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The Darkness's Revenge 3: The Wrath of Darkness - Part 2 is the second part of the third installment in the Darkness's Revenge Saga. It follows along the first part of the third installment and serves as the last part of the Darkness's Revenge series, killing off many of the main characters. It also introduces writer CaptainGoldvane.


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This particular book unlike the priveous ones had several authors.

  • Bill2222 - main writer and plot creator
  • Captaingoldvane2 - few parts of chapters including the battle in chapter 8 and part of 9 including the panda scene.
  • Albert Spark - parts and beginning of chapter 8
  • Bobby Moon - panda scene idea final scene


Theme for Part 1 and 2

Avatar the Last Airbender - Trailer Season 3 music

Avatar the Last Airbender - Trailer Season 3 music



In a unpresendented turn of events the Society of Darkness launched a full scale attack across the major countries of the globe as well as taking out their leaders. Now the Society of Light must coordinate a plan to take back the world and defeat the Darkness once and for all, But something looms in the Society of Darkness as well as Betrayal lurks in the shadows.

Chapter 1: Speech of Darkness/Bob's Mission

Dr3 jajan4

The Skies were now shrouded in darkness and blocked out the Sun as the destroyed Imperial palace of Japan now bared the sinister Society of Darkness flag as the Airships cirled the perimeter. The Leader Lord Albertus Spark stood at a palaquine looking over the crowd of citizens and his shadow army "Today is a glorious day my fellow Brothers and Sisters of Darkness "he said triumphantly" We have succeeded in tearing down their precious governments, We have taken down the Leaders of these once great empires AND ensured our victory over the Society of Light!!!" he shouted the crowds burst into cheers and huzzahs."The Society of Light is planning a counterattack im sure" Bobby Moon said approaching behind snaking on a fried chicken leg "Yes but we shall have the advantage this time"Albertus said. The crowds burst into cheers as he said this. Bob sneaked behind into the palace and approached 3 dark figures, one was sharpening her nail like claws, One was eating more flesh from one of the old leaders of the Empire of China, and the last one was brushing her dagger. "Girls i have some missios for you to do " Bob said coldly, the 3 girls Kitty, Keira, and Dusty looked up at her. Keira and Kitty you go find Billy and Pistola and the rest of them and kill them all excet for Billy, I will Destroy him myself" Kitty and Keira looked happy and raced out the back room to a waiting airship and boarded it. Bob then turned to Dusty "My Chaos sister, take a squadron of Firststrike Airships and blow Marc Cannonshot's navy out of the water and kill the fool"Bob said evly. Dusty complied and went to the airfield "Alright guys lets blow some fools up"Dusty said, as 6 airships lifted off and went toward the Pacific.

Chapter 2: Second Fight/Sea Battle

Jack Pistol paced the deck of the T.S.O.L.W.S Maelstrom, the battleship of the Society of Light navy "So whats are plan of action"he said "Well first we should meet up with the Guys at Egypt "Rich said polishing and sharpening his Sword, The Light Curse. Bill sat at the bow looking across the land "Duck Guys"he shouted as a metal spear chain shot from behind clouds and impaled the ships hull. out of the clouds came a Airship, it then opened fire on the ship, blowing parts of it away "Stop Blowing Holes in Ma Ship" Bill shouted and pulled a lever and out of the bow came a tri-cannon guns. "Take this" he shouted and mouted it and shot out triple light spectral blasts at the airships hull and rotors. some knives flew from the deck of the airship and impaled the cannons barrels and it exploded. Bill was thrown back and landed on the deck. "Guys Port side"Cheire shouted turning the ship and sending several broadsides into the hull ripping off metal plates. A grappling hook shot into the mast of the Maelstrom, and two figures swung down them " Cut the Lines" Rich said raising his sword but a flying dagger impaled his arm from the first figure. it was Keira as she landed on the deck and drew a dagger and swung at Rich, Jack came to his rescue and dropkicked her back, Bill drew his sword and waited for Her to arrive. Kitty landed in front of him crouching and growing her nail claws"Lukcy for you Billy we ar enot here to kill you" Kitty hissed and rapidly jumped on his shoulders and grabbed his arms sinking the claws in and scissoring his neck with her legs and cracking it, Bill had no time to react, and Kitty kicked his jaw hard and jumped off as he fell to the deck. "BILLY" Cherie said taking out her Pistol and shot at Kitty, who deflected the bullets with her claws. "But we are here to Kill the rest of you" she snarled and rushed forward toward Cherie. Cherie ut her pistol away and stuck her head out and landed a knocking out Headbutt to Kitty sending her right through the mast.Keira swiped at Jack and Rich with her two daggers but they parried with their respective swords. Cherie tackled Kitty down and stabbed two daggers into her shoulders. "Kitty kicked her off and landed on her stomach. she reached her clawed hand down and sliced into Cherie's shoulder and moved down toward her heart, smiling evily as she did it. Keira ducked as Jack did a lunge at her, she met his sword with her dagger and pushed it away and sliced his arm. Rich did a mighty cleave on her but she raised her dagger and blocked and headbutted him backward, and dug her dagger into his stomach and took it out. Rich staggered backward but delivered a sweeping kick to Keira knokcing her down. Jack instalty dogpiled her and held her down as Rich did as well. Kitty kept slicing into Cherie savoring each moment when Rich kicked a dagger from the deck and landed it into Kitty's back, she howled in pain and Cherie grabbed her wrist and twisted it around and scissored her wasit with legs and flipped her over and punched her face repeatedly.

Sailing at great speed across the Pacific Admiral Marc Cannonshot's Navy led by the Nelson with Marc on his warship. "We should be at Japan by nightfall" Vice Admiral Callum Wesley said " Good any word from Egypt?" Marc said turning "Not yet " he replied and went back to his station. Marc then heard a distant sound, "What is that" He said. Out of the clouds came 3 metal spear chains that impaled the ships hulls. "Arm the mega cannons" Callum said , on the 6 ships huge cannons came out of the decks and aimed at the airships above coming out of the clouds."FIRE" Marc shouted as the Mega Cannons shot 6 pojectiles up at the airships. one impacted the rotor of the third airship casuing it to explode and start to plummet to the sea. "Got one" Callum said aiming his cannon at the next airship. Dusty on board the leading ship watched as one of hers fell into the sea and sunk. "Break formation engage all Ships ready the Bombs and Rockets."she shouted orders to the crews. The 5 remaining ariships swerved right and left evading the incoming cannon shots. alarms blared on the airship and down came a rocket from its wing that flew into the sea and impacted one of the navy fleet making it explode as the crew members jumped into the sea. the rest of the ships broke formation as well as the impacted one exploded and started to sink. Two mega cannons fired at the hulls of the airships breaking off metal plates and casuing some to smoke.Marc was busy shooting his cannons at each airship trying to hit the rotors"Aim for the rotors they are the only weakness" Marc shouted orders across to his ships. Dusty's airship arrived over Marc's Nelson and opened the bomb doors as red light began to flash. "Aim upward" Callum shouted as the cannons on the Nelson shot upward and impacted the bombs being dropped and hititng the hangars.

Keira grabbed Jack in a headlock and scissored Riches neck with her legs and flipped them both off her sinking her fangs into their shoulders. she drew several daggers and threw each one that spiked them backward. Bill was getting up now and saw Cherie fighting Kitty and saw Rich and Jack on floor with Keria standing over them. he gathered energy in his palms and shot out several light bolts that zapped Keira backward. she hissed and turned to him sending out several shadow blasts that he ducked.Bill's eyes glowed and he telekeneticly lifted Keria upwards and into the jibs of the sails. she broke free from his grip and climbed onto the crows nest and using her dagger cut a rope and it was right under Bill's leg and it grabebd him and hoisted him up. Keria shot more shadow bolts but he delfected with his Light pulses and cut the rope and landed on the mast jib. Keria growled and jumped onto it to making it shake and nearly throwing them off balance." Lets Go Krissy" Bill said. Keira howled and jumped in air and delivered a spinning kick which sent shadow waves at him. Bill ducked and sent a wave of light energy that met hers and they imploded. Keria cartwheeled at him but he ducked and grabbed her leg and flipped her into the jib and landed his knee on her stomach and grabbed her neck. Keria gasped for air but bit into his wrist. she punched his gut hard and headlocked and threw him backwards. Bill got back up and sent a sliding energy wave at her feet and she lost her balance as he sent more energy blasts, she lost her footing and held onto the mast. Bill stood over her and stomped on her hands and she fell to the deck below onto Rich.

Bill grabbed a rope and swung down and rammed into Kitty knocking her off Cheire and into the cabin. he ran to Cherie and helped her up and healed her wounds with light energy and hugged her. Keria got off of Rich biting into his neck and ripping some flesh out, Jack grabbed her from behind and heaved her through the railing and down below into the sea. Kitty grabbed Bill's neck and pulled him in sending him into the wall as she sunk her claw into his chest.He kicked her in the gut and rammed her backward pinning into the wall holding her arms down. Cherie burst in and punched Kitty hard in the jaw, but she ducked at last minute and slipped behind Bill and gripped his back with her claws pulling them down. Bill grunted in pain but Cherie was able to kick her out the window.Cherie healed him and they looked over down below, Kitty was hanging onto the wing as she ripped it apart and smiled " Happy Landing Losers" Kitty said and she grew wings and flew away. "Oh No"Bill said as he and Cheire looked toward the middle of the ship. Keira was there holding the voodo crystals "Ta ta" she said and jumped off the ship where Kitty caught her and they flew back onto the Airship, laughing evily as they went. "We Are going to Crash " Rich shouted as he held onto the mast. Cherie was knocked into Jack. and Bill grabbed the wheel and tried to steer the ship safely, but with no balance the ship was just plummeting. "Brace Yourselves" Bill shouted as the ship landed on a dune rocking the whole thing and smashing part of the keel, the ship started sliding across the dunes breaking more parts off and finalyl landing into a huge dune. Jack and Cherie had fallen off about 3 dunes ago and were running toward the wreckage. "Guys you ok" Bill said jumping from the ship with Rich. "Ya but looks like we are walking from here" Jack said, "Where we located" Cherie said " looks like 10 miles from Giza, Egypt" Jack said studying the map he had brought." Desert Trek Music activate" Rich shouted happily as he grabbed a handheld piano. "At least we got tunes" Cherie said snapping her fingers in rythm.

Up above in the airship Kitty and Keira looked down " Blast they survived, We could go kill them easily now" Keira said with a hiss. "Eh.. no, we should wait for an even better moment to strike!" Kitty said.
Dr3 japan 24

Marc's fleet was half destroyed and Dusty only lost 2 airships. Marc looked out past the smoke and sinking vessels and spotted a island "Head for that Island!" Marc shouted to the helsman. Under bombing and fire the remaining ships started to sail for the Bonin Island cove as the Airships continued to destroy them. "Almost there" Dusty said as aother ship sunk below the waves. Marc kept firing his mega cannons at the airships to no avail "I cant get a good angle on the rotors" he shouted. They finally made it to the cove, as the last ship was destroyed and half sunk. The Nelson battered and damaged mangaged to sail into a cave inlet in the Lagoon. the airships continued to fly over dropping bombs on the ground, trying to collapse the cave. "Callum tended to the wounded remaining men. "Do we have any signals" Marc said "a faint signal we could get a wire to the rest of the people" Callum said "Do it" Marc said and collapsed in exaughstion as the bombs were still dropped outside and shook the cavern.

Back in the Japanese palace Albertus sat on the throne twirling his moustahce thinking evil thoughts, while Bob stood in the shadows pondering her next move and smirking.

