off . Aku looked around and saw where it came from and opened the back cannon hatch and shot a concentrated spectral blast at the bar '" Um we should Run " Rich said and they bolted out and away from it as it was blown apart the cannons impacted the island and blew apart some houses and beach, Aku simled evilly when a huge light blast simpacted the dutchman and shook the whole thing he fell down and got back up and looked for the source he then saw it coming around the bend of Cuba a huge warship bearing the Society of Light symbol on its sails and a huge blue flag flapped " What is That? " Aku shouted, the shadow sailors just paniced but continued to aim cannons ' Fire " He shouted and the canons turned away from the damaged Leviathan and aimed at the new ship and fired all of its fury, But the blasts never impacted the ship for a barier apeared and shield it " Oh Pooh " Aku said scared then the front cannon on the new ship glowed and a Huge concentrated beam shot out and impaled the bow and cut through the middle of the ship and right through the other side the Dutchman rocked and spouted fire as Aku was tossed around as his ship blew apart around him"Its Not Fair" he whined while being slammed into barrels, From the destroyed beach the group watched as the new ship attacked the Dutchman " They did it " Cheire said, " Direct hit " Bill said at the wheel of the TSOL warship that had appeared Law looked over at the Leviathan in flames "sigh " he said " dont worry i have a better present for you " Bill said he steered up to the damaged dutchman and they boarded it Aku was laying theere weakened and Bill apporached him and hauled to his feet then he threw him into the sea and froze a section of it and levitated it " Go back to the realm foul creature " he said as he opened a portal and threw him in"This isnt Over I will get you eevntuall..."Aku screamed as the portal closed on him. Aku gone the shadow sailors and things vanished , Bill concentrated and surged energy through the dutchman and in a instant the dutchman was repeaired but shining brightly " there ya go law a new ship :P " Bill said Law went to the wheel and grasped it " Yay " he said the rest of the group arrived on the beach and Lanon told them of Chris's turn they were shocked but knew only way to save him and the others was to destroy the Shadow Being " Well we have weapons now and 2 powerful ships to combat the darkness " Hunter said "The Flying Dutchman and TSOL Malestrom" Law said as He, Bill, and Hunter gave everyone a sword " Light blades all can concentrate light energy and use it anyway you like, " Bill said, " Well its time " Kitty said the others looked around at eachother and nodded " the Final Battle against the Darkness looms " Jay said " Then lets go forth To Abassa " Kitty said they boarded the 2 ships and started heading toward another portal on far side of cortevos it was covered in shadow rings " this is it " Law said as he steered the Dutchman as Bill sailed TSOL ship called the Maelstrom toward the portal as the sun shone down on ravens side but darkness on the padres side " My friends a real battle lays before us as we sail into teh darkness I dont Know if we will all come back but keep the faith and stay true to the Light " Bill shouted "Hasn't been a full scale war since the Great Co Wars" Rich said polishing his blade. "Yeah i know" Orpheus said.The 2 mighty ships then sailed into the portal to the coming battle.

Chapter 10 - Captured

Dark book 4.4

The Pirates look at Abassa.

The portal flashed and the two ships sailed out into a ghost like sea fog was everywhere and thousands of ships wrecked or sunk the crews looked around at the destruction, Cherie looked over the ledge to see dead fish and sea creatures , " They destroyed Abassa " Law said at helm of the Dutchman smoke rose from the sea and ships and the islands were stripped barren and some even flooded they docked on wat was left of Driftwood and they looked across, one part of the sea was in a huge trench where Port Royal should have been.

