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The Series


  • Bill Plunderbones
  • The Light of Destruction
  • Bobby Moon
  • The Darkness
  • Lawrence Daggerpaine
  • Richard Goldvane
  • Jack Pistol
  • Basil Bridgebain
  • Stpehen
  • Kat Bluebonnet
  • Cherie
  • Kitty
  • Rose Sharkwrecker

The Sequel to The Darkness's Revenge



Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's - Yliaster Approaches Theme

Dark Citadel Descending theme


Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's - Z-ONE's Battle Theme

Dark Citadel Battle theme


Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's - Placido's Fusion

Duel with Cherie/Dark Citadel attacks/Duel with Bob/Darkness


Yugioh 5ds - Majestic and Shooting Star Dragon Theme Song

Light End Dragon's theme


Shooting quasar dragon Over top clear mind Limit over accel synchro theme

Summoning Light End Dragon




The Shadow Being struck down the Dragon of Light/Source of Light and possesed different people But the people of Light fought back and defeated it.

Chapter 1 Return of The Darkness


In the rubble of a destroyed island fortress, a figure, all bruised and cut up walked out, and then glowed. All her wounds healed as she tilted her head up. Her eyes glowed bright red and around her neck a pendant of a symbol. Her body glowed around with black energy as a deep villainous voice came out from her closed mouth "ITS NEVER OVER I SHALL HAVE MY REVENGE MUAHAHAHAHA" and the figures closed mouth turned into a wicked smile followed by a evil laugh, she then disappeared in a swirling vortex of darkness.


The skies grew dark as clouds rolled in and a loud grumbling sound was heard across the server, On The Sea Phoenix , Lawrence Daggerpaine, Bill Plunderbones, Cherie, Jack Pistol, Richard Goldvane, Basil Bridgebain, Stephen and Kat Bluebonnet were doing a good round of Scoundrels of Sea when they noticed the changes in weather, " Whats going on?" Richard said. Lighting started to flash across the sky "We should port, Cherie" Law said "I don't like porting when we are not done but Fine" she said stubbornly. They ported on Port Royal when the skies grew even more dark " Whats Happening? " Edgar Wildrat said running up to the group as well as Chris Swordbones. The server continued to shake and the Light of Destruction spirit appeared next to Bill but unseen by anyone else "What is it Light?" Bill said "Something very bad" he replied. A shadow beam shot down from the sky onto the dock exploding and taking a familiar shape. the group looked in shock "NO way!!" Basil shouted. The form became a old friend and the voice was as eerie as a chilling wind "Heheheh ah I'm glad you remember me, Basil" the figure said

"It's Bobby!!" Law shouted. The figure appeared in full with a black jacket, silver nails, a black hat, pants, and boots, with shadow energy coming off her. Her belt was modified for the Lost Sword of El Patron "Impossible! You were lost in the rubble of the destroyed fortress never to be seen again!" Bill said "You should have known i would be back Billy" Bob said smirking. Bill started to glow and his eyes turned yellow and a ancient voice rang out of him "Show yourself, Darkness!" Bob's eyes glowed red and a dark ancient voice rang out " Ah nothing gets past you Light ". Shadow Being! Bill/Light said. the others gasped " But didn't we kill him ", " Heh I wanted you to think that you destroyed my body but I anticipated this so before the battle I implanted my part of my mind into Bobby so I could take control if i was to be defeated " He said " Ingenious Cherie said " Bob looked at her for a little and smirked " Do I sense a darkness in you being the girlfriend of The Light " Bob said Cherie's eyes started to turn red Bill looked at her and said " No please don't Cherie " he grabbed her arm but she used her other hand to grab his wrist and flip him onto ground ,He looked at her and she just turned away and went over to Bob and she was engulfed with shadow energy and then smirked evilly " Anyone else " Bob said looking at the group " No? " she said after a while " Fine " she raised her hand and it crackled with shadow and sent a dark shockwave at them making them fly back. " Your loss we have cookies You fools even Scones " she said looking at Basil. she looked over the water and out of the fog a dark ship appeared she teleported onto it and stood on the middle along with Cherie the group went to edge of dock and looked at them " Now it is Time " Bob/Darkness said.


As she said this she drew her sword and it glowed as she plunged it into the ship which shot a beam down through the water and impacted the seabed and pierced it then the beam from the top of the sword shot into the air high into sky making a ripple appear in the sky. on the beam a mysterious eye appeared and glowed everyone looked up " What is it time for Darkness? " Bill shouted Bob/Darkness laughed in unison creating a echo so chilling it rang across the server Then the beam grew it started to engulf everything along with making everything shake and let out a rumbling sound The group on shore bended and placed arms in front of their eyes as the beam engulfed them and then it engulfed Port Royal and Tortuga. it kept expanding till it engulfed the whole server Bob/Darkness hovered into the air as the beam shook and shone and a huge flash was released, The voice shouted out TIME FOR REVENGE!! then everything went black.

Chapter 2 Dimensional Prison

Bill woke up " what the? " he said looking around he was in a desert. he stood up dusted sand off him and shouted "LAW RICH JACK ANYONE? "no reply. he looked in the sky and in the clouds was a upsidedown pyramid with pieces jutting out of it. "what is that?" Bill said The Light's spirit appeared next to him "i dont know it seems we were transported somewhere" Bill saw something in the distance " NO way" he shouted pointing to it. " Padres Del Fuego!" he saw the volcano in distance surrounded by sand.


Law and Jack were wandering on the desert next to a ocean "look at the water its blackish blue " law said " yea very unusual" Jack said Law looked in the sky and said "whats that?" he pointed at the structure that Bill saw earlier. " i don't know it looks like a upside down pyramid" Jack said. In the sea east of them was Tortuga and Kat Bluebonnet and Stephen were just waking up to find themselves surrounded by destroyed buildings and sand. "whoah what happened" Kat said Step looked around looking at the pyramid in the sky surrounded by darkness " ill bet that has something to do with it." They wandered to the edge of the darkish water, Kat was about to wade into it when Step stopped her and picked a piece of the destroyed buildings and stuck it in it instantly sunk and disappeared. "heh VERY deep water" he said "impossible to cross without something also who knows what else lurks in there" Kat said they looked across to the mainland wondering how they would get across.

Basil came to and looked around he saw he had a arrow in his knee " Huh how did that get there" he said pulling it out he was on a point on the water he looked around and saw another island in distance "hey Cutthroat Isle" he went to the waters edge and waded in instantly he sunk but was able to swim back to shore " whoah that's weird."

Yugtioh 5ds 1.jpg

The Pyramid in the sky was actually a citadel inside it held a castle and on its throne was Bobby Moon " Muhahaha My revenge is beginning in the Alternate Dimension!" she glowed black shadow energy and the voice of the Shadow Being said " Yes This time i will destroy that meddling fool and The Light for good and if its in a dimension the destruction of Light will tear apart the realm and Finally i will succeed in destroying everything and reign supreme Muahhahaha! he cackled manically. Bob stood up and went to the balcony looking down on the mainland " let them find each other THEN the fun Shall Begin "she smirked.

Chapter 3 When Gators Attack

Bill was walking to Padres when a dagger flew threw air and hit near him he dodged and looked up he saw someone coming " Hey whose there" the voice said " Rich its me Bill " rich hopped down from the destroyed house and looked around " I think the others are here as well " Bill said " yeah But where is HERE?? " Rich replied.

Law and Jack saw Padres in distance as well and started running toward it when they saw Bill and Rich they ran up to them " we are still missing Kat, Step, and Basil " Law said " HEY!" some one shouted it was Basil running towards them but he was being chased by a creature " hey that's a ACID GATOR! " Bill said Rich drew his Sacred Pistol and shot a steel shot at the gator and felled it. "Phew i was just wandering around till i found Cuba it was stuck in a swamp then out of the water came that gator" Basil said " Cuba? " Bill and Law looked at each other " Daggerpiane Industries" they said in unison.

Over on Tortuga Step and Kat were thinking of a way to get across the touch and sink water " Hmm what if we built a boat" Step said " that might work " Kat said. so they gathered up board and driftwood and cloth and built there ship " here we go" they pushed it into the sea and it floated Step took the wheel and they started sailing to the mainland and The Hovering Citadel.

The gang went up to the swamp and saw Cuba somewhat sinking except Daggerpaine Industries building which was still standing. " oh good the shields were able to protect it " Law said " look at the swamp its not normal " jack aid pointing They all looked in and pocked a stick and poked it, It corroded. " Acid Swamp " Rich said " Oh boy Look " Bill said pointing all around. gators were appearing from all over " these gators are like 5x size of normal huge gators and each has a special ability " Bill said a few Acid Gators appeared as did some Venom Gators and Bomb gators " Get Them " Jack shouted drawing his gun as did Basil they all fired " Come on law we need some equipment " Bill said they went across the bridge as it started sinking faster They reached the door law entered the code and they entered it as the shields came back on. the Bomb Gators charged at them but they dodged so they collided with the ground and exploded taking out some of the Acid and Venom gators. Then the swamp rumbled and out came a Huge Dark Gator " That's New " Rich said The Gator shot a black blast from its mouth. They dodged it but were vulnerable for another attack, Suddenly the wall of DI busted with Light and out came The XL Leviathan Gunship ramming into it shooting its Bow Tri-canons and sending the gator into the sea. The gator roared and Law and Bill jumped off the ship before it crashed into the sea and both sunk but the gunship Exploded causing the sea to erupt and then settled. Law and Bill went back to the gang just as Kat and Step were coming on their ship. " Kat, Step " the others shouted and ran up to them " Now that the gang is all here We need to find out Where we are " Bill said the others nodded.

Chapter 4 Reviving of The Dragon

Bobby went over to a rock prison near Padres and hovered above it 7 pools were there each with a substance " Its Time for Revenge " Bobby said in Shadow Being's voice she stretched her arms out and gathered energy in her hands and the whole place shook and the gang felt it " Whats going on " Law said looking around.