Chapter 3:Egypt Battle

Meanwhile, the team were traveling through the hot, muggy desert. "I... I see it..." Bill said. "See what?" Richard asked as he continued to play his handheld mini-piano. "The... The Light Spector... it appears to those Light Followers who are in need..." Bill said in an exhausted voice. "Bill... that's the sun" Cherie corrected. "Wait... oh." Bill mumbled. An hour later, they were still hiking. "Will you stop that bloody music!?" Jack asked. "Impossible to get through the desert without desert trek, ey?" Richard said. "Change the song!" Jack suggested. "Nay! Without this tune, we would have been going mad!" Richard said. Bill just sighed. They continued until they saw smoke on the horrizon "Ithink we made it" Bill said as they climbed the huge dune. When they got to the top they looked across at the smoke filled land, The Pyramids were mising pieces of bricks, the Great Sphinx had lost its nose, and the desert littered with bodies and pieces of metal debris and several downed airships, while a few still remained in the air. They had finally reached Egypt and they were all covered in sand and exhausted. They reached a small hut filled with water barrels. An hour later, they were all clean and ready to visit Law. As they walked out of the hut, they found five rats at their feet. "Ahhhhh!" Richard said as he dropped a bottle of rum onto the rats. "Rat surprise number sixty four!" Parax said as he appeared from behind a barrel. "Grr you Parax!" Bill said. The five continued walking until they reached a building as more explosions happened nearby, that they were sure Law was in. "Law!" Jack yelled, believing he would come out. No one answered. "Larry! Lawy!" Cherie tried. "Granny Lawrence!" Bill said. "General Daggerpaine!" Jack tried. "Lawrence Daggerpaine!" Richard said. No one answered the door. Richard pulled out his portable Piano. "Not again..." Bill said. He began playing Davy Jones's theme. The door bursted open. Law walked out and saw them. "Where is that music coming from!?" Lawrence asked. Richard stopped playing. "Here" Rich said while handing the piano the Lawrnence. "Wow, a mini-piano! Where did you get this!?" Lawrence asked. "Been looking for them for a long time. I recently discovered that only French Galleons ship them, so, as usual, I pillaged one and took twenty. It even has a strap to go around my back when I have to use my hands for something else." Richard said. "Wow...." Lawrence said. "Why were you hiding?" Bill asked. "It's that bloody Darkness! They have agents all around Egypt searching for me And I needed a semi quiet place to write my book" Lawrence said. "The Darkness are after you? Why?" Bill asked. "You, of course, dumbo!" Lawrence said as he shoved them inside and locked the door. "What did I do?" Bill said. "You've basically destroyed the Darkness multiple times! I helped you at times as well, but even though I'm not retired, they don't just ignore a former enemy!" Lawrence said. "Well, we need to get to contact Admiral Marc Cannonshot and his fleet" Bill said. "Well the generals and leaders left are in the base at the Sphinx, you know where that Huge Airship is" Lawrence said, They looked out the window at where grappling cables were coming down but getting shot off by soliders from the base.

"Alright Guys Lets Go"Richard said as they jumped out the window "Lawrence old Buddy I think you'll be needing this" Bill said handing a case to him. He opened it and took out the Light of The Abyss blade as it glowed."Thanks"He said and they charged as well. Up on the central Airship was Kitty and Keira watching the scene unfurl."Man so much resistance"Kitty said scoffing. Keira looked out the other window and saw the figures running across the sand"Hey Look who we got" she said, as Kitty turned and looked as well"Well Well its Dinner" she said with a meow. "Pilot move the ship closer to the ground and aim the rockets at those fools." she shouted orders. From the ground the characters were running when they saw the airship turn toward them and lower near to the ground. "Uh Guys GET READY" Bill said drawing his Light Eater. The Airship's wing shot out 4 rockets at them. Richard jumped in the air and using his Light Curse sent a lighting storm that knocked each rocket away into the ground. he landed in a roll on the ground as another rocket shot out. "I got this" Jack said sending a ice wave at the rocket freezing it in mid air, while Lawrence shot a blast of Fire and shattered it. "Ooh those pathetic blades again" Keira said as her yellow eye turned reddish."Yes they do present a problem" Kitty said cooly. "Helmsman foreward lets ram them" Kitty shouted to the cockpit "But We will crash the ship" the Pilot said. Kitty just growled and went up there and said "Do it"right in his face. "yes your Highness" he said nerviously and turned the wheel. Cherie had created a shield using her Light Blade that deflected several rockets. "Um guys That airship is getting really close" Parax said pointing upward. The airship was flying right for them. "Guys Combine" Bill said sticking his blade out , and the others followed the motion and they all glowed and sent a concentrated rainbow beam into the nose of the incoming airship, tearing up metal and making it go right through the entire ship."Ugh I dont care what Bob said Im killing that dork" Kitty said sharpening her nails. The Light weilders kept the rainbow beam constant and it slowed the ship down until it stopped right in front of them hissing and smoking. "Phew" Cherie said as they all lowered their blades.A pain shot through Bill's shoulder as a dagger was sticking there. he pulled it out with a grunt and narrowly ducked another set. Kitty and Keira were sliding down the metal hull of the airship and down toward them. "Not this time Ladies" Jack said and sent a ice wave onto the hull so they would slip and fall, it worked, and they both fell into the sand. Richard created a Lighting Vortex around them zapping each of them with a hundred lighting bolts as they screamed in agony. They stopped writhing in pain and collapsed falling still, as Richard put away his sword. Bill and Cherie went to them and grabbed back of their necks and hoisted them up. Cherie dug out a black shadow thing from Keira's neck and pried it out, Instantly her eyes went from red to normal and her amulet on her forehead disinergrated. Billy grabbed Kitty's hand and using her claws made her pry out her earings , as her shadow amulet disppeared. They both dropped the girls back down as their black clothes faded and replaced with their normal outfits. Bill kneeled down and hoisted Kitty up, All of a sudden she became dark energy powered again and eyes red and she sunk her claws into his chest and held them there, Bill screamed in pain as the claws dug deeper. he grabbed her arms trying to pry them out but she was to strong. "But didnt we free them?" Cherie said helping Keira up who was deep in sleep. "Heh i chose Darkness willingly "Kitty said still digging into Bill's chest. "Um guys a little help" Bill said weakly. "Parax and Cherie placed Keira down and grabbed onto Kitty pulling her back and heaving her storngly down as Bill also collapsed.Cherie held down Kitty while Parax made a shield around her, then Kitty delivered a kick sending Cherie out the door but Parax closed it before she could run out it. "Lawrence surrounded the cage with sonics making it a sound barrier, which when Kitty touched the sides it sent a loud earshattering sound into her ears making her drop to the ground. Cherie helped Bill up and gave him a kiss as he returned it.

In Japan, Albertus worked around his maps seeing all the damage being done in more minor countries when he finally realized something: Ottoman's Egypt a major country was holding the fort down good. He stood there staring down at his charts. "Bob. Prepare an airship! We need to send in our new soldiers to finish off these despicable Ottomans." He shouted. "Arghh" Bob said clutching her chest and staggering a little. "What is it?" Albertus said next to her. "Keira has been freed and Kitty captured." Bob said. He then walked over to his voodoo communicator to reach Darkness' Commanding Officer in Egypt. The Commandiing Officer appeared moments later. "What may I do for you, my lord?" He asked. "General it seems you are in a stand still getting no where. We are sending a new class of troops to take the places of the others. I will be coming I think you should clear the way for me."Albertus said. The image then disappeared.Bob regained herself and puffed out her cape. "Bring me some Fried Chicken" she said proudly. Albertus rolled his eyes and signaled for the nameless cookie hooded guy to bring her a bucket of Chicken. "When I come back, we shall discuss how we will run this new world of ours" he said to Bob as he travelled to the Airship. As the ariship took off Albertus climbed into his bed preparing his great trip to Egypt.

Chapter 4: The Rendezvous Meeting

Parax led the group through the bomb doors into a secert bunker under the Great Sphinx , where all the generals were waiting. "Ah Glad you guys made it here safely " General Jason Shiprat said. The other members were Mikahki Volkov of Russia, Johhny Goldtimbers of England, Parax of Ottoman Empire, Keira Kinover-Mar of Egypt."The Rest were captured and killed" he said sadly. Bill strode up to the table and looked at the map of the world on it, he looked at Japan and China and the surrounding seas "Have we heard anything from Cannonshot" Bill said "No he was en route near Ogasawara Island when his signal was lost "Shiprat said. "Could he be dead?" Lawrence said. As if on cue a scratchy signal rang out from the communications area "SOS"the transmisison said "Marc Cannonshot of Hawaii, Fleet destroyed by TSOD Airships, main ship damaged and hiding in a cave in main lagoon of Ogasawara, Airships hovering the island looking for a way in Send help as soon as you can"the voice said. Jack looked at the map near Japan and found the island. "Here"Jack said pointing at a small island with two coves.

Dr3 japan10

"Ok so we know where he is some of us have to go get him" Lawrence said. "Wait we cant leave Egypt some of us also have to stay and keep them occupied here still" Shiprat said. "Thats me I will do it "Parax said "They have really good tasting feet for evil people". "Ok and the rest of us will go across China to meet up in Shanghai where we will sail across to Japan and rendezvous at the town of Shizuoka just south of the capitol" Bill said. "Ok so who goes to Marc and who goes across China" Cherie said. "Another thing how are we going to liberate the countries do we have anything that can match those airships?" Goldtimbers said. "Actually we do have something or somethingS" Bill and Lawrence said with a smirk. they turned toward the pyramids and Bill sent a light spark at the bottom and it ignited a fuse that made the damaged pyramids open up. out of each hole came a blimp thing and several from the top. "We used This TSOL Base to make these steamship things with help from several countries, like Austria and Japan." Bill said, the TSOL steamship looked like the TSOD airship but were colored blue and printed with the Light symbol and smoke stacks in the back."Wouldnt this pollute the air?" Jack said. "Technically speaking yes but using some XLIGHT crystals to make the smoke its perfectly safe renewable energy to power these things" Lawrence said. "Alright now we got a airfleet to take on the darkness's"


Meanwhile flying over The Middle East was Al's fleet of airships with the new soldiers led by Albertus and Bob "Its time for us to destroy those fools" Bob said eating a chicken leg. They finally reached Egypt's borders "Oh no wonder they havent been able to take down Egypt.They are well fortified" Albertus said in admiration. "At least for Now" he added turning his smile into a evil grin.Bob just chuckled and coughed Ack Ack Ack. "whats wrong are you sick" Albertus said in concern "I choked on a Chicken bone" she said gasping and recting. Albertus just held a bland face.

Chapter 5 :Turning the Tides

"They are coming" Ironshot said from atop the Sphinx with his spyglass. Bill , Richard, and Lawrence went up and scanned the horrizon as they saw several airships coming"They are here" Richard said "Lets move then" Lawrence said .They climbed back down and " Ok They are coming for us who will stay who will go" Bill asked around. "I will defend my country "Keira said waking up from her nap. "I will stay as well and guard Kitty" Shiprat said. "Me stay and fight" Parax said hoisting his Sapphire Curse up."I will take Volkov and a squadron with use the steamships to go across China to Shanghai"Goldtimbers said."Then we shall go get Marc" Bill said looking at the crew of the maelstrom. "The 5 of us on a trip once again" Cheire said with a grin."Then lets go" Bill said.

The TSOD Airships had arrived at the Pyramids when several missile like thigs shot out from them and impacted the metal hulls shaking the bridge " What the heck was that" Albertus said stumbling into Bob. They staggered to the view port and saw blimp things rise from behind and head for them. "BRIG" Bob shotued angrily. The lead Steamship rammed into Bob and Albertus's ship sending it off course. The Two warlords stumbled again as Bob fell into the steering wheel and Albertus just looked out and pounded his fists on the railing and shouted "Its NOT Fair!" Bob just rolled her eyes at Albertus's pathetic sight and staggered back to her feet and grabbed the microphone "Dang it launch the soldiers" Bob shouted into it, as the ship shook from the blows.
Dr3 japan11

"YEEHAWW" Goldtimbers shouted sending a broadside of fire at the airship sending it spiraling down into the desert. the other airships engaged the steamships in airal combat blowing holes and metal off each of them on The airship' platforms stretching out sat the new darkness soilder shooting shadow blasts at the steamships but were met with broadsides of fire and energy. Bob and Albertus's airship hovered more down and amied for the Sphinx, Bob leaped onto the battlement and shot out a concentrated dark fire blast into the spinx destroying part of the head. The whole thing shook in the prison area where Shiprat was he staggered and fell against the bars of the cage thinking "wait the sound energy isnt working" he said but then a hand with silver nails shot out from the cage and covered his mouth and held him tight against it. he looked backward and just saw red eyes and could feel a sharp sensation in his back that was excruciatingly painful, as his eyes began to droop and he slowly slumped to the floor he looked down as 5 silver blades burst from his chest covered in red as the hand on his mouth dug its nails into his skin and last he knew was nothing. the body of Jason slipped down and the cage door opened and out stepped Kitty with her nails stained in blood a little as she licked them clean. she stopped and just heaved her foot in between his legs and smirked and then walked away.