Dark book 5.5

looking from Tortuga

They then landed on Tortuga its buildings and beaches had been blown apart and bodies of dead pirates and players were all over smoke filled the skies and little fires were everywhere. the others were sad then they saw it in distance Padres and port royal and kingshead all together..... " he made the three islands into a fortress" Kitty said, and on top of the volcano was wat looked like a combination of fort charles and dundee into a castle " who wants to bet the scary floating castle is the Shadow being's " Rich said then suddenly a shadow energy bomb flew and created a shadow barrier arond the pirates out of the smoke and fog stepped Shadow Chris and Shadow Skull and Shadow Edgar " well well welcome to Abassa Old friends " Shadow Skull said Cherie went right up to the barrier and spit in his face " he just laughed and spit some shadow at her she dodged out of way just intime. Edgar went up to Simon and Rich and held up his Shadow Stalker repeater " You guys are mine " he said icily Shadow Chris just looked on with a feeling of mixed emotion on his face. " as much fun as this is we must take u fools to Lord Shadow Being to be delt with " Shadow Edgar said then the three shadow guys levitated the barrier and they went to the gtes of Cuba, all around were dark versions of Sentinel ships floating and charging their cannons. the shadow hunters guided them through kingshead and up to padres and a elevator took them up to the castle. all the while Bill and Law were surveying their surroundings and coming up with a plan they entered the castle and they say a whole row of gallows on one wall and in the center was the throne of the shadow being himself " well well if it isnt the Light brigade ' he said mockingly his feet were not there instead they were tentacles and he held a two pronged spear like thing that crackled with shadow he held it up to Bill's face and it lifted him out of the barier and raised him in air then it flung him into the wall " You all will die by your old superiors " Shadow being said pointing toward the gallows behind each gallow was a shadow guy Edgar , Skull , Raidrage , leon , Samuel , Johnny , Chris , and more " Take your pick my shadow slaves " he said and they went into action Skull picked Cherie and hauled her to the first gallow and placed her in it. Raidrage was not alone Annytin grabbed Keira and placed her in gallows Edgar took Rich and Simon into two gallows Johnny took Lannon and the rest followed soon all the pirates were in gallows except for Bill who was still pinned to the wall with the staff " im saving you for last so you can watch your friends Die from the hands of their former friends " Shadow being said grinning evily. The gallow levers were taken by the shadow squad and were being moved slowly down suddnely a Blast of light shot into the castle and erupted a wall and shook the gallows were split freeing the pirates they then ran away to the open wall and Bill shot a light blast that stunned The Shadow Being and his grip loosened and Bill ran to join the others, they left the castle and went to edge of the anvil and looked around " Shadow Sentinel's attack " Shadow Being shouted instantly the shdaow ships arrived and aimed at the pirates when they were felled by a lighting wave Shadow Being looked up and saw a golden light flying around " What it cant be " he said gasping Celestia rammed into shadow being and hurled him into the wall he was dazed but got right back up. " I thought i killed you " he said drawing his spear , Celestia coiled into atatck postion and said in a deep booming voice " You cant destroy the light we are too balances of the universe if one goes we all go " Shadow Being considered this for a minute but then turned and slashed at Celestias tail she roared in pain " I would rather have the universe destroyed then have to sit in lights shadow " he said then she struck him with her horns and he grabbed on and sliced into her sclaes wich glowed and formed a shiled around her she threw him into the wall shattering it and moved in to attack . Meanwhile the pirates were climbing down avoiding shots by the Sentinel ships that were not felled they finally arrived at the Kingshead section when the gates closed and locked they turned around and saw the armies of The EITC approaching led by the shadow squad guys. "Guys Its our Fight now For the Light! " Bill said and charged foreward as did Law and Cherie and the rest followed as epic battle music played in background Bill gathered energy and shot a ice wave at a few soilders and froze them the Law sliced thema part with his Peace Keeper blade they disappeared into mist. Cherie drew her pistol and shot anything that came near her , Lanon and Hunter and Rose drew blunderbusses and shot them at mutlitple shadow senturies blasting them apart, a shadow ghoul appeared and knocked down Hunter but Jay shot a light bolt at it vaporizing it but a shadow blast from a EITC soilder knocked him down , Shadow Chris appeared and grabbed Hunter and then shoved his dagger into him and he went limp and fell to ground just then Chris felt some emotion at wat he had done but left to the battle.he tried to shoot some shadow energy but he couldnt as he was not fully corupted with darkness as the others were he made his choice and shot at Shadow Skull who had knocked out Cherie " wat are u doing " he said " choosing a side " he said and grabbed Skull and ripped out his shadow essesnce he screamed in pain but recovered quickly and kicked chris away. Cheire had gotten back up and tackled Skull and drew her knife and stabbed him in back he headbutted backward and flung her off him into Chris, Law was facing Dark Leon in a sword duel " well my old enemy our battle continues as it did in one of those books i made eh " Law said parrying a slash and giving a round house kick to him " Yes it is " Leon said and then grabbed Law's sword and flung it out of his hand and aimed at him " but the ending will be different " he said smirking Law reached for his gun but Leon stabbed his shoulder Law screamed in pain but kicked Leon in chest and grabbed for his sword, Rich using his broadsword was tearing through enermies like no tomorrow and simon using his musket form a distance shot at creatures and EITC guys till a sentinel ship appeared and shot at him but he doedged quickly and shot at the ship and felled it. Bill was racing through and killing enemies left and right trying to get to the castle to face the shadow being.