Back at the prison 7 energy streams shot out from each of the pools the streams stretched across the land The gang was looking at them and saw where they were coming from " Lets go " Jack said they then started running toward the prison. out of the sea came a spiral water stream that started going to the pool, out of the air was pulled a air stream and from the sky came a fire stream out of the ground came a earth stream and out of another area came a ice stream. The streams entered each respective pool and glowed " Finally the Last Ingredient " Bob/Shadow bing said she pointed toward the floating dark citadel and it shot a dark stream right down and fused into its pool Then the pools drained into one huge pool and started to fuse and a beam of dark energy shot out just as the gang approached " Ah You fools finally made it " Bob said " Bob whats going on where are we " Bill said " hehe You really want to know " Shadow Being said in Bobs voice " I transported all of you and Cortevos Into a Alternate Dimension and why TO Get revenge to kill you all Muahhaha." he said The others looked speechless " a Dimension? " Step said " We can find a way to get out i know we can " Bill said to the others. HAHAHAHAHA I don't think so but even if you can find a way to get out You wont have much time see without a server The game world WILL COLLAPSE IN ITSELF AND BE DESTROYED " He/she shouted in manically glee The others gasped " No you cant " Kat said " hah I am already doing it The longer you stay here The faster the game is being destroyed Muahahaha " Bob shouted. Bill started to run up to her ready to beat her up when she shouted " Its time COME FORTH CREATURE OF DESTRUCTION " the pool glowed and erupted as Bob teleported to safety near where Bill was she tackled him and grabbed him in a headlock pointing his head at the beam. Out of the beam a roar rang out and a Creature came out stomping destroying the prison as well. " What is that " Law said as they all looked up in fear " ATTACK ELEMENT DRAGON " Bob shouted and swung Bill around and into rock " ENJOY YOUR DEMISE FOOLS" then he laughed and teleported in a swirling dark cloud away. The Dragon had 6 heads one glowing and composed of a different element " This isn't Good " Basil said the others looked at him with (No Duh) expressions.

Chapter 5 Secrets Revealed

Meanwhile back in the POTCO dimension above the clouds on Abassa server a hole appeared and ripped part of the sky apart and darkness energy clouds poured out and the strange pyramid thing in the other dimension started to descend The people around abassa watched as this thing came down. Suddenly Strange Sonic Vibes started emitting from it and the land below started to disintergrate structures buildings trees and even people started to vaporize.


Back in the Dimension Bob looked up at the Dark Pyramid it started to glow The rest of the group noticed it to " What exactly is that thing " Rich said The Element Dragon was looking at them with Bob behind it on a Rock pillar " You want to know so badly Well " she said gesturing t the pyramid " That is The Dark Citadel " she said " The Dark Citadel? " Basil said " yes do i have to repeat everything i say What you don't know is that its not only here It has also appeared above Abassa and its about to DESTROY the POTCO dimension AS we speak Muahahahah" The shadow being said in unison with Bobs voice. " WHAT!!" Step shouted the others just looked stunned " You see the Dark Citadel emits dark sonic vibes designed to rip and disintegrate everything it touches You see the Citadel will start to lower and once its through with a server it goes right through to the New server and so on and so forth " Shadow being said " thats Nuts!! " Law said " yes it may be nuts But its WORKING as we speak" Shadow Being said.

"What are we going to do we need to destroy that thing" Kat said "Ya but How i mean as we speak its destroying the servers" Rich said. " not just that That dragon is coming " Bill said pointing at it " Now Wipe them out Dragon" Bob shouted and teleported away. The Dragon's Fire head rose up and shot a blast of fire at the group They dodged The water head shot a water flow from its head and washed them away The Earth head made rock spikes come out and try to pierce the guys " Guys watch out" Law said drawing his peacekeeper and sliced the spikes as did Rich using his sword. Basil drew his blunderbuss and shot the spikes The dragon's Ice head shot a concentrated ice blast on the water and froze it. The group were able to escape be free they got frozen over. But the Fire head shot a fire bolt and struck Basil int a rock Bill drew is Light Blade and sent a sonic blast and knocked the dragon down " RUN guys" Bill shouted as they started to run to Padres. The dragon got back up and sprouted wings and took off over padres shooting fire blasts at it. The group went into the catacombs to hide " that dragon is like impossible." Rich said " how are we going to defeat it and stop the Dark Citadel? " Step said. Kat was looking around the area they were in and saw some writings and pictures. " Hey guys what do these say" she asked Bill went up to them and read it "Hmm Interesting this is a legend that tells of 6 all powerful weapons known as the Light Weapons" he saw a button and pushed it. a drawer came sliding out inside was a scroll. Bill picked it up and showed the rest one picture looked instantly familiar " NO way That's the" Law said " Dark Citadel" Bill said finishing him. " So then that thing is not new its appeared before" Basil said "it says that during the time when the Original Darkness came to destroy the universe This strange pyramid appeared and sent off vibes of dark energy that powered up the Darkness even more but was stopped by 6 figures each wielding a different Light weapon they are each called Light Curse, Light Mutineer, Light of the Abyss ,Light Tyrant blade,and The World Light Blade and No way My Light Blade " Bill said " so you have one of these Lost Light weapons" Rich said "It seems so, anyway using these 6 weapons the figures sent the Dark Citadel away at the time Celestia the Dragon of Light sent the Darkness in retreat The weapons were then hidden in a dimension The same one WE ARE IN!" Bill said "Then that means they are here somewhere" law said looking around jack looked at the wall and saw another button "hey whats this do " he said pushing it another drawer slid out and revealed another scroll he unrolled it " Its a Map of a island " he said giving it to Bill "judging by this its an island In the sea surrounding us somewhere looks like East" he said "So whats our game plan" Basil said " We need these weapons to destroy the Citadel and The Dragon so we have to go retrieve them." Law said "But that sea cant be crossed it is a gravity educed sea when something touches it instantly sinks" Kat said "hmmm Our ships in DI could cross it But the dragon would attack us" Jack said " Half of us could go to get them while the other half stays and delays the dragon" Rich said " we will stay here then" Kat and Step said " and so will i Basil said " Then we shall go to get them and bring them back" Law said " alright guys lets rest and then we set out to save our realm." Bill said

Chapter 6 Another Quest Begins

RUN!!!!!!!!!!! Bill shouted as he and Law and Jack ran out of the cave with the Elemental Dragon firing its blasts at them, Step and Kat and Rich and Basil ran out and shot bullets at the dragon with their blunderbuss. The Dragon turned all its head at them and roared an unearthly roar, "I think we made it mad". Basil said. " What makes you think that" Step said rolling his eyes. The Dragon arched back and sent a fire water and dark beam from 3 of its heads at them. They dodged and ran around, "Call it a Hunch" Basil said.

Back in the server The Darkness Citadel reached the sea as it started to become a whirlpool, the rest of the islands and people were gone as well as the sky the Citadel started to go through the whirlpool and right down to the next server rocking the entire area.

Bill, Law and Jack ran to the sea and found The G.O.P.S Leviathan ship on the beach and they telekeniticaly placed it back in the dark blue sea, They climbed abourd and set sail, Up in the Darkness Citadel Base Bob was watching them " hehe how foolish where could they be going" she turned to Dark Cherie and said You know what to do " she just nodded and jumped off the balcony and flew down. Bob then teleported away, she landed on the server and confronted Kitty and corrupted her " Now lets go pay your friends a visit " she said and tp away with Kitty. Back in the dimension Bill was looking back and up at the Citadel " we got to stop that thing i wonder if we destroy it here will it be destroyed in the servers? " Law was driving Jack was on lookout but looking at the Citadel as well " i sure hope so " he said Suddenly a flash of dark energy shot from the sky onto the deck of the ship " No way" Jack said Bill just looked at the figure " Kitty?" he said shocked she looked up with red eyes and smirked " yes my dear Billy and Now You Die!" she said then lunged at him. he ducked and grabbed her from behind and threw her into the mast Jack grabbed her and slammed her into it even harder he then blinded her to it as she shrieked. " You chose Darkness Kitty" Bill said a little sad " yes i chose it i have always been Dark so Has MY PET " she said then summoned energy and opened a hole in sky and Hellmouth Descended and shot its beam at them. law created shield around the ship " What do we do" Jack said " i wonder?" Bill thought he took a slab from his pocket and held it up his eyes glowed yellow and saidin ancient voice " I summon Thee GREAT LEVIATHAN" the slab glowed and shot a ray into sky but then fizzled out Law and Jack were speechless " Ha ha ha ha ha You Failed Billy" Kitty said laughing then she grew claws and sliced through the ropes and stabbed into Jack and threw him over the rail he grabbed onto it just in time as Law helped him up. She rammed into Bill and they tumbled into the bottom deck together. Kitty landed on him but stood up and grabbing his arm and leg heaved him into the wall denting it. Bill got back up and grabbed some knives and lunged at her, she grabbed both of his wrists with her clawed hands sinking them in and pushes him into wall. she grabbed his throat pressing them close and with her other hand prepared to stab into his chest when Jack flew threw window and kicked her away. " Thanks Jack" Bill said and tackled kitty as they rolled around wrestling on deck until she pinned him down. Jack grabbed her around and threw her through the pillar and Bill launched a Gold block at her and she was knocked right through the wall and she fell in sea. Hellmouth kept trying to attack but Then the sea erupted and out came The Kraken and it grabbed Hellie and threw him into the sea and he then went after him, " Phew that was close " Law said, Lets continue onward." Bill said.