Bill and the rest were running across the dunes to the little pyramid narrowly dodging falling pieces of airship. and using their swords to defelct and redirect blasts and attacks. Cherie tripped and almost got hit by a bomb, But Bill dove in and grabbed her and ponited his sword up and sent the bomb back into the airships rotors causing it to slam into the pyramid and crash.

The war room was deserted when Kitty came in looking around "Hmmph they are all gone" she said with a huff. Then a pair of arms grabbed around her from behind and pulled her back into a wall and covered her mouth with one. she cocked her head and saw Christopher Ironshot grabbing her. she bit into his hand and then twisted completely around and as he threw a punch she caught it and opened his hand and twirled her fingers into his, he looked puzzingly and then saw her nails digging into his hand and he started to collapse as he also looked down and saw her claws in his chest. she pulled them out slowly and released her grip and he fell down. "a Most profitable day" she said with a satisfying smirk and ran out.

Bob was shooting at the esacping Steamships but to no avail "what the Brig are these things made of" she shouted angrily and increased her attacks. Another steamship rose up behind Bob;s and a figure jumped down and landed on her with foot to neck. "heard you were looking for Me" Bill said with a smirk. Bob grunted and phased through the platform and grabbed hold of the ropes and swung on them and jumped on Bill from behind. The two fell together off the platform landing on the top of another airship with Bob pinning him down. Bill kicked her off and sent a light whip combined with fire at her singing part of her hair. "Oh No one messes with My Hair" Bob screeched and sent a combo of dark whips and fire at him, He ducked and weaved some and met some with a light blast. Cherie, Richard , Lawrence and Jack were watching the fight below from the viewport of the rising steamship "Stay here in case of backup" Lawrence said.

Dr3 japan26
Bob sent a kick of shadow at Bill but he jumped and dodged it and sent a light punch, she sidestepped and kept moving foreward meeting his attacks with hers. finally they both reared their fists back crackling with light and shadow and threw them forward at same time and the two collided and exploded in a mix of light and dark energy sending both flying backwards, Bob landed into the metal pipe making a huge dent in it. and Bill was sent off the airship and started to plummet below, but Cherie steered the steamship under him and reached out with her hand, he grabbed it and she pulled him in as he landed on her. the two hugged briefly and Bill looked back at the airship with Bob standing looking evily. Bill just made the im watching you sign at her with his fingers and turned away. Kitty had run out the collapsing Sphinx slicing up several guys in process and leaped aboard Bob's airship "I see Billy got the better of you" Kitty said with her hands on her hips. Bob just growled and shrugged off, "It was a Tie" she said quickly and strode toward the bridge. The steamships had gotten away with the airships slowly flying after them. "Its No use they are much smaller and faster" Albertus said. Bob hopped down from the deck and slapped him across the face 3 times "You fool How could You let them get away" she said . "Lets head back to Japan and wait for them". Bob said stepping away from Albertus. "How do you know they are going there". he asked timidly. Bob just stood and smirked. "Because im a people person".

Marc was busy loading the guns and cannons that were not damaged or destroyed along with Callum, they could still hear the bombs being dropped outside but it had lessened in last hour. "Think they are done?" Callum said loading a rocket launcher. Marc just looked up and said "Nope we just wait for the right time to strike and hope the rest can get us" he said confidently, But his face showed doubt on it.

The Steamship landed at the edge of the Red Sea. "The Rest are one their way across China now" Lawrence said. "Good lets rest and then we be on our way" Jack said. Cherie had been sitting on the beach and looked over at Bill and grinned. Bill was busy sitting down and meditating and didnt notice Cherie creep up on him and wrap her arms around his neck and legs around his waist and they fell over together laughing. Bill grabbed her legs and pushed them off him and flopped on Cherie's belly and pinned her in the sand. Richard and Jack were looking over at maps while Lawrence was telling the crew of the Steamship to go join the rest. Cherie pushed her hands into Bill's and flipped him completely over and sat on him grinning.. Bill was grinning to and pushed his feet under her and kicked her foreward and rolled into the sea. Bill got back up and waded into it looking around, Cherie burst out and hug locked him and dragged him under. Cherie burst out of the surf but Bill grabbed and dunked her head underwater, laughing as he did it. Cherei scissored her legs around him and flipped him underwater. She clung to his belly with her legs and kissed him as he did same to her. fianlyl they climbed out of the water, but not before Cherie tripped him down and ran away laughing. he got up and dried self off and said "Guys we should head out now. "Aye, Then we need a Ship." Richard said.

Chapter 6 :A Sinister Plot, a Voyage

Bob walked through the halls of the Rebuilt Palace of London flanked by Kitty and another darklet. Bob walked into Former King Brealsy's Throne and sat down on it and began thinking. Kitty stood next to her sharpening her silver nails as always saying "I so want to kill dear old Billy" she said with a hiss. Bob slammed her fist down and said "As do I. That brigging Noob". The Darklet stayed silent, she continued, "Get me Albertus through the signaler communicator voodoo thing." the Darklet operated this sort of platform with these odd levers and seemed to get its power source from voodoo and torch light. Moments later a figure appeared, Albertus. "You rang, Lord Moon? I am quite busy planning our, World Victory Tour." He said. "Yes. I wanted to talk to you about how we're going to lead this new world of ours. How exactly will we lead it?" She asked questioningly. She got up and moved towards the source of what let her talk. "Because, in the first place you would know that releasing me would mean Darkness, would rule in Greaters and Lessers, Masters and Slaves, Brains and Idiots." Albertus spoke in a sharper tone this time," Perhaps you should remember had I not freed you, you'd still be in that wretched place and that JUST a cookie would be the price. You wanted out and I gave out along wih another price of letting me plan out we'd rule this world. We shall rule it in peace and equals. None are lesser, none are greater." Bobby flipped a table over, things shattering. "WE SHALL RULE LESSERS AND GREATERS. LESSER CREATURES DO NOT DESERVE TO BE OF HIGH STATUS" She yelled. "I have not time for this. We have to get rid of Marc Cannonshot and his Hawaiian Force that still yet lives. And by the way I would never let that happen." Moon took a throne that had collected dust, unused, and threw it across the room at the fake Albertus figure turning out the power source of it and shattering the throne into wooden splinters. She turned to The Darklet and threw him at Kitty. "ARE YOU LOYAL, DARKLET? I smell fear. Did you know I could hear what you were thinking this whole time?" She focused her attention on Kitty,"Your treat" Bob smiled at her. Kitty's nail clawed into him and pinned him down, she sliced off his mask revealing Dark Acolyte David McMartin. Bob just picked him up calmly and grabbed his neck and snapped it with a effortlless move. She dropped his limp body down and Kitty began feasting. "Find all who are loyal to Me" Bob said grabbing a fried chicken leg and knawing it, "Finish Him as well. No need to stain beautiful floors anymore than they already are." Kitty got up with flesh and blood stained around her mouth and nodded and heaved David's body out the window and it landed in the Thames where a random shark devoured him..

The Group had reached the port of Djibouti, Africa and were searching for a ship. "I doubt we will get a good ship here" Jack said looking around. Bill and Cherie were walking around holding eachother's hands and looking around. Richard and Lawrence were checking the docks. "So, think there's anything decent?" Lawrence asked. "No. Well, at least nothing as good as the Runner or one of Basil's ships." Richard said. "Where is Basil again?" Lawrence asked. "Not sure..." Richard replied

Meanwhile, in a small portion of Russia that was still standing, a town was under attack. Many ancient buildings were crushed, as well as townsfolk and shops. A small wooden building with a sign reading "Basil's Cheese Shop" came under attack. A man with a fierce mustache came running out, yelling things at the Dark Airships. These airships just flew in lines, pounding the town below. "You can't defeat me! I'll call in the airstrike!" Basil said. The airships line of terror was headed for basil. "Hmm.. looks like.." Basil gasped..." The DARKNESS! OH MY GOD!" Basil said. "I'LL CALL BILL PLUNDERBONES TEWT!" Basil yelled. One airship began firing cannons at Basil's shop, including arrows. One arrow hit Basil's knee. "OMG! Oww! I use to be heroic.. then I took an arrow to the knee...." Basil said. He pulled out the arrow and stood up again, limping. "THIS.... IS... RUSSIA!!" He said charging out into the open and throwing cheese at the airships. He randomly threw his Barracuda Blade into the air, unknown to him where it went. The entire area then began to crumble, and Basil was demolished by a grenade shower.

Meanwhile, back in Africa, Lawrence and Richard continued looking for a ship. "Here's a streamlined frigate, fair condition" Richard said. "But the sails are torn..." Lawrence pointed out. "Argh..... didn't notice that." Richard said. They eventually gravitated towards a streamlined sloop. "Not bad condition, sails look nice, needs a bit of work on the starboard hull.." Lawrence said. Richard checked the price. "WOO....WHE! Pricey..." Richard said. The sloop cost 30,000 Gold. "We need to combine our gold to buy this..." Lawrence said. They eventually met up with Bill and the others. They explained the cost.

Bill then remembered something. He went to the sea side of the island and reached into his pocket, pulling out a mini-ship. He threw it into the water, and it transformed into the real ship. "Wow..... it's the Runner!" Richard said. "Aye, Lawrence taught me a thing or two about the ancient tricks." Bill said. "Wait... what was MY ship doing in YOUR pocket!?" Richard asked. "Relax, it's not your real ship, it's just a copy made using voodoo. "Better be... I still steer though!" Richard said. They all boarded The Runner and began to sail into the Indian Ocean.

Meanwhile on Ogasawara, Marc was thinking of a plan "Well what are we going to do" Callum said. "I was hoping that the Society of Light would get to use by now but i guess i was wrong." Marc said loading a cannon."So We take the fight to them" Marc said, Callum got the Nelson ready and they slowly sailed out of the cave into the lagoon. Marc had all his cannons aiming everywhere looking for the Airships. "Hmm where are they" Callum said navigating slowly and steadily.Fog had kicked in around the Lagoon so it made it a little harder to see. Marc heard a sound and shot the cannon he was on into the air, the ammo hit something making it explode and rain metal below. Out of the Fog was The Lead Airship hovering right over. "Well might be just this one." Callum said shooting cannons up at the airship. On its Bridge Dusty was there flying it herself. "Time to finally kill this fool." Dusty said with glee and dropped down bombs. The Bombs impacted the ships hull damaging it even more, as Marc retaliated as best he could.

The Runner sailed swiftly across the Sea at great speed with Richard at the wheel. Jack and Lawrence managed the rigging and the functions of the ship, while Bill and Cherie were lazy.

Bill stood at the bow , and Cherie wrapped her arms around him from behind and kissed his cheek. He looked at her and said "I Love you" and she said "I Know" and they hugged.