Up in the castle the battle raged on as Celestia strangled the Being as he dug his teeth into her neck and she roared in pain and shot up lighting form back she slammed nto wall and punched him repeatedly he grabbed her hands and pulled them away and stabbed her chest with his spear and she roared and reared back .

Chapter 11 - Final Battle

thumb|102px|right|the theme for this chapterEdgar shot his repeater at Simon who dodged, Lannon attacked Edgar from behind and stabbed him he wheeled around and kicked him away but simon drew his sword and lunged at him but edgar was too fast and stuck his gun at simon's chest and pulled the trigger a flag saying BANG came out he laughed and simon laughed to as did Lannon then edgar in quick move pulled out his real gun and shot simon in chest " always leave them laughing " he said turinbg to hunter Rich saw edgar fell simon and he ran to face him , Rose was struggling with forty eitc guys with help from Jay and Lannon , Orpheus and Keira were shooting eco energy at different guys when Raidrage appeared and knocked him down then Annytin appeared and struck Keira down to ground she stood over her and readied her shadow daggers and aimed for Keira 's heart Orprhes kicked Raid away into wall and reached for Annytin but she quickly used her other hand to wrench his away and threw him to ground but it had given Keria enough power to tackle Annytin and stab into her with her own dagger , Raid was up again and moved for Keira but Orpheus got to him and shot him with his pistol he wheeled around and punched Orpheus away. Annytin grabbed Keiras hands and pushed her off but she kicked her in jaw Keira went sliding as annytin approached orpheus when tto intercept but annytin grabbed him and slamed into a rock breaking his back Keira gathered eco energy annytin stood there shaking her finger at Keira " you know that stuff could never kill me " she said " i know but im not killing u " Keria said as she said spell instantly Annytin was turned from darkness back to her old self and was drawn into Keiras body " We are one again " she said she went to Orpehus and hepled him up but Raidrage grabbed a chain and wrapped it arond her neck and strangled her she gasped for breath and summoned enough strength to reach around and elbow hi hard and swing him into a wall she turned to him he shot shaodw eco bolts at her that sent her flying into a wall he rammed into her and punhced her face repeatedly she finally caught his arms and kicked him away. Orpehus charged at him and threw him into the wall then Keira gathered energy and she shot him full of light eco bolts and he fell to the floor not moving, Cherie was struggling with Skull as Chris was holding him in a headlock and punchig his face Skull threw them both off and slammed chris into a wall he recovered and punched skull away cheire was on him immedatley and punched him so fast and drew her dagger and stuck it into him and held it there " you left me no choice " she said with remorse in her voice and instantly Skull turned back from darkness and then became a ghost and drifted away. Chris ran to rejoin the battle by helping Rich against Edgar, Edgar had sliced Rich's leg and was standing over him about to delevier final blow when chris came in and knocked egdar away he then grabbed him and shoved him into wall. Jack and Kitty were facing down Samuel Redbeard and his army as was David they attacked again and again and samuel shot shaodw energy at them knocking them out. Kitty was up and slahsed into samuel and ripped his shadow out but he fell to ground un moving. david helped kitty and kissed her the they ran to rejoin.