Chapter 7 The Lost Island

Back on the Mainland Step was running around trying to distract the Dragon but it didn't work out to well as the dragon's ice head froze him in place and the Dark head started to fire a blast at him, Rich came sliding in and used his sword to deflect the blast back to the dragon. Kat ran up to Step and started to try to break him out but The Earth head created a rock prison under and trapped her. Rich started to run and grabbed his blunderbuss he loaded a Light bullet and fired at the Dragons torso But another head sprouted a Light head and it absorbed the attack and sent back light waves sending Rich and the others backwards Basil ran up and sliced his sword at the dragon's back but its Fire head turned around and blasted him, he was able to duck and escape but The Water head sent a tidal surge that swept him over to the others sprawled on the desert floor " They better hurry up we cant do this forever" Step said shivering.

On The G.O.P.S Leviathan, Jack from the crows nest shouted Land Ho Bill and Law looked ahead and saw a island in distance " we have arrived" Bill said. suddenly the sea shook and the water churned and out of it burst Hellmouth " oh come on" Law said he turned the wheel hard and the ship broadsided Hellie and they opened fire shooting all the cannon at him Hellie roared and retreated, Vampire Kitty was watching from shore " soon they will be mine " then she disappeared. Law docked the ship on a old damaged pier and they walked to the dark sand beach "This place looks creepy" Jack said Bill drew the map and looked at it


"Hmm see that mountain that's where we need to go" Bill said The other two nodded and they started foreward. They went through a forest but it looked different then a normal one " these trees they don't feel normal" Law said " well dont forget we r in a different dimension" Jack said Bill stopped and looked around the others stopped as well " what is it Bill" Law said " I have a feeling something or someone is following us" he said then he turned ahead ans started forward, Law and Jack looked over their shoulders and then started walking forward again, Back always a dark figure was watching from behind a tree smirking then disappeared.

In the POTCO world the Dark Citadel had just gone through Barano and started on Battama. Many people started to evacuate the servers nearest to Bequermo and started heading towards The farther servers " How can we stop that thing?" Jason Yelloweagle said talking to Zeke and Keira Kinover the rulers of The Holy City " well we could send our ships to try and knock it down" Zeke said a rumbling started to shake the server they were in(Bequermo) everyone looked up and saw the sky tear apart and the Citadel descended slowly everyone started to panic and run south. Keira and Zeke launched there vehicles at the Citadel but out of the sky Lighting bolts rained down and truck each one and even struck the islands destroying beaches and structures " well that failed" Jason said the he summoned his creature The Havoc's eyes glowed and flew up to the Citadel the lighting bolts directed on him but he deflected them off and raised his arms up and sent dissolving blast at the citadel, The citadel Exploded and let out a giant cloud The people below cheered but when the cloud cleared the Citadel was unscathed only thing that was damaged was a piece of one of its points which fell to the ground and destroyed Fort Charles. " uh oh " Jason said The Citadel then glowed and energy gathered at its spire and shot a Huge Beam down and punctured trough Havoc making him dissolve to nothing and continued right through the sea and punctured a hole to the next server and blew up Devils Anvil. " Havoc" Jason cried as the Citadel stopped glowing and started to continue to descend and let out its vibes and began to vaporize everything " Only one thing can save us " Keria said looking out to the distance The other two nodded and continued in evacuation along with rest of the people.


Back on the Island Bill Law and Jack climbed the mountain to a cave when they got there a figure was standing in their way " took you fools long enough " she said " Vampire Kitty?" Law said then she charged them knocking Bill and Law away and aimed for jack slicing into his chest and kicking him away he fell back and rushed her and grabbed her and threw her away. "guys ill hold her off you go on " Jack said ducking from a punch and sweeping kittys feet. " Ok we will come back " Law said then they ran into the cave, Jack sidestepped kitty and grabbed her arm and bended it behind her but she used her foot to kick him in the head and spun around and slashed his forehead and headbutted him away " you will pay for interrupting me killing Billy" she said hissing and jumped on him.

Chapter 8 The Lost Light Weapons

Law and Bill ran through the cave till they reached a wall ' hmm look at this writing" Law said Bill looked around and recognized something " it says that the Light Blades can only be wielded by 6 Warriors of great Might". " hmm hey those 6 people of ancient past look like us" law said pointing at a picture " no way it cant be" he said they looked at the picture " that's the Dark Citadel and that's the 6 warriors using the blades to destroy it " Bill said " we know what we must do now." he said " right" Law said in agreement

Back outside Jack was laying on his front and Kitty was sitting on him and grabbed his chin with her clawed hands and camel clutched him and he screamed in pain as her claws sunk in she just chuckled in delight and pulled his head even further backward.

Law and Bill looked around but could hear Jacks screams " we have to hurry" he said they ran around until they found a closed rock door thing with writing on it " this could be it " Bill said he touched it and a orb glowed as well as another one and another and another till 6 lighted up around a symbol " The the the... " Bill stammered " The Society of Light symbol" Law said then the symbol glowed and the ceiling started to shake and crumbled away as the rock they were in started to rise till they reached the top and looked around " wow what a view " they could see the mainland from here as well as smoke coming from it" that cant be good " Law said he looked down at he entrance where Jack was being attacked mercilessly by Kitty. then bill looked east and saw another little island surrounded by some pillars Then the rock fragment shot a beam of red energy towards it thena organge one and a Yellow and a Green , Blue , Purple , Indigo" its a rainbow bridge" Law said then it foremd whole and became a glowing Light bridge " Cool " Bill said they started to walk on it but then slipped and slided down it " Whee" they shouted and ended up on the little island. " lets get those weapons" Law said and they ran for the door.

Kitty was holding Jack in a body-lock and constricting him hard making him groan in pain wit her hands around his neck and head and her legs around his waist she squeezed even harded still chuckling.jack thought " come on guys Hurry we dont have much time "

Bill and Law entered a Sanctuary like structure when they touched it the 6 pillars glowed and formed a energy barrier around the whole island then on the 6 pillars 6 doors opened and inside each one was a Blade " the Lost Light Weapons" Law said taking one nearest to him it glowed in his hand and he waved it and a wave of fire shot out and engulfed the enarest rock cropping" AWESOME " he said Bill looked at each one and tried to grab them they each dimmed " hmmm interesting it seems they only react to there weilders we need to get them to the others so they took each one and ran back.

Jack was thrown into a rock all battered and bruised with Kitty looking down over him " Time to End this she said and grew her nail claws and prepared to strike him when a fire blast shot at her and made her jump away burning her. AHHHHHHHHH she screamed and looked toward the side Law was there and his blade was glowing. Jack staggered up and Bill ran to him giving him a weapon the Blue one glowed when he was near it but the other ones didnt"That is yours Jack" Bill said as jack took it The Light Tyrant and Law has the Light of Abyss and i have the Light Blade" Bill turned to Kitty who was looking at them "impossible not the light weapons" Kitty ill take you on " he said she just looked at him and retracted her claws " Fine ill deal with you Billy" she said getting into fight postion Bill turned to the others Guys you go to the ship and cast off you have to get the rest of the weapons to the others ill stay here and save our friend dont wait for me, Ill Be Back " he said Law and Jack looked at eachother and said Dont be Late, good luck bro ". Then they started to run toward the ship " How foolsih Billy i already beat you once shall we make it a second time " she snickered " Yes Lets " Bill said getting into fight postion the two stared eachother down then rushed together and collided in a hand grapple with Bill pushing her backward But she pushed even harder forward finally Kitty sweeped his feet and tripped him she then piledrived his back and sat on him grabbing his head and lifting it up doing the same calem clutch she did to Jack but he shook her off and landed on her backward but she grabbed around his troat and wrapped her legs around his waist and held him in a lock, but he rolled over and stood up with her clinging on still and rammed her into the wall and she fell off then he grabbed her wrist and hauled her up and she headbutted him and tackled him backward they rolled together on the ground and toward the edge where she pinned him down and pushed down. he pushed up and rolled her over so she fell off but she grabbed his leg abd dragged him off as well the two tumbled down the hill until they reached the ground and each sprang up and grabbed in headlocks and staggered toward the shore, Lw and Jack were getting the ship ready when they saw Bill and Kitty in headlocks coming out and they tumbled together till Kitty kicked him off he got back up and punched her jaw but she grabbed his wrist and twisted and kicked him away. Law and Jack were watching rooting for Bill " We dont usually get to see stuff like this " Jack said "I Know Right" Law replied . Kitty tackled him again and the two rolled into the water and sunk " I thought kitty's dont like water " Bill said grabbing her throat and choking her she grabbed his and bloodchoked him " Well This one Can stand it" she said between breaths. the two repeased eachother and rammed into the floor pinning eachother and grappling wrestling underwater. Kitty then jumped on Bill's back and grabbed his neck and flipped him around so he landed on the ground and she faceplanted him into the sand but he kicked her off and gathereing energy he tackled her upward right out of the water right intoa rock on shore and slammed her head into teh rock knocking her out. she fell to the floor and Bill drew his blade and plunged it into her and the darkness shot out and erupted in the sky Bob/Darkness felt it and growled from inside the Citadel. Bill gasped for breath and sat down next to Kitty when she awoke she was back to normal they hugged and then took off toward the ship " Ok guys Lets get back to mainland cause Times Running Out" Bill said

Chapter 9 Battle with the Dragon

Step was thrown back into a rock as the Dragon used its earth head to smack him away while the Fire head shot flames at him, Kat came in and deflected the blasts and threw some greandes at the dragon's feet the Light head shot a lighting bolt at them, Rich shot is gun at the dragon, but its dark head blocked it and sent a dark flash that knocked him down. Kat dodged more blasts from various heads but a earthquake from the earth head knocked her down as the Water head sent a surge of energized water sending her away.