"Guys if we continue a straight line we would hit Indonesia and it would take days to get around it" Rich just facepalmed "I totally forgot about that". Bill approached and said "Dont worry we have these." he said holding out his hand, in it was voodoo crystals. "Nice But they only last for 30 minutes" Law said. Bill held up his World of Light Blade and grinned. "Ah" Jack said drawing his Light Tyrant, Law drew his Light of Abyss blade and Cherie drew her Light Blade. Rich stayed at wheel and just chuckled. "Alright Mates lets do it". The Runner was approaching Indonesia and the 4 guys tipped their blades at the voodoo crystals on the mast and they all glowed, a greenish energy surrounded the hull as Cherie ripped off a sail and split it in two and placed them on either side, and Jack made a wind pick up and move the ship even faster. As they neared the land the ship began to lift and over the trees and tropical waters where several Komodo Dragons stood and just flickered their tounges. "Whoo Hoo" Law shouted as he held his concentration on the crystals. "Hope we are not to Late" Bill said holding his blade to the crystals and other hand holding Cherie's.

Albertus had returned back to Imperial Palace of Japan and rested on his throne. "Status report" he said to a communication device. Tyler Crossbones not a resuerected Darklet spoke "Im en Route to help Dusty's incompetence in destroying Marc."he said. "Good, Good" Albertus said and put it away as he layed back in his reclining throne, dreaming of what was to come.Not knowing that Bob's shadow was watching him and smirking.

The Nelson's foreward guns were destroyed by dropping bombs from Dusty's Airship and Marc was knocked down and his arm was trapped by a collapsing part. Callum was ducking and trying to get away when several other airships appeared and intercoursed with Dusty's. Dusty was angry and shouted through the intercom "Yo What you think your doing Noob". Tyler shouted back "Im doing your job you incompetant twit". "Albertus sent you ddint he" Dusty fumed. "Yep to do the job you obviosuly cant do" Tyler sneered. Callum got Marc free and they aimed the 2 remaining cannons at both airships"FIRE" they said together and fired both into btoth. The airships shook and support beams collapsed on workmen. "Dang it" Dusty said.

The Runner sailed faster then a normal ship over Indonesia and landed in the Pacific, in distance they could see smoke rising and hear bombs and explosions from a distant island."Ogasawara Here we come!" Rich said and turned on the ramming speed.

Dusty and Tyler were exchanging insults across the inercoms as the gunners tried to destroy Marc and Callum below. "Take this Dark Noobs" Marc shouted turning on his automative cannon and fiirng like crazy at the metal hulls. Richard's Green Runner was now at ramming speed and was cutting across the sea right for the Lagoon when he did a Major U turn and Law, Jack, Cherie and Bill shot the broadsides and deck cannons up at the airships. "They are Here" Marc shouted triumphantly and continued to hammer the airships and shot down 2 which landed in the rocks and lagoon and half sunk and some exploded. Bill could sense who was on the Lead Ship and grabbed a rope and climbed to the top of the mast. "Where you going Billy" Cherie said still firing the cannons at the dropping bombs. "To settle an old score" he said and swung a grapple hook onto the platform and flew upward waving to them as he went. Marc sailed what was left of the Nelson over to the Runner and he boarded along with Callum. "Nice to see you guys" marc said limping. "Sorry it took so long couldnt find a ship we liked" Jack joked and fired at a incoming rocket exploding it in mid air. Bill landed on the platform and stealthly climbed into the hallway and made his way fr the bridge. Dusty who was still there stopped and sensed him and smirked "About time" she said and disappeared into the shadows. Bill cautiously stepped into the main Bridge and saw all the controls while looking around "I Know your here Dusty" he said. Dusty readied herself and jumped down below and landed on his back covering his eyes with her hands and riding him around. Bill felf the weight on him and staggered around but could not see but managed to grab around her head and flip her down. she instantly got up and faced him. "Ah my old pal Dusty" Bill said readying himself. Dusty tackled him into the control panel banging him against them and making them short circuit. Bill grabbed around her waist and flipped her down and pinned. She struggled and kicked him off and headbutted. He caught her head and gave it a squeeze and threw her backward.

The Battle was fierce as Tyler flew down from his airship and confronted Marc on The Bow of the Runner, the two struck eachother's swords " So Its come to this huh" Marc said parrying a stab. "Yep I serve the Darkness now" Tyler said dodging a blow. Cherie was still firing at bombs and airships as were the rest. finalyl Tyler's Airship was crippled and plummeted into the rock and blowing up causing a rock avalanche which burried the remains of the airships and struck the stern of The Nelson. "Marc ducked and doged Tyler's blows but saw his ship start to sink."NOOO" He shouted and pushed Tyler back and twirled his sword around Tyler's and it flung from his hands. A Darklet was about to slam Cherie across the head whne Tyler's sword struck him and he collapsed. Marc pointed his sword and stabbed into Tyler "Sorry mate had to be done" he said and cleaned his blade and kicked Tyler's body off the ship.

Dusty and Bill were grabbing eachother's waists and flinging themselves into the walls and windows of the airship bridge refusing to release eachother. They landed on ground and rolled around wrestling. The Airship was being battered by cannon blasts and started to fall out of the sky. The 2 fighters continued rolling together but due to the tipping of the airship. Dusty finally pinned Bill down with her hand and grabbed her dagger and struck his shoulder, he grunted in pain. and Dusty with her hand on his throat leveled her dagger at his chest and heaved it back eyes glimmering with evil delight. But before she could the airship shook and she lost her balance as it struck the rock cropping and started to skid the surface. Bill took the chane and tackled her at the window shattering it and she fell threw. he quickly grabbed her hand and kept her from falling into the rocks and sea. Dusty just grunted and sunk her nails into his hand and he accidently let go and she fell. Bill was horrified as he saw her disppear into the sea. The Airship then split in two and he was flung into a broken window cutting himseld all around. he tried to grab the wheel but it wouldnt move, so he struggled out of the bridge and down the hallway. But before he could go any further who else to appear then The Bob in her cloak. "You but how" Bill said readying himself. "Its my spirt form just like you have Light noob but can still do this. "She said and flung her hands out as a ring of Fire intertwined with shadow surrounded the hallway as Bill narrowly dodged it.But Bob swung her fist into his jaw and made him stagger. She grabbed his arm and swung him through a metal door denting it. Bill was to weak to fight Bob so he tried to get up. Bob was immedietly on him punching his face repeatedly. he tried to grab her wrists but to no avail, he did manage to flip her off backward and did a Light punch at her knokcing her back down. He could have continued the fight but decided to retreat. Bob wasnt so merciful and she rammed into him tackling him into the boiler room which was heating up. Bill regained himself But Bob was to quick and delviered a kick into his gut, while he was off balance she grabbed his head and uppercutted his jaw sending him backward. "Your to weak to fight" Bob taunted " And thats just how i like it." she snickered. She grabbed him around the waist and lifted him up and heaved him into the boiler causing the steam pipes to crack. Bill rolled off them onto the ground But Bob had grabbed a chain and wrapped it around his neck from behind and began to pull on it hard. Bob gritted her teeth as she pulled it harder around his neck, Bill felt totally helpess to weak to fight back and thinking he was going to die. The Airship had landed on a rock outcropping titling on the edge over the sea, as Bob continued to choke Bill to death."GoodBye Billy" she said with a malevolent cackle and using all her strength gave another pull of the chain and Yanked Bill backward onto her. Bill felt the grip slip and headbutted backward on Bob's forehead. and landed a elbow into her neck casuing her to temporairly knock out. Bill rolled off her and staggered to his feet but not before landing his foot on her gut and grinding it in, then he retreated from the boiler room as Bob got back up"Fine till next time Billy" she said angrily and swung her cloak across her and she vanished.

Bill struggled out of the damaged airship and landed on the cliff, exaughsted. The Runner had sailed right under and the crew got to him and helped him down."What happened" Cherie said hugging him tightly. "I beat Dusty who fell into the sea, But then Bob appeared out of nowhere and totally beat me down and almsot killed me" Bill said gasping. "Hmm well we got Marc Now" Jack said helping Bill and Cherie into the cabin. "So Now what" Law said. "We Go to join the Guys in Japan" Rich said as he steered the Runner out of the lagoon and toward the dark clouds on the horizon as Marc looked back at his sinking ship. and Bill looked at the water wondering if SHE survived.

Chapter 7: Into Enemy Territory

The Tide of Battle in Egypt had turned as Keira and Parax drove out the dark forces into full retreat smashing up several airships and tanks. Shiprat was captured and taken aboard the escaping airship which headed toward Asia.The Pyramids all had chunks blown off of them, metal adnd debris and crashed airships littered the desert,
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The two were exaughsted beyond imagination as they returned back to the base. "Message from Bill Plunderbones and Johnny Goldtimbers" a technician in the damaged base said. "We have successfully rescued Admiral Cannonshot and are now en route to Tokyo"Bill's voice said. "We have also reached Shanghai "Goldtimbers said."And they were already here, damaged buidlings fires and smoke rising but no sign of any airships" Volkov said. "Ok wait for the signal as we reach Tokyo Bay" Bill said and signed off. "I have something to do as well" Keria said, turning to Parax. Parax nodded and boarded his stealth ship and took off toward Asia at great speeds, as Keira took one of the modifed TSOL Steamships and headed Northwest on a mission of her own.

The Green Runner sailed toward the mainland "We should be met with some resistance or barrier" Jack said looking around. "Yea its strange" Cherie said. The Runner sailed silently nearing the opening to the Bay when a alarm sounded and a gate opened up and lit on fire. "Ah There it is" Law said pointing sheepishly."Dang" Rich said halting his ship from colliding with the fire. "Could we not just fly over this" Jack said. "Bill grabbed a rock and hurled it far above the fire wall and it met a invisible barrier that charred it. "Survey says Nope" Cherie said. "IDEA" Law said chuckling and approached the bow he drew his Abyss blade and pointed it at the fire wall and the fires attracted to the blade and went to him. "Ta da" He said grinning then he shot the collected flames at the barrier's points and shattered it. "Woot" Rich said and sailed full ahead.

The Shadow Stealth Ship landed on the platform near The Imperial Palace and Bob and Kitty stepped out looking epic, they were followed by a legion of Darklets all wearing BOB IS AWESOME buttons. "Men and various Things, This Coup will have to be decsive and lethal." Bob said perking out her cape. "To the Palace" Kitty shouted and they marched with sinister intentions. Albertus watched the barriers get broken from afar and noticed the armies approaching."What The.. " He said and stormed out.

Across the Land The TSOL Steamship fleet had arrived at the west end of Japan and were met by the invisible barriers singing and sending one airships into the sea, "Aim cannons at those battlements" Goldtimbers said into the megaphone. the two stern steamships dipped down and fired two blasts at the battlements below and exploded them. The other airships did same at the others and the barrier was knocked down."We are home free" Volkov said. Suddenly the trees below shot up and impacted the metal hull. "What the..." a soldier said as the ship rocked. sveral more tree rockets impacted the hulls even aiming for the smoke stacks and rotors. "Smart Trees??" they said. "Must be another defense" the driver said as he tried to manuever the tree bombs. The Steamships sent their missles out to meet the trees and exploded them in mid-air. "Ok guys ahead full" Goldtimbers said pushing the lever foreward and the remaining steamships flew foreward, still dodging trees.

Cannon fire destroyed the battlements on the sides of the bay as the Green Runner continued to sail in,Finally reaching the last gate coupled with lighting that struck the mast ,sending it down narrowly crushing Law. Cherie sent a light bolt at the barrier but it just flared even more striking everything around. "Nice Dear" Bill said sarcastically. "Oh Hush you" Cheire replied. "Jackie take the wheel" Rich said as he jumped off it and headed for the bow drawing his Light Curse. He looked at the lighting gate and pointed his blade as it glowed, several lighting bolts from the gate struck at him, but his sword absorbed the impacts and he sent them back ten fold as He blasted apart the gate. "Thats How its done" he said triumphantly while twirling his blade in his hand and sheathed it. The others cheered as Cherie cheered Bill from the back as he tackle hugged her down. "Guys look alive" Rich said taking back his wheel as Bill and Cherie got off each other and went to cannons as Law and Jack did same, Rich looked ahead at the smoking remains of Tokyo and several airships hovering around."Its Into the Fire Now" he said intently.