Bill was racing up the slope killing shadow ghouls and sentruies as he went up the volcano, Outside over at tortuga the Dutchman was being guarded by a few pirates when they heard a message from Cherie to launch, they looked towards the distance and saw smoke and explosions and they began sailing toward the Padres mountain. as did the Maelstrom. Bill finally got to the top and saw the battle down below, Lets make this more even. ' He said gathering energy and opening a portal and a long lost familiar roar rang out across the islands, It started pouring down rain as Chris and Law burst the gates down as the rain fromed a lake at the gates.a Giant wave created by Bill picked the Dutchman and Maelstrom up and through the arch but destroying it at the same time. The armies watched in horror and began to fall back as the 2 ships circled the armies and began blasting them away as well as the buildings, The pirates got to high ground and kept fighting the others. Law was still fighting Leon when Pearson joined in but he flipped his sword out and kicked him in the gut sending him falling backwards into the rushing waters of the lake. Law qucikly turned as Johhny attacked and knocked him down, But then a beam of energy shot down and vaporized Johnny and half a dozen eitc ppl, Law looked up as did the rest and saw a portal opening and out came a old sight " No way "Law said ' its" Rich said " Le " Cheire and Kitty said at same time . The Great Leviathan had arrived and shot at the armies and vaporized them Law took the oppurtunity to sweep Leon's feet and disarm him he stood with blade at Leon's throat and said " Sorry but the ending remains " Then he stabbed foreward and Leon was knocked into the waters as well, up above Bill was watching as the Leviathan and ships were turning the tide he then turned to the castle wacthing the Being and Celstia fight "I will not lose to you " he said ducking out of Celestia's power slash and round housing a power spiral at her knocking her through he wall. The sentinel ships had swarmed over the Maelstrom as it was being blown apart and firing back felling some ships for its shields had been damaged, Edgar knocked Chris down and targeted Rich and Jack he knocked him down and stabbed Rich's shoulder and moved to the kill " No please dont do this Im Rich " Rich said "I serve the Dark always have always will " Edgar said back then Chris jumped onto him and grabbed his chest and surged energy into him and then ripped out his shadow side and threw it away as Edgar collaposed

The Leviathan shot the shadow ghouls and vaporized some he then delfected a few blasts from sentinel ships and felled them to . Bill was watching this and the battle in the castle as he drew near a figure stepped out of the shadows it was Shadow Bobby " I see so you are the true pawn " Bill said Bobby smirked and said " Why would i be a pawn i love the dark awlays have always will " Bill was getting ready for whatever she was going to unleash " the two started circling eachother, " Today the light will finally lose for the greatest darkness is on its way " she said " wat do u mean " Bill said not letting his guard down " The anceint darkness itself is on its way to finish what it started so many years ago" she said reaching for her shadow daggers but at same time grew little claws out of her fingertips " Soon it will arrive and The universe will be consumed by darkness nothing will survive and light will be extingushed for good ' she said laghing maniacly " I will not allow this to happen " Bill said and charged at her she stepped to side and grabbed his arm with her claw like hands and threw him backward he recovered and she was already on him wih her dagger at his throat and pinning his arms with her feet and claws " Now you die " she said and struck her dagger into him but he phased through her and turned solid again she gaped in astonishment and he grabbed her from behind and threw her to ground and slammed on her head crushing it , she kicked him off and sliced his leg and sweeped his feet then gathered shadow bolts and shot them at him he delfected with light barrier and shot light bolts at her she delfcteld with her shadow powers and lunged for him he ducked out of way and kicked her hard in chest and she went flying into the wall he ran at her but she sidestepped him and grabbed his arms and pulled them around his back and held them there shoving him into the wall " He kicked her backwards and drew his light blade and slashed her chest she screamed in pain and drew her shadow daggers and threw them at him he delfected each and uppercutted her jaw she staggered backward and he shoved his sword into her she quikcly pulled it out and shoved her dagger into him but he caught it and pushed her into the wall. Bill headbutted her into the wall and pinned her looking at her neck there was amulet with the Darkness symbol around her neck he grabbed for it but she grabbed his hand and crushed it with her own strength and threw him backward , she then tackled him into the ground and pinned him with her claws and feet and her amulet glowed and a shadow spear came out and was about to impale him " Time to Die " she said and moved very fast he quickly phased up and through her and grabbed onto and hauled her off him and threw her into the ground. she was up instantly and punched him backward she gathered shadow energy in her hands and shot foreward at same time he gathered light energy and shot foreward the two beams met and collided in a brilliant explosion that shook the whole server. down below the pirates all felt it and looked up toward the castle at the beam struggle going on " We are evenly matched " Bill said struggling with the beam pushing Bobby back " No I am stronger" she said with a hiss and shot foreward more they started approaching eachother still holding the beams till they met and hand grappled with swirling light and shadow power in their hands and pushing against eachother.