Out at Sea The G.O.P Leviathan was rusing for the mainland when something caught it 10 tentacles rose from below and wrapped around the masts and hull "I guess hes done chasing Hellmouth" Kitty said "KRAKEN!" Law shouted "Always wanted to say that " he said "We dont have time aim cannons" Bill said as they were aiming the broadsides the tentacles grabbed each one "Um not good?" Kitty said "Yea not good" Jack said "We so dont have time for this" Bill said grabbing the slab "I summon out Great Leviathan take down the Kraken" Bill shouted as a beam of light pirced the sea and The Leviathan came out and wrapped its coils around the Kraken and dragging it from them. Then he roared and sent 10.000 volts of electricty into the Kraken that let out a shriek and jetted ink and swam away "OK Now seriously Lets go " Bill said as the Leviathan roared and disappeared.

suddenly a Triple light cannon blast fired and struck the dragon injecting it with light energy posion. The dragon turned toward the blast as did Rich, Basil and Step who helped Kat up. The G.O.P.S Leviathan was docked off the land and was aiming its Bow tri-cannons at the Dragon " Boo Yah" Kitty shouted firing them the blasts exploded around and on the dragon as it roared in pain " Aim Deck Cannons" Law shouted as the ship was turned to the side " oops forgot the Kraken took them out" Law said the others facepalmed as Law turned the ship the other side and shot the broadsides. The Dragon turned its heads at the ship and the water head moved the sea so waves started to wash over the deck and spin the ship around. " Brace yourselves you Cack-headed Deck Apes" Law said laughing crazily. The ship was spun around and around till the earth dragon head made rocks appear ready to smash the ship into them. Bill grabbed the bag of the weapons and said to Rich " Rich Take This Its Your destiny " he said throwing one of the swords Rich caught it and it glowed green he pointed it toward the dragon and it sent a greenish wave of energy at it. The wave emited around the dragona and struck it with 20 lightng bolts. " Whoah that was epic" he said the Dragon was getting struck all over by Lighting. Basil and Step watched in awe when the lighting stopped The Dragon got back up and turned toward Rich and readied to attack him " Step Here take this " Bill shouted throwing another weapon to him he caught it and it glowed. "Whoah" he pointed it toward the ground and shoved it in .The ground erupted and sent a wave at the dragon, it engulfed the dragon like a barrier and a huge glowing whirlwind engulfed the dragon singing it with fire and light energy " Awesome" he said as the barrier disapated and the dragon fell down "Kat here" Bill shouted throwing the last blade to her.she weilded it and sent a barrier around the dragon making it glow and get posioned it as well as being drained of energy. The Dragon raored in agony and fell over for the first time." We Have all gathered " Bill said, Law and Jack jumped off the crashed ship and ran to the others They surrounded the dragon as it got back up and eyed each of them with its heads " Now guys UNITE" Bill shouted drawing his Light Blade and pointed it at the dragon so did Law, Jack , Rich , Step and Kat. " Hey wait what can i use " Basil said Bill gave him a weapon wrapped in cloth he opened it and his eyes widened " No way My Cheese Cannon " he said in delight he aimed it at the dragon. " Now Guys UNITE ... Again" Bill shouted. The Dragon roared and fired its 6 beams at each person. Kat activated her blade the Light Mutineer and surrounded the others with a barrier of Spiritual energy. The Dragon's blasts reflected off and shot back weakening it. " Now " Bill shouted Law did a spin of his blade the Light of Abyss and it glowed on fire and shot fire blasts at the dragon but its fire head absorbed the attack and sent a wave of dark energy over them but Kat's barrier activated and shielded. Rich waved his The Light Curse and a thunderstorm appeared above and sent a barrier around the dragon and struck it with multiple lighting bolts. jack used his The Light Tyrant and shot a ice blast into the storm and it rained hail battering the dragon. Rich had to step backwards while still holding the Lighting Vortex as did Jack. Law sent a nother wave of fire at the barrier merging it creating a Lighting Firestorm. Finally Step drew his World Light Blade and created a whirlwind vortex around the dragon dealing weakening it even more. Finally Bill used his and struck the barrier with his blade and shattered it Exploding the Dragon in a huge explosion of elements and energy which shot upward and struck the Citadel rocking it and breaking a chunk off which fell to the ground casuing a impact that rushed over everything.

In the POTCO server the Dark Citadel stopped moving down and just hovered there for a minute." Hey look at that" Rose Sharkwrecker said Then the Citadel continued again.

Chapter 10 A Duel to Return: Billy vs Cherie

Back in the Dimension the smoke cleared and the 6 warriors put their blades away. Bill looked up at the broken piece of the Citadel that fell and punctured the ground a glowing bridge had appeared that seemed to lead up to the Citadel " Guys you go get everything ready to go use your weapons to move the islands to this area, Im going to go get Bobby" Bill said the other nodded and Law said " Beat her up" he said grinning. Bill just smiled and ran up the path. When he reached the top he saw a figure "No way" Bill said stopping in his tracks. Its time Billy Bear Time to Die!" the figure said wearing a black robe with a red glow in her eyes " Cherie" Bill said stepping foreward "I had a feeling it would come to this " Bill said he took off his blue coat and layed it down "This is going to be Fun" Cherie said removing her robe revealing a black corset and dark grey pants. the two stared eachother down and started to circle " its time to Finish this " Bill said " Bring it ON " Cherie said evily.

Bill charged at her but she side stepped him grabbing his wrist and flipping him on the floor. she bodyslamed onto and pinned him down. he grappled with her and pushed up and off she slid backward and rolled on the floor and sweeped his feet. he tripped and she jumped on him sitting on his back, she grabbed his neck and bended it backward in a camel clutch "arghhh" Bill groaned Cherie just looked at him enjoying his pain and dug her silver nails into his neck drawing little drops of blood she then started to bend down and bite him when he grabbed her head, and flipped onto the ground. he piledrived her belly but she rolled out of way and grabbed his neck, Bill ducked and grabbed her wrist and twisted it and kicked her in the jaw.

The others were running around and using their weapons to raise the islands. Law went over to the Swamp and raised Cuba and Daggerpaine Industries. Kat and Step lifted Port Royal from its barrier and sent it over to the broken citadel piece. Bill and Cherie were hand grappling and pushing against each other when the impact of the islands landing. Bill pushed her away but she regained her footing and tackled him to the ground, Bill rolled with her till they ended up near the bridge with Cherie on top. Bill looked up at her searching her eyes but could find no hints of the real Cherie. he kicked her off and rammed into the wall pinning her. Cherie regained herself and grabbed his arms and flipped them away and headbutted him hard, then she jumped on him wrapping her legs around his waist as he caught her and the two tumbled backward. he slipepd from her grip and grabbed around her waist and slammed her down on the ground hard. she rolled under him and kicked him in the nuts. he groaned in pain and collapsed. Cherie climbed on his back and grabbed around his neck and fell backward with him then wrapped her legs around his waist and then constricted him hard. he screamed in pain and twisted his head to face her but she smirked and bit into his neck which made him scream even more.

Law could hear Bill's screams and wondered what was going on but still moved Cuba to the area shaking the piece. On it Cherie continued to constrict Bill in a full bodylock and whispered into hsi ear " its no use you cant win and soon the game will be destroyed " he struggled and squirmed his hands free and grabbed her arms and pried them off he sat up and backward slammed her knocking her out. she let go of him and collpased. he crawled away gasping for breath and he looked up at the Citadel and the bridge he started to stagger toward it when a barrier appeared and Cherie stood ahead of him " Dont you feel it We cant end this This way " she said wiping the sweat from her head she gathered eenrgy and it shot right onto her arm and something appeared " No way" Bill said what appeared was a Card Game Duel Disk " I see it must end this way" Bill said he stepped back and made a Duel Disk appear on his arm " Alright You lets play a....CHILDRENS CARD GAME" he shouted The two glared at eachother and said in unison "LETS DUEL"


"Ill Go First" Bill said drawing a card from his deck " I summon Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts in Defense(DEF) mode and play 2 cards face down. " My Turn" Cherie said drawing a card,she looked at her hand and looked up " this marks the beginning of the end for you Billy, I summon out Mystic Tomato in DEF and play this spell card Hinotama this deals 500 damage to you so Feel my wrath GO FIREBALLS" she shouted as 4 fireballs rained down and hit Bill down (3500 LP) "ill end my turn with a face down card " she said " lets see what you got" she said smirking."Oh i can do a Lot I draw, I play Polymerization this card can fiuse Gazelle on my field with Berphomet in my hand to form Chimera The Flying Mythical Beast(2100 ATK)" Bill said " Now Attack squash that tomato" he said "ah but since he was in DEF mode i lose no LP but when mystic tomato is destroyed in battle i can summon a DARK type monster with 1500 or less ATK points,so i summon Gravekeepers Curse in DEF and when its summoned you take 500 damage So take THis YOU" she said. Bill started glowing and groaned in pain as he lost life (3000) "its my Turn and i summon out Drillago in ATK and Now Attack him Directly" Cheire said.Drillago rushed right past Chimera and pireced into Bill. he lost 1600 life(1400 LP) "Ok thats enough damage for now ill end my turn" Cherie said chuckling evily "Wow i thought you were better then me at this game but it looks like i was wrong "she said smiling. Bill got back up clutching his chest and then placed his fingers on a card " MY TURN" he said drawing I play Pot of Greed this lets me draw 2 cards next i summon Watapon to the field next i sacrifice Watapon For Dark Magician Girl(2000 ATK), Go Dark Burning Attack Drillago" he said Cherie lost 1000(3000 LP) Next Chimera attacks Gravekeepers Curse with Pulverizing Pounce" Bill said "Ill end My turn with a card face down".