Chapter 8: The Coup/Airbase Battle

With what was left of the army, only half were loyal to Bob and they all marched up to the Palace. Bob rode in on a horse with Napoleon like attire staring at the Palace. Bob looked at the palace up and down. It was enormous. He will pay for what he has done and will be brutally murdered. He'll be very sorry not meeting my wishes. She thought. She chuckled evily. "Ha ha ha ha ha" she breathed and sighed,"Begin the assault..... BEGIN THE ASSAULT!" She shouted the second time. The Darkness Guard marched and fired upon the palace.

Albertus strode to a window when he saw half his entire global army firing upon the Palace, seizing it. "Oh you wish you never had." He muttered, "Set off the stairs outside!" He shouted. Just then, stairs exploded and there was no way to climb up to the Palace which was on a hill of some sort. Bob waved her fist at him, "You. Shall. Pay. SEND IN THE BOMBERS!" Precision Bomber Airships just then flew in. Targetting the area in which Albertus was and firing, sadly they never fired right, when a missile like thing shot up into the airship at such a high speed it pierced through the armor doing the same to the others sending it spiraling down into the palace tower knocking out the The Society of Darkness flag and rubble fell to the streets crushing several soliders while other airships tried to regain themselves and skimmed part of a building knocking rubble down. The troops below kept firing as he escaped in another airship lifting off. "Bob this is just the beginning" he said as he chuckled and steered the ship away, Bob ran after it and howled angrily "NO One escapes from The Bob" and she lifted her hand and from her fingers sent a precise shadow blast that impacted the secondary rotor and left stabiliser fin. The airship started to veer off course skimming across top of a building ripping its roof up and kncoked against another casuing pieces to fall below, Albertus was thrown around as it started to spin out of control, He grabbed the wheel and spun it madly making the ship spin completely around and aimed it for the Bay. "I will not die by Bob" Albertus aid grunting and the ship impacted the water and exploded, The remains sunk below slowly leaving a smokey bublle trail. Bob arrived at the shore and looked at the area of the crash and smirked " Now its my World" she said and led the troops back into the city, several patrol airships circled the bay with search lights looking for the wreckage and his body, But Albertus had escaped in a makeshift submarine and headed toward his secret landing platform at the point of Haneda.

The Runner finally went through the destroyed bridge that acted as a gate to Yokohama, The ship was scratched and damaged with the back mast snapped off. The ship landed with a gentle thud on the dock and the crew jumped off and looked around, "We made it without any problems" Bill said triumphantly. As on cue the ship started to tip over and landed sideways against a buidling smashing part of it and then sunk below the bay. Rich just held a look and sloly turned to Bill growling. Bill just made a sheepish smile and said "Ok Lets go" and started off followed by the rest. Yokohama's buildings were not as damaged as Tokyo's and no airships cirlced the area. "This could be a trap" Jack said coming behind Rich. They ran throwugh the streets heading for the destroyed city landscape in distance. Meanwhile Bob's armies were looting the palace when a scout came and bowed said "High Overlord of Darknesse Bobby Moon" Bob just looked at him and said " What is it Knave" The scout who was shaking in fear said " Bill Plunderbones and his gang landed at Yokohama and are moving towards our postion" Bob pondered this and turned to Kitty who was devouring a random citizen. "Lets go" She said motioning to the Darklets and they all exited the palace and headed Southwest. "They are coming from Northeast" Bill said, They looked at a map and saw where they could meet " Haneda" Cheire said. Albertus had reached the shores of his airbase and was preping the Shadow Ship to lift off, when he saw the armies approaching from North "Oh Nuts" he turned and saw that Bill's gang was heading this way to. "Double Nuts" He was trapped. Bob was looking at this place " How come you guys never told me about this airbase" She said grabbing a darklet by the neck. "Um well uh" he stammered. and Bob just effortlessy threw him into the dark waters. “We’re getting closer!” Bill said. “Aye, They eventually found a large area where it was just rock platform. They noticed a wildlife reserve to the left, and to the right was the shorline, and were sneaking around. "Now we wait for the Airships to arrive" He said. a explosion then just rocked the area they were at as missles were flying in "Oh No we have been spotted" Rich said. Jack leveled his sword and froze some in midair. Battlements that surrounded the platform began firing missiles at the gang. “Take cover!” Bill said as he hid behind a rock. Cherie followed, and they began saying final words. “Bill… I threw away your Red Fury outfit..” Cherie said. “WHAT!? Cherie… I ate ten cherries on Friday.” Bill said. “NO!” Cherie began ranting. The gang took off dodging incoming missiles. "Ah ha we got them" Bob said looking at it through her evil looking binoculars, Then she noticed from the corner of her eye , a figure running around the Shadow Ship getting it ready. "Well Well "Two people at once, This must be Bob Day" She cackled and headed toward the Ship. Bill looked at the Ship and saw Bob and Kitty heading there. "Guys come on" He said and they took off running. Richard and Jack looked around, and realized something. “Jack…” Richard said. “Rich?” Jack asked. “We gotta do it…” Richard said. “Yeah… I figured that. Cherie and Bill took cover while Richard and Jack began running out towards the airship. “Over here!” Jack said. “Don’t shoot Jackie! Shoot me! Look here! I’m nice and… rich!” Richard said. The Battlement cannons aimed for them

Albertus was in a panic on his platform as it extended with his Shadow Ship. "Time to go" he said as he reached the boarding ramp when a shadow bolt shot at him, but he dodged it narrowly.He turned and saw Bob standing at the edge. "I Thought you were dead" Bob said just standing. "You tried to have me killed" Albertus said standing back up. "Yes i did cause you know why?" She said. Albertus just shrugged."Because BOB SERVES NO ONE BUT BOB" She shouted. Albertus braced himself. Bob started to move foreward but a explosion rocking the platform knocked her off From the hovering airships scores of Dark Minions began swooping down with blades towards the group. Dark Minions began attacking Rich and Jack and Law hurried up a ramp to the platform but scores of Darklets began coming shooting harpoon guns at the two pirates, but Rich dodged the attacks and threw a barrel at them, knocking five of them down to the ground, where Cherie’s broadsword was waiting She sliced them all to pieces while yawning with one hand. Rich narrowly ducked a swipe from a Dark Minion Unfortunately, his Light Curse was flipped out of his hands, and thrown off and caught by Jack. “Oops…” Rich said as he began backing up from the approaching Darklets. “Lawiam We must aid Goldvane!” Jack said. “He’ll do fine!” Law said as he continued to fight off approaching darklets. Jack decided to shoot ice at the ground making them slip off the platform, hoping it would aid Richard. Rich did a barrel roll for his sword as 4 darklets charged, He grabbed it and swung it sending a volley of lighting. It demolished three Darklets, and injured another. Richard took the injured Darklet’s spikey sword and finished him with it. Rich walked twoard the Dark Ship, to find Albertus on the edge, trying to scope out the battle around. “If it isn’t the old, dirty, murky, Ally?” Rich said. “It’s Sparkington. Albertus.. Sparkington….” Albertus said. “Alright, Girly Sparkles!” Rich said with a grin. Albertus unsheathed his rapier and attacked Richard. Richard used his new spikey blade against Albertus’s Rapier. He noticed it had a cursed ability, and decided to use it, It fired green fire at his quarry. Jack watched as Rich began fighting him and saw Bob climb back up and he shot a blast of ice that covered her head from behind "ARGhghh" she muffled screamed. Albertus was set on fire, and began running around. Eventually getting the fire out, but found himself up on the edge of the platform. Rich followed. The wildlife reserve was right below Albertus, and Rich had his back facing the rear of the shadow ship."I can handle you by myself" he shouted and they began dueling. Rich began pushing Albertus toward the spinning rotors of the ship. Eventually, Rich had him cornered, and the blade was still operating, turning and turning… and turning… “Triple nuts…” He said as Rich kept pushing him. Albertus jumped off the edge, and grabbed ahold of a small escape ship . Richard jumped on to it as well. “QUADROPLE NUTS!” Albertus said as he dodged attacks from Rich. They continued fighting. Bill and Cherie made their way up the platform slicing apart darklets and watching the duel above. Eventually, Albertus began climbing back up, and reached the deck. Rich did the same, but couldn’t find him. He then noticed Albertus come from behind a box, holding a large barrel. He used it to push Rich towards the lower end of the rolling blades. As Albertus pushed hard, Rich jumped onto the barrel, and jumped behind Albertus. Albertus had but so much previous force into the push, he couldn’t stop himself from pushing the barrel into the blades, which grinded up the barrel of fish so much that wood chops and fish guts went all over Albertus, giving him splinters and a horrible odor, as well as knocking him down "Yuckk" he screamed.

Bob smashed the ice off with her face firey fist and looked at them. "Do you really think you can fight The Bob" she shouted and sent a wave of fire at them. Jack just sent a ice wave to meet it crystalising the fire all the way to Bob's hands, She growled. Jack held his ice wave at her while Law shot a fire blast from his sword at her back, singeing her. The two kept it up but Bob had regained herself and whistled. Kitty immedietly pounced on Law knocking him down and bared her claws hissing. Bob smirked and sent a swirling bolt of shadow at Jack who narrowly avoided it. Jack got back up and slashed his sword at her but she blocked with a sinister looking sabre. Rich then grabbed his rapier, and threw it off the ship. Albertus stood up anyways. Rich began hammering Albertus with the spiked blade. He slashed his chest three times, threw in a large line-slash, a Jumping Slash, and several stabs to Albertus’s feet, knocking him down. “Five nuts…” Albertus said weakly. Bob had grabbed Jack in a headlock and was stabbing her blade into his chest but he stomped on her foot causing her to scream, Jack flipepd out of her grip and shot ice into her eyes "YEOOOW" she screamed staggering Jack jumped to his feet and shouted to his mates locked in battles of their own . “Fight til the bitter end!” Jack said but Bob had grabbed a metal pole and smashed it across his face sending him down."Belay that nonsense" Bob shouted and strutted twirling the pole in her hand. Rich continued to crush Albertus. “Any last words?” Rich asked as he began to aim his blade at Albertus’s throat. Albertus grabbed a wood plank that had been laying behind him, and launched it into Rich’s head. “Ahh!” Rich said as the wood stunned him, knocking him back. Albertus then grabbed his hidden sabre and launched himself with a stab at him. Jack got back up and hurled a grenade at Bob sending her flying into the hull of the docked ship and slumping down.

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Rich dodged the stab from Albertus as he swung it at his head. Albertus ducked and sweeped Riches feet from under him, He did a mighty stab at him but he dodged and slashed Albertus's leg. Rich got back up did a flurry of sword skills at him and cut into his shoulder and legs and arms. he grunted and staggered back. Rich instantly got up and swiped his sword at Albertus;s feet sending him off balance while slicing the air near him sedning him backwards till he landed at edge of platform once again. Rich just smirked and held his blade at his chest "This cant be happeneing to Me" Albertus said. Kitty had scratched across Law's chest leaving marks and kicked him down. He sent a ball of fire at her but she just jumped and landed on him, He smirked and shot a upblast that sent Kitty back down. Jack was ducking and blocking Bob's attacks but couldnt block a swipe from her nails across his forehead. Bob then sent a spiraling kick of shadow at Jack's gut and he was thrown back. Bob stomped her foot on his neck and dug the heel in. "Bye Bye Jackie boy" she said smiling evily, "Wait" Jack said and held up a bucket of fried chicken. Bob was astonished and just looked at it. "You got this for me?" she said touched. Jack nodded. "That is the nicest thing anyone can do for me" She said but then stomped her heel blade into Jack's throat and killed him. "I take what i can and give nothing back fool" she said and kicked his body off the platform. She dug into the bucket of chicken when it was shot from her hands and off the platform. NOOOOOOOOOOO she shouted reaching downward. she turned with hatred in her eyes at the culprit and saw it was Bill. "YOU" she screamed in rage and sent a massive blast of energy at him which he just blocked with a Light blast. Cherie was down below the platform fighting off the Darklets and noming them. "They dont call me Kitty Noms You for nothing" she said triumphantly. Bob was mercilessly firing blasts at Bill who spent all his energy blocking or narrowly dodging. 'FRIED CHICKEN I SHALL AVENGE YOU" she shouted and and sent punches at him that radiated with fire and energy. Bill just ducked and dodged eachone but the last one felled him. Bob dug her shoe into his hand and the other on his neck. "Time to die Billy " she said aiming her sword at his chest, when several laser blasts shot down at the platform shaking it Bob lost her footing and Bill tackled her backwards. Rich lost his footing as did Albertus but the two fell near the edge . Kitty slid toward the edge but Law caught her unconcious self. The Society of Light Steamships had arrived. Bob kicked Bill off and scratched his neck with her nails and sent a fire kick that knocked him back, she grabbed the microphone and shouted orders as the Airships began to turn and engaged the TSOL Ships in arial combat as The Battlements aimed up above.