Meanwhile approaching the universe was a swirling black hole the Darkness was coming.Down below Cherie had sensed Bill was in trouble and ran toward the castle, Kitty was fighting off shadow ghouls with David, as Rich and Law were at the ships blasting away at any enemies. as was the rest of the pirates the armies of the EITC and shadow creatures were being blown apart by the Leviathan and the two ships. " We need to help Bill up there " aim for the anvil; " Law said the cannoneers aimed the cannons at it and shot 10 light fury blasts, Bill and Bobby were still grappling when the whole rock was shaking they let go of each other and still fought Bill punched her but she caught his fist and twisted it and kicked him away, He drew his sword and lunged at her as she drew her daggers and shot shadow energy at him as he deflelcted. She shot shadow lighting and knocked him down and approached him" Give it up you could never beat me even when i wasnt evil " She said planting her foot on his neck hard and placing her hand on his chest and surging dark energy into him he resisted and and pried her hand off him and twisted it and flipped her off him toward the edge, He then rammed into her sending her falling off the ledge but she grabbed onto another ledge a few feet down but the mountain was still being tipped over by the blasts Bill looked down at where Bobby was and just wacthed as she gripped onto it she hissed at him and shot shadow energy beams from her eyes and hit him he started to fall off but he grabbed onto a ledge near hers and stood there eyeing her warily.

Inside the castle the rocking broke the grip Shadow Being had on Celestia and she grabbed him and threw him out over the wall ad into the courtyard she made all the wall a stumble down and fall on him as he was burried by rubble she flew up and circled the falling anvil and spying Bill and Bobby and raced to help. Cherie had arrived as well and grabbed for Bill 's hand and pulled him up but Bobby grabbed onto him and tried to pull him down " If i die you die as well " she said stabbing into his leg he kicked her off him but she climbed up the ledge and tackled Cherie and pinned her grabbing her throat with her claw hands and squeezing hard she in return grabbed Bobbys hair and pulled it and kicked her off and repeated wat she did to her. Bill climbed back up watching the two girls go at it he then tackled Bobby off of Cherie into the wall and stabbed his sword itno her chest she grabed onto him and sliced into his chest trying to feel for his heart while smiling evily when Cherie slammed into Bobby knocking her down and punching her repeatedly Bill was thrown back but took out a dagger and hurled it at Bobbys neck before she could impale Cherie, it impaled her amulet and cracked it and she staggered to the edge and fell off down into the waters below. Cherie went over to Bill and hugged him and kissed him as well he did same back to her. the Anvil then lost its grip and tumbled off the volcano as Cherie and Bill held on for dear life. Celestia arrived and grabbed them both and took them to safety The anvil toppled the Fort and landed in the lake below making it dry up. The pirates all gathered around the ruins of the castle and anvil when a hand burst free and swirled shadow energy around and knocked them all away. " Im not done Yet " Shadow Being said climbing out of the rubble. Clelestia and Bill and Cheire were on her back and they all looked into the sky the clouds had gathered and a wind was oicking up shaodw bing cackled maniacly "Behold the End of your puny world as the Darkness has arrived " up above the dark swirling vortex the Darkness was hovering and started sucking in islands and water and trees and ppl. the pirates all turned toward shadow being and they attacked with all their weapons he was to fast and delefcted each and shot forth fire and shaodw at them felling a few. he apporached them and drew his shadoe spear and impaled some pirates killing them. law and rich got on some cannons and shouted " Pirates Assualt Shadow Being " the cannons fired at him and they hit him and broke some of his chest plate off pirates started hammering him with missiles and gun shots weakeneing his chest plate as he continued to fire at them killing more " puny humans u cant possibily win " he said mockigly, Rose loaded her bazooka and shot a full blast at him staggering he turned to her and was about to atomize when Chris jumped onto him and blinded him with his coat Being threw Chris off and onto ground. Celestia then charged from the sky and rammed into him in a shattering boom knokcing him backward Bill leaped off and sent a light wave at the being knocking him down Cherie shot her pistol at his face blowing part of it off The Leviathan arrived and wrapped round the Being and surged lighting tino him as he screamed in pain he reared back and knocked the Leviathan down but it quickly recovered and shot him in his side with its beam he clutched the open wound but continued to fight off celestia bill went to the leviahan and whsipered to him leviathan rose and nodded and lifted into the sky and using its telekenisis lifted shadow being up itn air and dropped him into a crater, the pirates surrounded it and blasted everything at him blowing parts of his armor apart. more sentinel ships arrived and shot at some pirates killing them and the Maelstrom fired its cannons at them and feleld most as they dropepd onto shaodw bing he growled angrily and shot a pulse blast at the maelstrom and blew it to parts bill looked in horror and turned to shadow being and drew his light balde and impaled into his chest he scremaed in pain as light enrgy entered him he kicked bill away and shot at law who dodged and shot at him he pointed at Jay and Orphues and atomized them Edgar shot his repeaters at him but he was thrown back and his arm was speared.