Law and Rich and Basil were still moving the islands to the area when they looked up at Bill and Cherie's fight " What are they doing?" Rich asked "I dont Know " Law said "My Draw" Cherie said I play a monster in face down DEF next i play 2 cards face down". "My turn i play Sages Stone when Dark Magician Girl is on the filed i can special summon Dark Magician(2500 ATK) from my deck to the field next i play the magic card Thousand Knives this allows Dark Magician to destroy one monster on your side " Bill said as thousands of knives pierced the monster revealing Fiend Assaliant " You are Defenseless and I have a Lot of Monsters Its Over Attack Chimera " Bill said. Cherie groaned as Chimera sliced across her chest(900 LP). The group were watching :Do you understand this game at all guys?" Law said The others shook thir heads " It seems like the goal is to get the opponents life points down to 0 in order to win" Kat said. One more attack and I win" Bill said "Go Dark Magician attack Directly" Bill said smiling. Cherie snickered and rose up " Its Never Over I play this Trap card Draining Shield" It negates one of your monsters attack and increases my life by the same number of attack points(2900 LP) I also activate This spell card Fissure it destroys the lowest attack monster on your side meaning Bye Bye Dark Magician Girl " Cheire said "Next i activate this Ritual Card CONTRACT WITH THE ABYSS This allows me to ritual summon any DARK monster i want.". The clouds gathered around and lighting struck the ground and field "I call on The Dark One". Dark energy streams came down from the Citadel and struck Cherie's side of the field "Appear DARK LEVIATHAN" She said. " What!" Bill said looking shocked. The others heard this and they were shocked to "dark leviathan?" Jack said On the Field a Giant black monster appeared with dark pointy spines and glowing red eyes "Ok this isnt good" Bill said shaking in fear " When dark leviathan is summoned he can destroy one of your monsters I choose Dark Magician wave bye bye" Cherie said. The Dark Leviathan shot its blackish red beam and destroyed The Magician. Bill got thrown back and lost 200 life(200 LP)." its over Billy I win But ill end my turn to see if you can turn this all around" She said. Bill got back up and just looked at the Leviathan."Only one thing can help me " he said to himself " I Draw, I play a card face down and play De-Fusion this splits my Fusion monster to its original components." Bill said "Now i sacrifice both to summon This MY Blue Eyes White Dragon" he shouted. Cherie looked shocked " No way" . "Cower in fear at the sight of the True Dragon of Light" he said " What is that?" Basil said on the sidelines "i dont know some kind of White Dragon with Blue eyes?" Rich said " ya sounds about right" Law said. "You think im Cowering Your dragon has 3000 atk points But my Dark leviathan has 0 But it has another special effect It can Take on the Attack Points of any monster i choose as long as i send it to the graveyeard from my hand or deck. so I choose to send Rainbow Dark Dragon to the grave giving my Leviathan 4000 atk points GO Dark Sonic Blast" she said The Leviathan shot its beam at the Blue Eyes "Not so fast Reveal Trap Card Negate Attack this stops your attack in its tracks." Bill said " Fine you your turn" Cheire said growling. "I draw" Bill said "I told You, Im the only one Who Can master this game and now I will prove it" he said. "I dont know if thats cool or just sad" Step said The others Nodded in agreement. Bill looked at them and said " Come on Guys I need support or else we are not getting home and our game will be destroyed"he said " Oh right uh..... Yea Go Bill Beat her using Childrens Trading Cards" Law said.

"Anyway here i go" Bill said "I play Obligatory Summon this allows me to summon out the other 2 Blue Eyes in my deck Giving me 3, Now i sacrifice all 3 Pool your Light energies into one to create a Being of Ultimate Light I summon Out GRAND DRAGON LEVIATHAN" Bill shouted. A Light beam descended from the sky and exploded around him and out of it came The Great Leviathan's form " Levvy" Kitty said looking up as the darkness was being dispelled. "Impossible" Cherie said. Bill turned to the group and said" Guys Get Ready Its time stand on one of the islands and Dont Leave them" he said then he turned to Cherie " Alright Here we go "Grand Dragon leviathan can take on the attack points of the monsters used to summon him so he has(10000)" Bill said pointing at the Grand Dragon Leviathan's attack." Its Over 9000!" everyone but Bill said "Now go Leviathan Attack SEND US HOME OLD PAL with LIGHT SONIC STREAM!" The Leviathan shot its blast at The dark counterpart " Im not done yet I send the monster Five headed Dragon to the grave and Dark leviathan gains its attack points giving him 9000 i also send a 1000 atk monster as well. " Cherie said giving my Dark Leviathan the same attack points SO ATTACK DARK SONIC stream" she said. The two Beams collided sending out shockwaves across the whole dimension and shaking everything. " This is It I win " Bill said " not yet you dont" Cheriw said rushing forward and grabbing onto him in a body lock. Bill tried to wrestle free but couldnt " Im taking you with me You" Cherie said wrapping her hands around his neck and holding him there in the beams radiance. The collision sent a beam of light and dark up into the Citadel rocking it Law and Rich were watching " Guys Combine "he said as the others drew their weapons and Basil shot his cheese cannon and sent a concentrated beam of rainbow cheese energy that split the Citadel in half and erupted in a explosion shaking everything " NO I failed The Citadel is No more " Cherie said. Bill slipped free from her grip and tried to run but she tackled him down and pinned him " If im going YOUR going To" she said as the two of them disappeared grappling with each other. The Citadel was destroyed and exploded in a briliant burst that sent a beam if energy from it down to the ground and started to spread engulfing the dimension The group on Port Royal were ducking in destroyed buildings holding onto dear life as the beam engulfed them.

Chapter 11 Home at Last/The Dark Citadel Cometh

On Caicos The Dark Citadel cracked and suddenly halted before reaching the sea. In the gap a beam of Light shot down and spread across it and then The Server of Cortevos was back. Law stepped out of the destroyed building and looked around he saw blue skies and blue water "He did it we are home". Rich and Jack and Basil appeared as did Kitty and Step and Kat from the buildings " But where is Bill" Kitty said. "Oh no dont tell me he got trapped there" Rich said. "Wait check the readings where is the Dark Citadel was it destroyed?" Basil said. Law checked the servers the top were destroyed and strange activity was on Caicos but no sign of the Citadel. a portal opened and out came thousands of pirates including the Gen of Peace guild. "Law!" Rose said as did Bounty Hunter Bill and Capt.Lannon. Boogiemango, and Chris Swordbones in Hermit Speed came running up as well as Zeke, Keira and Jason ran to Kitty."What happened guys i mean the top 12 servers are destroyed and this giant mountain was responsible" Keria said "Well The darkness returned in form of Bobby Moon and sent us to a alternate dimension and created that thing called the Dark Citadel to wipe out the game itself" Jack said " But Bill brought us back by defeating a dark person" Rich said "Then where is Bill" Jason said the others looked at eachother "i think he got trapped in the dimension as a price for sending us home" Kat said.

Suddenly the whole server shook and clouds gathered lighting flashed in the sky and a portal opened and down came the player's worst nightmare " NO It cant Be" Law said as they all looked up into the sky "The Dark Citadel Its still here But i thought it was destroyed " Rich said The Dark Citadel descended and a laughter rang out across the server " YOU PATHETIC MORTALS YOU DESTROYED THE ONE THAT WAS HOLDING YOUR POOR SERVER IN MY REALM" The voice of Bobby intertwined with The Shadow Being's voice rang out. "No Tis cant be happening" Chris said " OH yes it can mortals and There is Nothing you can do to stop it DARK CITADEL UNLEASH YOUR DESTRUCTIVE POWER AND WIPE OUT THE REST OF THE GAME SNAD START WITH THESE FOOLS" Bob/Darkness shouted.


Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's - Z-ONE's Battle Theme

theme for the battle

Yugtioh 5ds 3.jpg

The Dark Citadel unleashed Dark Lighting bolts that struck the islands a few struck the fort on Padres destroying it " Run for your lives " Jason shouted. Kat didnt run she activated her swords power and created a shield around them " Go guys we will protect them" she said " Right" Rich said drawing his blade as well as Step "Lighting Vortex Go" Rich shouted turning his sword and pointed it at the Citadel and a barrier engulfed it and it was struck by multiple lighting bolts that damaged its hull. Then the Lighting bolts turned on him and struck Rich multiple times and sent him right through a wall of a house which was then struck by lighting and collapsed."Rich NO!" Basil shouted as some lighting bolts started to go to him Kat used her shields to protect him. Step used his and created a huge wirlwind pointing it toward the Citadel.


The clouds created tornadoes and sent the to intercept the whirlwind and dispated them and sent more lighting at Step who got thrown back. "Let me Try " Law said shootng his Firestorm at the Citadel " i dont think it has fire" he said The Citadel glowed and sent Fireballs raining down from the sky " Or maybe it does" Law said sheepishly as the fireballs struck port royal destroying fort charles and struck Law backward. Rich got back up and sent a volley of Lighting at the fireballs neutralizing them. " This thing can intercept any attack and send it Back 10 times more powerful and more widespread" Keira said aiming her eco cannons at the structure. they fired and pierced the structure knocking some parts off that plumeted into the sea and land destroying ships and some buildings. " well we damaged it a little" Basil said. The Citadel just glowed and gathered energy at the spire and it shot a huge dark beam at them " Oh pooh" Law said The beam was quick but Kat was quicker she used her shileds to protect them as the beam collided sending shockwaves across the server." NOW" Law said. In Daggerpaine Industries, Rose used the XL Staellite cannon to aim at the citadel and fired its beam at the Citadel striking it and going right through. a part of it broke off and fell " hah it worked by distracting it we could launch a second offensive" Law said. The dust cleared revealing a chunk broken from the mid section of the Citadel A beam of energy shot down from the sky and manifested into the Great Leviathan who roared and shot its beam at the Citadel and blew off a chunk, But the Citadel glowed and pointed its spire at him and shot a electric botl of dark energy that pireced the Leviathan and knocked him down crushing Port Royal and part of Cuba " Not Even Levvy could win " Kitty said, then a voice rang out " Guys GUys its me ". The others were shocked at hearing the voice " Thats Bill" Kitty said " Guys im trapped in the Citadel when i defeated Dark Cheire she took me with her into the Citadel here and imprisoned me" Bill's voice rang out. " How can we help you" Rich shouted getting up out of the rubble " By entering the Citadel" Bill's voice said "Alright We will come" Step said " Wait only 4 of you can enter all part of Bob's rules". "Ill go" Law said, " Me to" Kitty said " And me" Jack added " Ill go as well" Rose said. " Ok we will stay out here and evacuate the rest of the players and try to slow that thing down"Kat said. Law looked up to the Citadel just hovering there with thunder and lighting around it " Dont worry we are coming" he said to himself.