Chapter 9: Liberating England/Escape and a Panda

Keira Kinover's Steamship had made its way across the English Channel and headed for London. She prepped herself and thinking. "Today I take back what i owe" she said. The Steamship arrived at outskirts of London and she saw airships patrolling the land and a invisible barrier and wall surrounded the city. "Hmmm"she pondered and stretched her hand out and focused breathing in and out and her eyes glowed yellow and she sent a massive energy blast that vaporized the wall and knocked out the barrier. Alarms sounded off as her ship flew right into airspace. The Airships had turned and headed toward her shooting missiles, But she just redirected them with her mind right back at them smashing their metal hulls and rotors. as they crashed into the land below and exploded Keira piloted hers and rammed into another sending it spiralling down below. She headed for the Thames but was met with surface to air rocket things from battlements across the buildings. "Hmm wasnt as easy as i thought" she said and veered the Steamship so its side took the blows. she landed in a battle platform and shot down several light blasts that met the rockets and destroyed a few battlements. Jason Shiprat had been revived as a Darklet general and controled the London airship force when he heard the alarms and saw Keira's ship atatcking. "Finally a worthy Opponent" and he boarded his airship and went after hers.

Dr3 jjapan2

The Attack steamship leading several others swooped down toward them. "Reinforcements have arrived" , Jonathan Goldtimbers shouted epicly at the helm. “Lets Blow some Heads” Goldtimbers said. He raised his steamship, as naval officers of Britain fired cannons at the enemy airships. It was a huge battle The TSOD airships began blowing apart the TSOL Steamships as they returned The Battlements below bgan firing harpoons at the rotors of one of the Steamship making it collide with a Airship as both plummeted into the Bay. Rich had regained himself but had to dodge falling debris from the battle above. Callum aimed the cannon up at the lead Airship but couldnt see a grapple blade strike from the battlement below and impale him into the wall, Marc turned and shouted NO stands strong soldier" Callum just said "Win this battle mate" and he collapsed, Marc turned in fury and loaded a bazooka and aimed it at the battlement destroying it and a wall., he then blew the smoke off it and turned to rest of the battle.

Bob jumped at Bill who was regaining himself and landed her legs around his neck and twisted it and she flipped him down as she landed gently on all 4 of her limbs smirking. Bill rolled with the fllip and sent a punch of light and fire right at Bob's jaw while she was caught off guard and sent her sprawling across the platform toward the shadow ship.Kitty had regained consiouness and sunk her clawed hands into Law's wrist and he let her go, she slid down but jumped acrobaticlly and landed her claws into Law's chest and dug them in, She smiled evily but Law cracked a grin. Kitty loked puzzled and looked at her chest Laws's Blade was dug right into it all way through. She just slipped off him and fell to the ground. Law was wounded badly and Cherie had come to him dodging falling debris and took him to the infirmary near the platform. Bill stood and sent punches of light at Bob who couldnt dodge each and was knocked around the platform hissing.

Suddenly a stealth ship had appeared from the clouds and rammed into The TSOD lead airship and exploded it. Parax jumped aboard it while drawing his blade and cutting the feet off soldiers and devouring them, as well as cutting apart them and sending their remains down below. he made his way up the platforms and into the command bridge and killed off all the drivers and sunk his blade into the controls. The Airship began to spin out of control and hit another one making it fall as well. Parax jumped out the window and landed on the roof of another airships below and dug his blade into its metal hull and ran while ripping it apart till he reached the fins and rotor and sent the ripped off parts at it exploding them.The airship dipped down and landed in the water but not before Parax jumped off and did a barrel roll in the air and landed on the platform with a mighty crash of energy. as the lead airships crashed and exploded behind him. Bob and Bill just had mouths opened in astonishment. "Parax Devours all" he shouted and grabbed the metal on the platform and ripped it completely off and slammed it down on the rest of the Darklets. he then heaved it at Bob who was sent completely into a wall smashing it burrying her in rubble. "Now Thats what i call a Typical Kid Trick" he shouted triumphantly. Cherie was watching and shouted 'OWNED"

The impact of Parax had knocked Rich to the ground, but he quickly got up Albertus was scrambling away But Rich was faster he picked Albertus up, and began crushing his bones. He cracked his right hand, and two ribs. and slammed him hard on the ground. As he began to aim for the killing blow, Bob had burst free from the rubble and saw her revenge about to go up in smoke and she hurled a blade at Rich's stomach. "No One Kills Ally but ME" she sneered. Rich just gasped and dropped his blade. He then fell over the side, plummeting towards the Wildlife reserve. Bill saw this. “No! Goldy!” Cherie yelled. Rich fell into the reserve, breaking glass, and landing on some potted plants. using the distraction Albertus struggled aboard his ship and it began to take off. Bob then turned to the ramp and saw the ship leaving. "No One Leaves Bob Behind" she shouted and ram after it. Bill and Parax saw and began running after her. Cherie just watched and got Law out when she saw the Light weapons lying around and went to grab them. Bill was horrified as was Law and they looked down below at the shattered glass of the wildlife reserve greenhouse. "We have to go after him" Bill said. Cherie came up behind him grabbing his wrist. "No Billy" she said pulling him back. Law could barely move and just said "You have to go after Bob and Albertus. If they escape They will just build a new army and come back and kill us all" Law said grunting in pain as he sat down. Bill just looked down at the greenhouse and back at the escaping Shadow Ship heading West. "Your Right" he said and scooped Cherie in his arms and hugged her and she kissed him back. "Go Kick Her Arse" Cherie said. Bill turned to Law. "I aint Kissing you" He said They just shook hands and he turned to Parax "Lets go Get them" He said. They ran for a docked TSOD Airship and boarded it, The Ship lifted off . "Hi Ho Silver AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!" Parax shouted turning the wheel hard toward the West as Bill using his powers gave it more energy making it go faster. Down below the gang left over waved at the departing airship. They passed the TSOL Steamships and waved a salute to Goldtimbers. No one noticed that Kitty's body was gone leaving just a puddle of blood.


The Shadow Ship

Keira was redirecting the rockets back at the battlements when a lone airship rammed into the hull of her steamship, knocking her off balance. The commander Jason Shiprat shot out waves of energy at her ship and at her. "Now you Die" he shouted and jumped below onto the top of the Steamship and sent ripples of energy through it shattering its braces. Keira regained her balance and climbed above to the top of the now decending steamship and faced off against Jason. She hurled a eco blast at him, But he slammed his fists down on the roof and made each metal plate ripple and rip off at her. she tried to dodge each one but several knocked her down. Jason didnt let up he hurled a energy punch at her knocking her farther back.Jason kept hammering her with blasts and metal plates brusing her and knocking her down till she was up against the smokestack. Jason sent a rippling energy bolt at her sending her right through the smokestack. But she got back up and hid in the smoke. "You cant hide from me" Jason shouted. Keira launched herself at him sending a energy punch at his jaw. he stagegred back and delivered a kick into her stomach. She fell backward but sent a metal plate right at Jason's head sending him falling back.Keira flipped onto her feet and sent a firey kick at Jason as he lost his footing. She focused her energy and sent a waterspout from the river below to catch the falling steamship and held it in place with ice. She used the rest of the water and sent a wave at Jason washing back toward the bow. he regained himself and launched at Keira. She ducked and caught his arms and threw him right into the fin denting it. She launched a kick of fire and light at him singeing him and he fell backward. It was her turn to hammaer him. she sent blast after blast at him sending him torward the horn. He used his powers and ripped the Horn off the ship and hurled it at her. She just breathed in and out and sent a mind pulse at it shattering it to pieces. Jason gaped but through the smoke he saw a figure he shot his hands foreward and sent a pulse of energy at the figure. But from the side of the smoke a hand reached out and grabbed his and then another. Keira stepped out pushing him backward and grinding his fingers down on his she pinned him to the broken hull and sent a fatal kick of energy at his chest and felled him as she relased her grip. She planted her foot on his neck and froze his arms and legs to the hull.She then lifted him up and sent a powerful punch at his jaw sending him flying backwards off the ship. She jumped in mid air and did a spinning kick of energy that impacted him and he was hurled into the damaged Big Ben Clock Tower and it exploded as he met contact with it. Keira landed down battered and brusied with holes in her sleeves and shoulder and legs. She turned to the Palace and saw the TSOD Flag flapping on the spire. She growled and shot a lighting bolt at it and vaproized the flagpole and the flag fell below into the fires of the debris of the Tower as it slowly burned. Keira just smiled and knew her task was done.

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Keira's task

Back at the Platform the gang remaining saw the Sun rising after a week of darkness. "The Darkness is lifting" Cherie said as she held the remaining Light weapons and Law tried to stand and look towards the west."Then lets make the darkness begone forever" He said.

Meanwhile, in the Wildlife reserve, Richard had surprisingly survived, and stood up. He could barely stand, due to his injuries. “Blast Girly Sparkles…” Richard said to himself. He began walking around the plants people had placed there. He eventually spotted the exit. He was as far as he possibly could be from it. He stretched a bit and began walking towards it. Then, he heard a deep sound. “I’m not that hungry, am I?” He asked himself. He heard the noise again. He turned to his right, and there it was! A large panda. “I love pandas, shouldn’t be too hard” Richard said. Richard took a step towards the bear. It growled very loudly. Richard stepped back. “Never seen one this big.” He said to himself. The panda began stepping forward. “Err, wait! Not sure if I’m ready for this, um…. Halt! Stop panda!” Richard began getting nervous as the panda began running towards him. He threw a sharp cufflink at it. It simply bounced off of it’s shoulder as it kept running. “Oh….” Richard said as he realized this was going to be his doom. The panda mauled him, knocking him straight down to the ground. “Oww…” Richard said. The panda picked him up, smashed him three times, and threw him twinty feet away, through the plants.

Chapter 10: Battle aboard the Shadow Ship(Parax vs Bob/Kitty vs Bill)

Albertus piloted the Shadow Ship off to the west as he felt a beam of light hit his face"Arghh " he said as he tried to cover eyes and saw the sun began to rise "Oh no The Darkness is losing control Dammit" He said. Albertus was busy at the controls when Mout Fuji came into view through the clouds. The door to the bridge opened slowly and in stepped Bob soaking wet and fuming. She pointed her fingers at him and shot a shadow lighting bolt that felled him against the wheel. "Oh Come on" he said turning to face Bob. "You didnt think you would escape Me Did you noob" she hissed and started to advance. A Explosion rocked the ship as they looked down at the clouds as a Airship hovered below. The roof hatch opened and out came Bill and Parax " Lets Go" parax said and jumped all the way onto the outsdie deck of the Ship, as Bill shot down light flames and rocketed upward and landed as well.