Chapter 12 Darkness's Last Stand

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Up above the darkness continued to absorb the universe and Celestia and Leviathan rose to face it shooting their combined beams it roared and shot forth a dark wave that sent them both back to the ground. Shadow being shot away Rich, Jack and Rose and was felled by a blast from Keira he got back up and turned at Bill and sliced into him but Bill parried with his blade and sliced into his chest plate shattering it he grabbed hold of Shadow Beings inards and atomized them he screamed in pain and tried to force him away, but more pirates hammered him with guns and cannons. Leviathan and Celsetia grabbed hold of his inard life force and threw him into the air and blasted him with their combined beams the beams shot it into the vortex and exploded it along with Bill added onto the beam with his light powers and it shattered the darkness vortex and it started to collapse in itself.
Dotttm 30

he Darkness collapsing

Finally The Vortex exploded that illumintaed the sky the pirates all looked up above and celebrated in delight as they had won. But then out of the rubble a injured Trakadox appeared and growled. Bill turned instantly and drew his light blade and charged at Trakadox he slammed his fist into his chest plate shattering it and dug his sword into his head and ripped it completely off in a explosion his body went limp and fell to the ground while he threw his head into the rubble.The Battle was Over.Bill,Law,Rich and Cherie turned to the body of Shadow Being now on his knees looking up defiantly "I will Return fools,Mark my words" his fading red eyes glowing. Law aimed his Pistol and shot it point blank at his head,it shattered and his eyes flickered and went out."Consider them marked" Law said with a sneer.

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The pirates had won Bill went to Law and Rich and the others as Cherie raced toward him and tackled him in a hug and kissed him long. Law and Rich turned to the others and they said congrats and stuff Edgar felt bad "Im sorry guys can you ever forgive me " he said " They all crowded around him and forgave him " We must honor our friends deaths as well " Law said the others nodded sadly and made condolences they then and gathered around the others they all stood in the ruins of kingshead and Celestia hovered above them and then said " Thank you because of your courage the ancinet darkness is finally defeated " She then bid her farewells and returend to the sky and the sun as it finally shone down once more. the pirates all started walking out of the ruins and back to the Dutchman and sailed back toward home Toward Cortevos. Bill stood at the bow with Cherie by his side as the Leviathan flew above he looked over his shoulder and gave a long hard stare at the island and winced then turned back to the horizion " Taks us Home " Bill said hugging Cherie " aye aye " Law said turning the wheel toward the setting sun. " finally its Over " Bill says and the others nodded.


Back in the rubble of the destroyed fortress a figure walked out with shadow coursing through its skin and eyes glowing red " Its Never Over " the voice of the Shadow Being rang out as the figure lifted its head and smirked evily to reveal the face of : Bobby Moon!

Bobby 4


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