Chapter 12 Entering The Citadel/Fighting Dark Cherie and Dark Bobby

Law,Jack and Kitty ran to Daggerpaine Industries they met up with Rose " Ok so how do we get up there" Kitty said motioning to the Dark Citadel slowly descending. " We use This" Law said going to a covered thing and revealed it to be a old helicopter " The old Leviathan gunship?" Jack said " yep we will fly it up there and bust Bill out then take down Bobby Moon and The Shadow Being" Law said "Lets do it" Rose said.

A Hangar door opened from the Swamp Hill on Cuba and out came the Leviathan Gunship helicopter on board Law piloted and Jack and Rose were gunners. The helicopter stuttered on " hasnt been used in a while " Law said sheepishly. the engines roared to life and the gunship lifted and started forward passing over the damaged Port Royal and half sunken Devils Anvil and rose higher up. Down below others watched as their last hope flew up to the cloud swirling citadel, including a wounded Leviathan curled up on the smashed Port Royal town. " Good Luck everyone " Keira said " They will Need it " Jason said.

"We are entering the Citadel's airspace"Kitty said Lighting struck outside the windows as the thing loomed in front"Wow it looks so much bigger and ominous up close" Jack said. suddenly a strange wave washed over the ship and messed up the controls and they started to fly forward right at the Citadel. " fire cannons" Law said. jack and Rose aimed the front blasters and shot the structures and they enetered it crashing into the wall.Law and Jack got out as well as Kitty and Rose dazed. They looked around at the interior " Creepy" Jack said. they started to walk up a stairway hearing a rumbling sound"what is that noise" Kitty said looking around " i think its the sound of the Citadel moving" Law said. They went into a room and looked around they saw Bill tied up to a pillar "Guys watch Out She is here" he said suddenly a figure burst from the shadows and tackled Law down to the ground and jumped off and knocked Rose and Kitty down and went after Jack ramming him into the wall ,the figure stood over Jack and Law " Hey Law and Jackie " she said " CHERIE!" they said in unison "Thats right and now " she cracked her knuckles "i have been waiting for this a long time " she smirked evily.

Kitty and Rose got back up. " You go free Bill im going to get Bobby me and her have a score to settle" Rose said running up the stairs. Kitty nodded and went to Bill. Law and Jack surrounded Cherie who just smirked " Think you can take me down Bring It" she said Jack rushed forward, but she grabbed his arm and elbowed him hard in the gut. he fell backward as Law grabbed her around and slammed her down hard. she sweeped his feet and as he fell she caught him and tossed away. Jack started to circle Cherie but she was to quick and jumped on him wrapping her legs around his neck and throwing him down, as Law came up she grabbed him in a headlock and threw him down. Kitty was busy untieing Bill but also watched as Cherie had Law and Jack in her legs and hands "Poor guys" she said then remembered what she was doing. Law slipped free and pulled her arm backward and freed Jack who tackled her into the wall. Law grabbed a board and threw it at her. Jack ducked as it sailed over him at Cherie, but she caught it and spun it around smacking Jack with it. she looked at Law who stood there motioning with his hands and said "Come at me Bro" Cherie smirked and chagred forward with the board shouting " Careful what you wish for ". He grabbed another board and held it out. Cherie used the one Board to break his, Law pulled out his sword and shot flames at her. Cherie skidded under him as well as kicking him in the nuts, he bended over in pain and she jumped on his back and sleeper hold his head and spun around so he fell face first on the ground. She camel clutched him hard as Jack came up behind her, But she was ready and using her legs caught Jack around the waist and flipped him down as well. She stood up with one foot on each of them and grabbed one of their arms and pulled up and hard. " tsk tsk tsk silly Law and Jackie " she said and bended their arms and stepped off them.The she smirked evily again and twisted their arms around and kicked the hard on the back. "JACKIE!!!!" Kitty shouted as she rushed at Cherie and drew her fingernail claws and stabbed into her hard sending both of them flying into a wall. Cherie grabbed her wrists and pried them out and kicked her in gut away. " Fine then Lets see what the kittys have" she said and the two rushed at eachother. Kitty and Cherie slashed at eachother and sliced into with their claws. Cherie ducked and stabbed Kitty's arm and kicked her away, But Kitty caught her foot and twisted it and knocked her down. kitty sliced into her back and moved outwards, Cherie groaned but grabbed her around wasit and reversed the hold. she body slammed kitty's back and held her neck up backwards with her claws and using her other hand pressed them to kitty's throat drawing blood " Seems you dont live up to your name " she said maliciously. Kitty groaned but using her other clawed hands grabbed Cheire's throat slicing into it and throwing her off. she gasped for breath and the two charged and collided with a claw grapple slicing into eachothers hands and pushing at each other, meanwhile Law and Jack were freeing Bill as well as watching the catfight. " Its a Literal Cat fight" Jack said " yep" Law said chuckling " Oh will you guys just free me already " Bill said rolling his eyes.

Rose ran up the stairs and entered a door inside was a throne in front of a balcony that showed outside, In the throne sat Bobby " Ah Rosy how ya been" she said in her chilling voice and turning toward her. " Ive always hated you and now its time to beat you down" Rose said cracking her knuckles. Bob just stood up letting her cape flow down she glowed of dark energy and her eyes turned red and the voice of the Shadow Being said "hahaha then go ahead and fight her ill step aside so Bobby can fight you fully with no interference from me" the glow stopped and Bob regained herself " Fine then lets go " she said taking off her cape " a Little warm up for Billy" then the two rushed forward but Bob was faster and kicked down Rose, she got back up and punched her in jaw. Bob staggered and Rose dropkicked her and then jumped on her and punched her repeadely in the face. Bob caught her fists and twisted them and then Kicked her hard in the gut sending her flying into the wall. Rose gathered herself back up and ducked as Bob punched the wall where she was making a hole Rose sweeped her foot across Bob's chest and punched her so hard in the jaw she fell backward and Rose jumped and pounded her down with her fists. Bob grabbed her fists and pushed her back and flipped her around and headbuuted her so hard she went flying right against the wall.

Down Below Cherie and Kitty were tearing eachother apart in a claw deathmatch till Cherie sweeped her feet and stabbed her right in the belly and kicked her into the wall. Kitty regained herself but was to tired and sore that he didnt see Cheire slam into her with her claws piercing hard and then throwing her over and down to where Law and Jack were. " Pathetic " Cherie said as her claws were dripping looking at Law, Jack and Kitty sprawled on the floor."Time to end this" Suddenly Cherie got tackled right into the wall as she looked and saw Bill. " Billy you broke free " she said and grabbed his shoulder with her claws and kicked him away. " yep Round 2 You" Bill said Cherie and Bill charged at eachother and bodylocked eachother, but Cherie was stronger so they collided into the wall and fell to the floor wrestling around. Kitty got back up still wounded and went over to Law and Jack " You guys got Owned". Jack looked up and just grinned sheepishly as did Law. Bill and Cherie were rolling around wrestling trying to pin each other. " Give it up You " Cherie said grappling with him pushing him down. Bill pushed back and rolled her over and grapple pushed her down" Never You" she kicked him off and tackled him into the wall as well as punching him in the nuts. he groaned in pain and fell over. Cherie looked down at him and grinned then she planted her foot on his neck and then bended down and played with his hair as he looked up at her then her grin turned back into a evil glare and ground her foot into his nuts hard. He screamed in agony as Cheire then began smiling evily and kept pushing her foot in " Ah Your pain is sweet" Lets try this Dear" she said sighing and reached her hand down and grabbed a hold of his nuts and pulled them painfully hard. Bill groaned in pain and felt horrid. "Lets try it this way as well"Cherie said mockingly and clamped her fingers around them tightly and twisted them around. Bill had enough and then grabbed her foot and tripped her she started to fall on him when he caught her around her waist and wrestle rolled her again till he pinned her. Rose got back up but Bob was already on her and kicking and punching her hard and all around till she started to bleed at the mouth. Rose caught some of her punches but the kicks sent her right into the wall. Bob grabbed her head and slammed it hard into it and twisted her arm around bending it at the joint. " Pathetic You thought you could beat me" Bob said smirking at her pain. Rose regained herself and kicked her hard in the gut and punched her so she went flying right into her throne.

Cherie grappled him and using her foot kickced his balls as well as pushing Bill off and away. Standing up she drew her claws " Ive Toyed with you long enough Billy" she said advancing at him. But Law charged and slammed her face with his Wok and sent her into the wall. Bill then jumped on her and punched her repeately and using her own clawed hands to puncture herself then he headbutted her so hard she fell unconscience. Bill stood over her battered and brusied and grabbed her face and kissed her instantly the darkness dispersed and left going upward. the darkness entered Bob as she was standing back up looking at Rose "AH MUCH Better " she said and rushed so quickly and grabbed Rose's throat and punched her repeatedly she coughed up blood and then grinning evily she heaved her right through the glass window down to the area below. Law and Jack looked up and caught her setting her down "sorry guys i tried but she was too powerful" Rose said "Bill looked down at Cherie who was just getting back up she looked at him and smiled and jumped on him hugging him tight " I missed you You " she said "I missed you you You too he said hugging her back. the two kissed briefly and then heard laughter up above. They all looked up and saw Bob standing on the broken window " How sweet so Whos next" Bill let go of Cherie setting her down " Thats me " he said looking defiently at her. Law helped Rose up and Kitty and Jack helped Cherie to her feet. " if you want to do this Then follow me Billy" Bob said as a elevator descended and she entered it. another appeared down there and opened up. Bill turned to Cherie kissed her one more time she kissed back and said " You go You" He turned to Law thanks guys for helping me Time to own Bobby" he said " Goodluck Bro " Law and Jack said Rose said" Punch her for me" the two fist bumped and then Kitty hugged him " Free Bobby and Defeat the Darkness" she said releasing him. Bill went up to the elevator and it acsended as he looked down on them "Get back safely guys" he said then disappeared.