Bob forced the door to close and lock with her mind and grabbed Albertus's neck and heaved him against the glass window cracking it. "No where to run now" she said smirking and shot him full of lighting that shattered the glass and sucked him out. He landed on the bowsprit and tried to hang on as Bob stepped out calmly and with a look of malice on her face. She did a firey punch at the ground near Albertus but he jumped backwards almost losing his footing. She hammered him with another volley of fire and sent him into the ground. Albertus's shoulder was till wounded from his fight with Rich and Bob stuck her blade into it hard and twisted it around. Parax raced up the ladder to the bridge with Bill following but a figure sweeped down from a rafter and kicked him back down onyto a metal grate. The figure landed near him and stood up with hand on her hip "Hello Billy Dear" the figure said grinning with her fangs bared. Bill just looked in horror. "Kitty?". Parax got to the door and tried to bust it down but it wouldnt budge 'OPEN DOOR IN NAME OF PARAX" he shouted and hurled energy blasts at it to no avail. Bill got up and he and Kitty started to circle eachother "This is it Billy the time has come" She hissed and pounced. Bill bended backward and delivered a kick into her gut as she flew on him sending her into the top grate and fell back down. she grabbed his feet sinking her nails in and flpped her body up so her legs wrapped around his neck and she flipped him completely over and landed his head into the grate. Kitty stepped on his back and kneeled down and sunk her claws slowly into his back and started to tear into drawing blood. Parax finalyl broke off a metal bar and slammed it into the door and wrecnhed it free. He rocketed in and looked out at the bowsprit platform where Bob was over Albertus with her sword. he hurled a metal bar at her head but she ducked at last minute, while Albertus took this chance and kicked her hard in the back sending her over the side. She quickly grabbed the railing and swung back up but was met with a blow from Parax to her head which sent her back over the side. Parax turned to Albertus who was scrambling to his feet and backing up to the edge. He was about to punch him out when Bob flipped behind Albertus digging her blade into his back all the way through and her hand around his neck cracking it, he gasped and looked down at the red colored blade sticking from his chest and back up as Bob flipped over him landing in front and giving him a powerful kick to his jaw knocking it from place, The impact sent him falling off the edge of the platform and down below onto the captured airship, He let out a scream as dark energy seeped from him and he landed into the rotor of the ship the blades of the rotor sliced through his flesh and cut out his ears and heart and lungs as he tried to scream but found he could not, he became nothing but pieces and red swirled around and finally exploded the whole area The Airship then dipped down leaving a trail of smoke and fire as it fell through the clouds disappearing from view.

The last stand of Albertus Spark

Parax just stood with mouth gaped open at this turn of events when Bob sent her hands at his chest and hurled him back with a sonic boom in whcih he landed hard denting the metal hull and slumped down."Too easy" Bob said and turned to the front and shouted. "Now I am the Ruler of The Darkness" throwing her hands up in triumph. when a metal bar was hurled at the bakc of her head and she started to fall. Parax stood holding another and hurled it at the bottom of the bowspirt ripping apart machinery and metal Bob lost her footing and fell over the side, catching the metal maintenace ladder and swinging back up.

Bill could feel his back being ripped apart as Kitty conitnued to stab him when he bucked her backwards and landed his back on her face smushing her down. he rolled over and stabbed his blades through her hands and pinned her down. She growled and using her body weight sat up with him and moved her hands from the blades healing them and placing the palms on his shoulders and gave a huge shove sending him flying into a bar and fell to the ground. She instantly went after him but he regained himself and launched at her gut and grabbing her tackling them into the walll. They both fell down together and rolled on the floor wrestling. Bob jumped behind Parax and sent a firy punch at his head, But he ducked and met her ounch with a energy fist the two ricoetched and sent both sliding back, They both got back up and hurled more blasts at eachother. Kitty while rolling with Bill sunk her claws into his sides ripping flesh out and biting his neck hard. They rolled into a metal pillar with Kitty shoving him hard into it, Bill grabbed her hair and pulled hard jerking her back and kicked back. He delivered a headbutt to her belly sending her back. She let out a howl and swiped her claws across his face and sending him backward. Bill flet the gashes on his face but couldnt heal cause Kitty was already on him. She didnt let up and stuck her clawed hands out and jumped at him pinwheeling herself, she landed into Bill's chest and the two were sent off the grate and down below on the deck, Kitty landed on him but he rolled her off as the two continued to tussle banging eachother into the wall, The two grabbed eachother;s wasit and hurled themselves against metal equipment trying to knock the other one out, Bill borke free from her and just watched her as she smirked and circled him again. They rushed at eachother grabbing eachothers hands in a grapple and pushing against eachother. Kitty clamped her nails into his skin and shoved him backwards and did something she never did before, grew shadow energy on her nails and slashed at Bill, he looked down at the gashes in his stomach and as she tried to do it again, he met her shadow claws with a light barrier and shoved her back, She sent more dark punches at him in which he ducked and returned with light punches. Up above Bob and Parax were in similar combat hurling parts of the railing at eachother and sending eenrgy and shadow blasts knocking the other back."I Could do this all Day" Bob hissed and sent a ripple of shadow energy knocking Parax back.

Johnny Goldtimbers along with Law began to use the Steamships to blow the off guard TSOD Airships circling Tokyo out of the skies as the TSOL armies led by Cherie destroyed all the Darklet soliders and started to douse all the fires and smoke in the city using Jack's Light Tyrant blade. Marc Cannonshot aided by Law took a handful of Steamships and headed across the Pacific to New York where another TSOD Base was with intent to recapture his country.

The Battle on and in the Shadow Ship shook its metal plating and started to veer it off course towards Mount Fuji, Bill began hammering Kitty with Light and decided to use water punches as well "ACCKK I HATE WATER" Kitty screamed as she was soaking wet. Out of blind rage she rammed into Bill but was met with another water whip that sent her back. "I Know" Bill said grinning and shooting more water. She collapsed in defeat and just lay there. Bill stood over her with sword drawn but couldnt kill his old sister like friend, Kitty on the other hand could live with it "Your asking for it Billy" she growled and stood up with a quick motion grabbed his wrist and made him drop the sword, Then she launched at his neck with her legs flipping him upside down and with one clawed hand sinking into his back "Now we make it personal" she hissed and she turned her one clawed hand back to a hand and shoved it down his pants and gripped his balls and squeezed them tightly "Not again" Bill muffled screamed. Kitty just sighed happiliy and said "Yes again" and dug her nails into them then she yanked hard. Bill groaned and felt like his nuts were being ripped off. "Feel the pain" Kitty hissed and after giving them another squeeze then let go of them. she released his neck and slammed him down. Then she sat on his upperchest placing her hand on his face holding him down "Lets try This now Shall we" She said gleefuly and grabbing his pants clamped down on his nuts and twisted, she didnt let up, she used her foot and ground it down on them hard. Bill had enough "Only Cheire can terrorize my nuts" he shouted defiantly and grabbed her from behind her head and shoved her into the wall hard and sat on her face, "Now what Kitty dear" Bill mocked. Kitty growled and jerked up wrapping her arm around his neck flipping over him bending him backwards and lowered her clawed hand to under him and stabbed it in and while heaving him upward with her strength. he was thrown like a rag doll up onto the grate above and landed on his back hard, Kitty jumped up burst her hand through it wrapping around his neck sinking her normal nails in his skin, while her other clawed hand moved under the grate at his back, and with a grunt and look of malice she stabbed it into his back and picked and twisted it around, as blood began dripping on her face she licked her lips enjoying the sweet taste, Bill could not feel his muscles and knew she was about to kill him. Up above Bob was angrier then she had ever been while her rage fueled her shadow powers, they were losing accuracy and she setn a wave of fire and shadow at Parax but part of it met the balloon part of the Shadow ship ripping a hole in it and setting on fire. The Ship started to plummet downwards Bob was knocked off balance and landed at the front railing but Parax lost his footing and plowed into her. In the hold Kitty lost her grip on Bill and he gathered enough energy to create a air gust that shot him upward and Kitty followed right through the grate. she landed standing up when Bill fell down on her and gripping her head flipped her around and delivered a spinning air kick that impacted Kitty sending her through the viewport outside, She let out a scream of horror as she fell though the clouds out of view. Bill gasped and kneeled down in pain and began healing as much as he could when the ship kept diving foreward, throwing him around. Bob and Parax forgetting their fight just looked foreward clutching eachother and screaming in terror as the ship did a nose dive right for The crater of Mount Fuji Bob regained herself and kicked parax right backward and into the control room. The Bowspirt landed hard on the crater breaking apart several parts of the ship and sending Bob rolling foreward getting battered. The rest of the ship slid foreward with Bill being thrown around and bruised even more as Parax had parts fall on him knocking him out. Bob stopped rolling and tried to stand up when the rest of the ship slammed on top of her burying her and threw Bill threw the glass and down near the edge of the crater. the smoke cleared as the ship halted near the edge and Bill staggered back up and looked around. "That wasn't so bad" he said with his eyes spinning and he felt like he had to vomit.

New York was only patrolled by a single massive Airship that resemebled a Star Destroyer Blimp named the Endurance. Marc's fleet of steamships appeared "Cant they think of a design more original" Law said rolling his eyes and shot a cannon that hammered its hull with rockets. The sun was now being seen all around the captured capitals and cities as Darklets began shielding their eyes and screaming in pain. Cherie was busy cracking a darklet's neck when she heard the explosion and saw the smoke rising from Mount Fuji in the distance. "Looks lik]]e the Final Battle is about to begin" she said and caught another approaching darklet and stabbed him down with her blade and spat on him.

Chapter 11: Final Battle on Fuji - BIll vs Bob Final Showdown

Bill staggered to his feet and held in some barf as he looked around, he was on the edge of Mount Fuji "I thought it was dormant" He said looking down below at the pool of magma, Bill heard a noise and turned to the ship. the metal plating bumped and out burst Bobby Moon, her dress and coat were tattered and she had bruises all over and cuts on her lip and arms and she was fuming that the smoke from the wreckage seemed to be coming from her ears from Bill's respective. She stomped down onto the ground and just looked at Bill. "Well looks like its just the 2 of us now" Bob glared. Bill stood upright and faced his life long nemesis. "It appears he unbuckled his sword and layed it down. "Oh so thats the way we are playing?" Bob said as she took out her blades hiding in her cloak. the two stood opposite eachother and then Bob said "Im sorry it has to end this way Billy".Bill just shook his head and plainly said. "No your not" Bob just chuckled and sent her hands foreward and a charged shadow energy blast rocketed toward him. Bill gathered enrgy and sent a wall of light that intercepted the blast and the two canceleld eachother out. Bob began moving foreward shooting energy atatcks with her hands and feet, Bill met them with several Light shields and blasts but most he had to dodge, Bob sent a sweeping kick of flames at his feet, but he struck his arm down and intercepted it with a ice wall.


The Star Destroyer design blimp thing battling the Steamships above New York

The Endurance's hull was different and took most of the cannon fire from the Steamships. "Dang wasnt expecting this" Marc said. as he shot more blasts at the hull. It was time for the Endurance to strike back and sent a volley of ray lasers that cut right though the metal plating on a Steamship and made it plummet into the River below. "It sure lives up to its name" Law said shooting his sword of flames at the hull leaving no marks. The Endurance's attacks were lethal but not controlled as the lasers cut down eblow on the skyscrapers and buildings setting them on fire or crumbling down into the river. "I have an idea" Law said and grabbed the wheel from Marc "What are you doing" he said as the ship started to turn toward the control bridge of the Airship. "This is my choice" Law said and pushed the eject button, Marc was instantly thrown from the ship and was given a parachute, it unfurled as he fell and he gently floated down. Law gave the engines more juice and set the steamship for ramming speed, As the bridge of the Endurance began to get closer, Law looked at his Light of Abyss blade as it's glow began to dim, he also looked at his Peacekeeper Blade and threw the Abyss out the window hoping it would go to the next rightful weilder. The Steamship plowed into the command bridge and exploded the insides of both, The Endurance smoked and shot out fire and began to fall out of the sky. Marc bowed his head sadly and managed to catch the Abyss blade though it did not glow for him. Finalyl the Endurance broke in half and the back landed on the harbor buildings crushing them, as the Bow slammed into the Brooklyn Bridge destroying it and sinking below the water as Law's hat bubbled up from the wreckage and floated.