Chapter 13 Duel against Bob/Shadow Being

The two elevators arrived at the top of the Citadel above the clouds. "Welcome Billy" Bob said flexing Bill stretched as well and just looked at Bob" Come on Darkness show yourself and let go of Bobby "AND WHY SHOULD I DO THAT" The Shadow Being's voice said out of Bob's mouth. " Cause dont you want to prove your power against me" Bill said " ha ha ha anyone else would probably want to do that but not me I want to make you suffer before i kill you and how better then by making you fight your friends" Shadow Being said in Bobs voice. " Me and Cherie fight against eachother all the time so its not really suffering" Bill said " Touche" Bob/Shadow Being said. Bill and Bob both took their coats and capes off and face eachother. " Shall we do this Billy Dear" Bo said cracking her knuckles" You saw what i did to Rose but to you it will be 10 times worse." she said. " Bring it" Bill said getting in fight postion. Bob did same and the two circled and then rushed at each other drawing swords.

Down below at the crashed helicopter the group went to the edge and looked down at the islands " how are we supposed to get down" Kitty said Jack stepped forward and drew his Light Tyrant blade and shot a ice stream at the ground and moved it out making a bridge " lets go" Jack said they went down the ice bridge slowly as Jack kept making it.

Bill and Bob clashed on the top swinging their swords and blocking and parrying every blow " It seems we are to easily matched " Shadow being said in bob's voice so i propose a different fight, Do You recall the Dimesion where you battled Cherie with a Childrens Card game" he continued " Well what do you say to that against me and Bob." Bill just looked at him and said " you Know what Yea lets Duel" they stepped back and materialized a Duel Disk on their arms along with a deck. " I Remeber my daughter Azula who dueled a boy named Jaden Legon in a realm called Lego World" Shadow Being said in Bob's voice " What" Bill said puzzled. "You wouldnt understand mortal" Shadow Being said. "Alright Lets GO" Bill shouted activating their disks with Life point meters at 4000 "DUEL!" they both shouted


"Ill Go First" Bob said drawing a card I play the field spell Seal Of Increasing Shadows" a dark aura barrier formed around the top of the Citadel and the clouds around it disappeared so they could see below " now all your friends will watch as you die" Bob said and about my field spell everytime we draw a card it increases my life points by 500. next i summon mystic Tomato in DEF and place two cards face down" Bob said. " My turn i Draw" Bill said Bob(LP 4500) I sumon Divine Dragon Ragnarok(1500/1000) in ATK mode Now go squash that tomato" he said "When my Tomato is destroyed i can summon a DARK monster with 1500 or less atk from my deck to the field so i summon this Dark Jeroid in DEF next i play spell card Double Summon this allows me to summon a addition monster so i summon this My Flash Assilant in ATK(2000/2000) and for every card in my hand he gains 400 extra ATK and DEF so with two cards in my hand he has 2800" Bob said. "Ill end my turn with a card face down" bill said "My draw " Bob said(LP 5000) ill play this the Hinotama spell card which inflicts 500 damage to your life" Bob said as the Citadel glowed and clouds gathered around the top and fireballs rained down on Bill making him fall backward. "Now go Assailant Kill that Dragon" Bob said Bill groaned as his life went down (3000) "Oh ya and i forgot to mention this is no ordinary Children's Card game its a SHADOW Childrens Card Game Muahahaha" Bob shouted laughing.Bill got back up and drew a card (Bob LP 5500) I summon out a monster in face down DEF and a card face down End Turn" Bill said. " Draw" Bob said (LP 6000) Go Flash Assailant destroy the monster in def" Bob said "Ha You revealed Marshmallon and when he is attacked in face down def you lose 1000 life points Next I play This OOzaki it inflicts 800 damage to your life and ill end my turn"Bob said. "grrrrr" Bill said as flames appeared around him and he lost life (LP 2200). "How does it feel to lose at the game you love " Shadow Being said in Bob's voice. "How are you so good" Bill said regaining himself " I told you I have done this before in another realm and time"Shadow Being said "with Jaden?" Bill said "yes But im sure you would love to know more but lets get back to the duel I beleive it was your turn" he said. "I draw" (Bob LP 6500) thinking to himself he said " I havent even scratched her life while she was widled me down to 2200 this might work, OK I play This Pot of Greed this lets me draw 2 cards" Bill said " haha ha You fool your just giving me more life points Hope those cards were worth it" Bob laughed. (LP 7500) "Oh yea well they did help me I play the card Instant Fusion this allows me to summon a Fusion monster without Polymerization, so i summon out Ojama King in def (0/3000) "Bill said. "Huh a Ojama?" Bob said "yep and now 3 of your card zones are occupied next i activate the trap card Ojama Trio this gives you 3 Ojama tokens on your side But if they are destroyed you take 300 damage each Like This I play the spell Ojamuscle this lets me sacrifice your 3 ojama tokens and increase his atk by 1000 giving him 3000 atk next i play the card Ojamandala i pay 1000 life points and special summon Ojama Green. Yellow , Black to my field "Whats the deal with this "Bob said puzzled. "Next i can add a Ojama card to my hand from my deck i choose Ojama Delta Hurricane This destroys all Your cards on your field also those tokens u take 900 damage (LP 6600) and since you are defenseless here comes 3000 POINTS OF DAMAGE" Bill said "Oh crud" Bob got smacked backwards and lost life ( LP 3600) "grrrr" Bob said getting back up. "Very Impressive But here comes the best part " I play the spell Demise of the Land " as she said it the whole server shook including the ice bridge that Jack was making " AHHH whats happening" Kitty said They looked up at the Citadel " hey they are dueling with Childrens Trading Cards" Law said " man i hate that game " Rose said " Well we may hate it but if it defeats the Darkness im on for it" Jack said as they continued down. "Children Card game Haters" Cherie said to them. she continued down and said " I Know Billy can beat her ".

Chapter 14 Bill vs Bob - Darkness Strikes Back

"Due to my card i can add one field spell from my deck to my hand I lay The Field Spell MALEFIC WORLD! Prepare to be swallowed up by Darkness!" Bob shouted as a strange seal appeared around them "Now comes the best part" Bob said chuckling Every DARK monster i have gains 500 extra atk points. next i play the Spell Card of Sanctity this lets us draw 6 cards. "Before you do that I play the trap Solar Ray this inflicts 600 damage to you for each LIGHT monster i have on my field, I have 5 so you take 3600 damage Thats All You have Left " Bill said smirking "What??" Bob said " So take this Solar Blast end this duel" Bill shouted as a Beam of Light shot at Bob " So you Think But i activate a trap " Dark Half This cuts that damage in half so i only take 3000 damage" Bob said (LP 600) BUT Then it inflicts 2000 to you " she said Bill got shot by a dark blast and fell backward (LP 200) But i activate a spell Sebeks Blessing This gives me the same life points you just lost giving me 2600 LP" Bob said. Next i play the spell Lighting Vortex i discard a card and destroy all your monsters " Bob said as she said it the Clouds shot out Lighting bolts not only destroying the monsters on Bill's field but also started to strike the islands below as more people ran for cover Rich and Kat and Step did as best they could deflecting lighting and wind from destroying even more of the islands. "They better hurry The Citadel is getting closer" Rich said "hey Look" Kat said pointing at the descending ice bridge they ran to go meet the guys as they landed."Bill's dueling Bob in a Childrens card Game " Cherie said as they all looked up at the Citadel.

Bill's field was empty "Time for some Fun" Bob said I send The Red-Eyes Black Dragon to the grave from my deck to summon Maleftic Red Eyes in atk mode and it gains 500 attack (2900/2000) ATTack him directly and end this "Dark Inferno Blast" Bob shouted. "I Play a trap Draining Shield this negates your attack and increases my life points by the attack points giving me 2600 LP." Bill said. "Hmmph very impressive but i activate another Sebeks Blessing so I get the life you just gained giving me 5000 LP hahahaha" Bob said laughing. "Its my Turn though I play Monster Reincarnation by discarding a card i can bring a monster back to my field in face down def next i play 2 cards face down and Then I summon Mystic Ball of Light next i sacrifice it to summon This My Satellite Cannon" Bill said as he said it the XL Satellite Cannon orbiting the game decsneded and landed up above the Citadel " WHAT??" Bob said looking up "I play the spell card Charge it gives my Satellite Cannon 2000 attack points and due to its effect it gets a extra 1000 attack SO GO SATELLITE CANNON attack" Bill shouted. The XL Satellite Cannon aimed at the Red Eyes and shot its beam of light and destroyed the dragon "Grrrrrr" Bob said (4500 LP) "When it attacks MY Satellite Cannon loses its attack points till next turn"Bill said "How Fortunate for me I now send Blue Eyes White Dragon from my deck to the grave to Summon Malefic Blue Eyes White Dragon to the filed with 3500 attack Now go Malefic White Lighting. The Blue Eyes shot a blast at the Satellite Cannon "I dont Think so I reveal the card LImit Level, This card lowers Blue Eyes from a lv 8 monster to a lv 6 monster and my Satellite cannon cant be destroyed by a lv 7 or lower. The Reflector panels opened on the Cannon and deflected the blast back at the Blue Eyes weakening it by 3000 giving it 500 attack. " Bah I end my turn with a a card face down" Bob said. "My Draw I play the spell Obligatory Summon This allows me to summon a monster with the same names as yours so I summon The Original Blue Eyes White Dragon i then play the monster Manju of the Thousand Hands when summoned it can let me add a ritual monster card to my hand so i play White Dragon Ritual this lets me tribute Manju to summon Paladn of White Dragon i can then sacrifice it to summon another Blue Eyes White Dragon from my deck. Finally i play the Spell Silent Doom this brings a monster from my grave to DEF mode on my field so come forth THIRD BLUE EYES!" Bill shouted "NO way all 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons!" Bob shouted in fear. " Im not done I play my last card DRAGON'S MIRROR fusing them together by removing them from play to form BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON (4500/3800) "Oh Pooh" Bob said eyes widened.

Down below the players were watching the duel " Yes Billy summoned The Ultimate Light Fusion monster The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon so Shiny " Cherie said witha child grin. " Huh??" Law and Jack said " You wouldnt get it you goons" Kitty said "Point is Billy's has major firepower on his side". Cherie said "How could i let this happen" Bob said shaking in fear at the Light emited by the Ultimate Dragon " Now GO NEUTRON BLAST ATTACK!!" Bill shouted. The Blue Eyes shot a triple spiral beam at the malefic blue eyes obliterating it and lowering Bob's life to 3000. " Its over Darkness Next Turn I win" Bill said. Bob regained herself and was chukcling maniaclay the Shadow Beings voice rang out " You Fool Its never Over you did just what i wanted". " What??' Bill said. I Play the Trap Return from the Different Dimension this allows me to summon all removed from play monsters to my field so i get the three Blue Eyes, The Red Eyes and your three Ojamas giving me 5 monsters NEXT i play the trap Dark Double Summon this allows me to summon 2 dark type monsters of my choosing so I tribute my two dragons to summon your demise come forth EARTHBOUND IMMORTAL CCAPAC APU" darkness shouted "WHATT!!!!!!" Bill and Cherie said in unison. The whole server rumbled and out of the Citadel came a Huge Lumbering Giant (3000/2500 ---> 3500/3000) "Ok This is Bad" Bill said " next i activate the spell card Earthbound Crush Now since Ccapac Apu attacks Blue Eyes Ultimate He automatically Destroys it and every other monster on your field " Shadow Being said " OH NO!!" Bill said " Go Earthbound Crush" Bob shouted in glee. The Earthbound Immortal struck the Ultimate Dragon and destroyed it that shook the server.It also Struck the Satellite Cannon and made it fall out of the sky and explode in the Water and on Tortuga.

Chapter 15 Light in the Darkness


Theme for this chapter

Theme for this whole chapter

" Arrghhh "Bill groaned in pain as he was thrown back sliding across the surface towards the edge. (200 LP) " Thats Right lay there and prepare to accept your fate Doom Is at hand Ha ha ha ha ha" Shadow Being laughed evily and mockingly. Bill was sprawled on the floor aching in pain " i need a vacation after this" He said getting back up. " Ill Never Give up" Bill said " I Draw, i play two cards face down and i summon out Queen's Knight in Def" "How pathetic My draw" Bob/Darkness said she laughed manicaly " Its the End I sacrifice my three monsters to summon out MY Most Wicked Beast come forth WICKED AVATAR!!" the clouds swirled and lighting flashed as black gooey stuff poured from it and from inside the Citadel and formed into a dark black floating sphere " This cant Be " Bill said looking in fear " Oh yes it can Now Avatar take the form of Ccapac Apu" Darkness said as the Avatar changed to from into a dark black version of the earthbound Immortal. " The avatar takes on the attack points of the strongest monster on the field and adds it by 100 that becomes its attack points so it has 3600/3100 ATK and DEF. " Bob shouted. The players down below could see this happening and the Citadel was close to piercing the sea and if that happens the game would fall apart " We Are Running out of Time and Billy's lifepoints are almost gone" Cherie said


Bill was still sprawled on the floor just looking at the monsters " It Ends Now Go Wicked Avatar destroy the Queen's Knight and take out the rest of his Life Points" Darkness and Bob said together " Now Your Game shall perish and My revenge will Finally be completed Hahahahaa" Bill was about to give up as the blast was coming at him when he felt a pulse of light hit him " Dont Give up " a voice said. " The Light Of Destruction?" Bill said to himself. the card on the top of his deck glowed and he looked up with determination, "Its Move I play a Trap Negate Attack!" Bill shouted " What No!" Darkness said " This negates your attack and ends your turn "this is my Last Chance" Bill said "I draw" he drew the glowing card and it shot a beam of ligt into the sky " First I activate the Trap card Soul Rope by paying 100 life points i can special summon a monster from my deck i choose King's Knight and when the King and Queen are on the field i can special summon Jack's Knight to the field. and Now I sacrifice all three to summon This My True Power" Bill said a Beam of light illuminated the whole server " AHHH What is this Light!" Darkness said "Its the Light of Truth I summon LIGHT END DRAGON!!!!!" Bill shouted as the beam of light manifested to from a huge shining Dragon " .....NO Way Its Celestia's Form!!" Bob/Darkness said in fear. My Dragon has 2600 atk and 2100 and when its summoned i can remove from play from my deck hand or graveyard 5 Dragon type monsters and my Light End Dragon gains their Attack points "W..W..WHAT" Bob said speechless. " I remove Rainbow Dragon with 4000 Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon with 4500 Stardust Dragon with 2500 Black Winged Dragon with 2800 and i play the spell card CODE CHANGE i change the text on the Great Leviathan turning it from a sea serpent to a dragon type with 5000 attack points Pool Your energies together into the Light End Dragon" Bill shouted as the Dragon grew to enormous height and power 18800. "1..1..18800 attack POINTS!!!" Bob/Shadow Being said in fear and shock But dont forget my Wicked Avatar gains the attack points of the highest monster and multiplys it by 100 so my monster will still be stronger with 18900 attack points" Bob said smirking evily " Thats where your wrong for removing each of these dragons i can destroy one monster on your field and then lower your monsters attack by 1000 for each " WHAT???!!!!! NO THis Cant Be!!!" Bob said " Oh yes it can go Rainbow Dragon- Rainbow Refraction- (Avatar-17900 ) Go Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon- Neutron Blast Attack! (Avatar-16900) Go Stardust Dragon- Cosmic Flare! ( Avatar-15900) Black Winged Dragon- Black Feather Gust! (Avatar-14900) and Finally Great Leviathan shine your power and lower by your attack points due to your ability by 5000" Bill shouted. The Leviathan shot a pulsing blast that struck Earthbound Immortal Ccacpac Apu and destroyed it and hit the Wicked Avatar which went down to 9900 attack leaving Light End Dragon still at 18800. " No I FAILED!!!!!" Darkness shouted "End this Duel and Banish The darkness for good with LIGHT SONIC STREAM" Bill exclaimed The Dragon comboned all 5 dragons beams to form a huge spiraling rainbow beam and shot it obliterating the Avatar and sending Bob's life points to 0. The blast shocked and rippled across the server as the Shadow Being left Bobby and appeared before Bill as Bob collapsed on the ground gasping for breath.It shook the Citadel and stopped it in its place. Down Below players saw it and cheered and danced jigs. " yes he did it We are saved!" Law shouted as did Rich and Step and Kat and the rest.Cherie and Kitty and Rose all hugged eacother and celebrated. "I Knew Billy could do it" Cherie said

Chapter 16 A Tale that Ends in Light

Up above on the Citadel Bill stood panting as a portal opened up above and the Citadel started to crumble upwards " Whats going on" he said Bobby was sprawled on the floor with the Shadow Being standing over her "No My Plan its being swallowed up by the Netherealm" he shouted Bob staggered to her feet and looked around "Bill?"she said "Bob" Bill said running over to her a Beam of light and dark energy shot from the portal and pireced the Citadel engulfing the Shadow Being who screamed in agony "Come on Lets get out of here" Bill said taking Bob's hand and pulling her When The Shadow Being grabbed her leg " NO I shall Take you with me Mortals!" he said as he started to disolve "Go on Bill save yourself" Bob said slipping from his grasp, Bill tried to grab her again but she punched him away "Go Ive always wanted to be a Ghost" Bob said grinning and letting the Shadow Being take her as he completely disolved into nothing along with Bobby "THIS ISNT THE END I WILL RETUR.........AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! " Then he exploded.. Bill jumped off the Citadel as it was crumbling looking back one last time.


Down below The players watched as the Citadel was being swallowed up into the realm as Bill used his powers to levitate downwards. Finally the Citadel disappeared in the void and a Explosion erupted in the sky of Light and Dark. then all was silent the clouds left and the sun shone again on the damaged islands and sunken ships. " The Citadel disappeared" Law said " But Where is Billy" Kitty said. The people stopped cheering for a bit till Cherie saw a figure coming from the sky " Its Billy!" she said running forward as he landed on the damaged pier Cherie tackle hugged him into the water. they rolled around and kissed till she let him up as Law and Rich and the rest came up " Well done You did it" Jack said "where is Bobby?" Step asked " She chose to stay behind and Saved us all"Bill said. " Ah she chose to be a spirit" Kat said "Yea" Kitty said. "At least shes in a better place" Jack said. " yea if you call a endless destructive black hole a better place" Cherie said wrapping her arms around Bill and hugging him. The group looked around at the destroyed islands"Guys use the Light Weapons" Bill said drawing his Light Blade and pointing it across the server suddenly Light energy poured from it as well as Law's and then Rich's and then the rest. the Light energy sweeped across the destroyed servers and started to repair everything. Finally the Game was back to normal... or as normal as it gets. Bill and Cherie holding hands looked over Cortevos and Bill thinking Finally The Light prevails and the Darkness is no more. " Hey we are going to do a material run" Law shouted from his ship The G.O.P.S Leviathan along with Rich, Step, Kat, Rose and Basil " Ok lets go" Bill said Cherie tripped him and ran ahead " Haha" laughing as Bill got back up and ran after her to the ship.


Bob's spirit wandered around the Netherealm "ah so this is what its like being a spirit" she looked around "It SUCKS!!! I wish they had cookies here" she said looking sad suddenly a portal opened and a voice said " We have Cookies in here". "yay" Bobby said and went in disppearing into the void.becoming nothing but STARDUST!

To Be Continued