Bob jumped in the air and sent two punches of fire and shadow at Bill as well as a kick of sonics, Bill rolled dodging the sonic blast and shot a punch of light that intercepted the shadow blast and a sweep of water that doused the fire. he stood back up and punched the ground sending a wave of ice and light at her. she jumped in air and burned the ice so she could land easyily and sent a skidding kick of rocks at Bill knocking back. he skidded and regained himsefl just intime to duck from a shadow punch to his head. he sent a wall of rocks from behind Bob at her, but she blocked it but could not see a Punch of fire blast her backward. she grabebd the ground with her nails and skidded backwards tearing up the ground and sent it hurtling at Bill. Bill did a move and punched the rocks either ways. he grabebd a rock and hurled it at her, Bob sunk into the ground evading it, but the rock flew into Parax who was waking up and it hit him knocking him out cold once again. Bob emerged near Bill grabbing his neck and snking her nails in , but he sent a rock pillar under her sending her up in the air, He jumped and delivered a spin kick that felled her. Bob picked her self up and sent a swirling kick of shadow and fire at him, Bill was off guard and the attack knocked him down. Bob landed on all four of her limbs and launched herself at him spinning and shooting energy out. She slammed into him and sent them both back twirling in mid air exerting energy atatcks at everything. The two landed and rolled together to the edge of the mountain and released each other. Bob instantly got up and rushed at Bill as the two surged energy into their hands gripped eachother's and clamped down releasing sparks of light and dark energy that shot from the cliff.
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Avatar Music-The Last Agni Kai

Theme for Bob vs Bill

Cherie and her team had successfully liberated Tokyo and she looked towards fuji and saw the sparks coming from its peak. "Come on Billy Win" she then boarded a steamship left over from the fleet and headed for the mountain. Marc strode onto the top of the Empire State Building and grabbed the TSOD flag and ripped it in half and sent the pieces falling below. he then took out Law's peace keeper blade and stabbed it into the roof and placed his hat upon it and saluted as the sun shone from behind, illuminating the blade and the damaged skyline. Bob and Bill stood pushing against each other clamping down on each others's fingers surging energy sparks as they energy grappled. some water energy spileld over to the wreckage of the ship where Parax lied motionless and finally woke up narrowly dodging a flying rock he looked at Bob and Bill grappling and spied their legs grinding through the ground. "FEET" he said and grabbed the land under them and ripped it off sending them tumbling backwards. Bill got up as Bob did to and was met with a energy punch by Parax sending her back. Bill sent a skidding kick of fire at her kncoking her back more. Bob was now n her toes staggering backwards as she tried to duck and dodge the attacks, But Par sent a headbut sonice blast at her stomach as a sideways punch from Bill that hit her across the face. she fell backward toward the edge of crater, "This cant end this way for The Bob" she said trying to regain her footing. Bill and Parax surrounded her ready to deliver the final blows. Bob glanced nervously from both and noticed Par's rage face "hes about to charge " she thought and looked at Bill, she smirked and did a barrel roll and hug locked him so quickly he couldnt dodge, Parax charged and rammed into both of them sending them tumbling down the crater. the three rolled together and landed on a cliff side Bob fell off first but dug her nails into the rocks and she stopepd falling, Parax grabbed his Sapphire Curse and jabbed it into the rocks as Bill landed on the cliff itself. Bob sent a sideways kick at Parax trying to make him let go, using one arm he grabbed her wrist and jerked her off she began falling but grabbed onto Parax's legs.he madly began flailing them sending her in different directions and against the wall chippng her teeth . Bill looked down and reached for Parax but a silver nailed hand sunk into his as he saw Bob clinging to him "I wont go alone" she shouted and using her other hand grabebd Parax's face sinking in. Bill tried to get loose but her grip was powerful. Parax tried to get her off but found he couldnt he knew he had to make a choice. "Billy take care dude" He said muffled from Bob's grip. Bill and Bob stopped struggling for a minute and looked down. "What are you talking about" He said. Parax said remember me as HERMIT" Hermit let go of his Sapphire Curse and grabbed onto Bob's legs and began pulling her down. "NOOOO I wont Go" she said gripping Bill's hand even more and drawing blood. Bill grunted in pain as he tried to hold both of them up but Then he began to glow and out came a yellow and white being who jumped onto Bob and Hermit. "LIGHT?" Bill said mouth gaping. "Yes the time has come to destroy the darkness for good and go into a new era of balance" he said in a ancient voice "farewell" he said as the energy strings atatched to him to Bill were severed and he became a physical form and his weight made Bob let go of Bill and the Three fell below into the boiling hot magma with Bob letting out a single Scream followed by a I WILL RETURN......" and all was silemt as they impacted the hot magma and were incinerted on the spot.

Chapter 12 : The New Age of Balance

Avatar Music-Peace

Avatar Music-Peace

Theme for this chapter

The Volcano shook vilonelty as a collumn of fire and ligtht and dark and water shot out that pushed Bill out and back to the ledge where he gripped tightly. The collumn shot into the air and began to spin together and became a special symbol. Bill just gaped and said "Balance" Instantly the symbol of yellow and black and red and blue shot into the sky illuminating the skies. All across the globe in the destroyed capitals the remaining darklets vaporized with a scream. The castle in Romania that served as The Society of Darkness's main base was crumbling, as the banners and flags fell to the ground destroying the gates and towers below. Egypt was hit by a massive rainstorm that doused all the fires as was London. " EhThis isnt to abnormal" Keria chuckled looking at the rain. Bill just stood looking up at the symbol that now glowed brightly in the air, that he didnt notice Cherie come up behind him slipping her fingers into his and squeezing tightly. Bill just turned to her and they kissed as a collumn of fire and smoke shot from the volcano behind them. "Ok we shoudl get off this thing." Bill said "yea" Cherie agreed and they boarded the Steamship and flew off towards Tokyo. Bill took one more glance back as the wreckage slipped into the mountain and disappeared and turned to Cherie and the two collapsed in a hug. Bill and Cherie's Steamship landed in the area near the Imperial palace as Bill stepped out and rain began falling. Bill then shot a lighting bolt at the TSOD flag flying and incinerated it. Cherie then jumped on him knocking him down into a puddle. he grabbed her around waist and roleld her over so she got wet to "Ma Hair" she shouted and rolled him back and pinned. the two kept wrestling in the puddle as the sun shone down while it was raining creating a rainbow across the damaged skyline. He then learned from Marc via the communications network about Law's sacrifice, He and Cherie went to the platform where they found Jack barely alive as they gave him medical aid and he became his old self. Rich's mauled body was found after the Panda mysteriously disappeared. They took the Steamship back to the Caribbean and burried him on Ravens Cove. Keira joined them as well and Bill presented her with the Light of the Abyss which glowed as she touched it for she was the new weilder. Bill drew his Light World Blade and pointed it up, Cherie did same with her Light Blade, as Jack with his Light Tyrant and Keria with her Light of the Abyss. the 4 blades glowed and sent a rainbow into the sky illuminating the Caribbean. The Light Mutineer and Light Curse were layed crisscrossing in memory of Richard Goldvane and Hermit.

The Rainstorm lasted several days and then Keria began using her powers to rebuild the Pyramids and her country taking care of all the wreckages of the airships and placed the nose back on the sphinx, only for it to be knocked off again by a crane moving blocks to the pyramids.Keria just sighed and facepalmed. London took more time to repair as command of it fell to Jack Pistol with his Light Tyrant blade and a epic cape, he froze together the blocks and clock on the rebuilt Tower. New York became a bustling metropolis once again under Marc Cannonshot who had recovered parts of the wreckage of the Nelson and fixed it up, making it grander then ever before. Russia was rebult in time with the new capital being Moscow under Volkov. Bill strode up to the table that faced the public of Japan and the rest of the countries leaders , from the Imperial Palace as he had become the new Emperor of Japan as it's flag pole bared the The Society of Light flag. Bill addressed the group of pirates and citizens of the countries from the Imperial Palace of Japan and said."People of the world this latest atatck on all of us has left us scarred and ruined but together we can heal it and rebuild our glorious cities as we have begun doing" The crowds cheered "but first we must honor the brave people who died in this conflict to ensure this new peace" he said sadly the crowds bowed as well. Then Bill motioned for Cherie to come up and he kneeled to her presenting a ring and asked "Will You marry me?" Cherie slipped his ring on her finger and tackle hugged him down kissing him saying "Yes". the crowds cheered as the symbol shone brightly in the sky shimmering over Japan for the World had entered a new Era of Peace and Balance.

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Chapter 13: The Fate of Goldvane and Daggerpaine

In a dark, murky cave… the only light was the eerie blue glow of a supernatural orb. The orb took a human form. Then, from another tunnel in the cave, came another orb. It glowed green, and took the form of a panda. “Lawrence…” The panda orb spoke. The blue orb appeared to be Lawrence Daggerpaine. The panda orb then transformed into the shape of Richard Goldvane. “Goldy… you died too?” Lawrence asked. “Aye…” Richard said. “Death can be a curious thing… why were we transported into ghost forms?” Lawrence asked. “I don’t know. It appears we serve some sort of… purpose.” Richard said. “What kind of purpose? Humans can’t see or hear us, I already tried confronting Bill.” Lawrence said. “Hmm. Sad to say, but it appears we are stuck like this” Richard’s orb said as it floated through the cave. Lawrence’s orb followed. “Yes, but there have to be benefits to being supernatural. It appears we were chosen by the Light to become ghosts, and…” Lawrence began, but was interrupted by Richard. “The Light? Are you sure? If the Light were controlling this, wouldn’t Bill be involved?” Richard said. “True. Then it must be something else… some other… force. Not the dark, but something in between.” Lawrence said. “Or we could just be special” Richard said with a smile. “We need to unlock this… power. Whatever it is.” Lawrence said. “Yes. We must use this to help the Light and maintain peace throughout the world” Richard said. “Right” Lawrence said.They both exited the cave and into the stormy forest. They eventually reached the shoreline.“Hey, Law, also. I guess I thought I was in some sort of… ‘Heaven’, and well… I went fishing, suspecting I would catch something good.” Richard said. “And..? Did you catch anything?” Lawrence asked. “Well, I hooked a sword. A sword… named after a fish.” Richard said as he revealed the elusive, highly-sought-after, Barracuda Blade.“Nice” Law said simply. “Wait… if you can change into a panda…” Lawrence began. Lawrence began concentrating. “Law?” Richard asked. Lawrence’s orb then transformed into none other than the steamship he had crashed into the tower! “Whoa….” Richard’s orb said to itself. He floated up and onto the ghost ship. “Shall we sail, towards the horizon, and…” Lawrence began, “Into the oceans secrets!” The both finished together. The ghostly orb of the steamship began sailing at an incredibly supernatural speed, and into… the ocean’s secrets…

Chapter 14: Epilouge

Elsewhere in a volcanic scary mountainous place a Portal Opened and out came Dusty dragging Kitty's unconscience body to the Nightmare Realm. "Man you weigh a ton" she said and dropped her. "I do Not" she said jerking up. The portal flashed again and Jason Shiprat stepped out and greeted the ladies. Kitty just turned to Dusty and made a blegh face but then a hand punctured through her grabbing her heart and crushing it. Dusty gasped and jumped back. Kitty twisted her head to look at the culprit as Jason and she used her last energy to sink her nails into his legs and she slumped dragging them though his skin and finally out. Shiprat leaned and said "PayBack" and kicked her limp body a little. He approached Dusty and put on a dashing smile and began to flirt with her. She blushed and then he felt a pain in his chest and saw a dagger through it and the the holder was Dusty she smiled and made a wave with her fingers and his body slumped down as well. she lifted her dagger and cleaned it and put it away, She then skipped toward the castle whsiting a tune as the bodies of her comrades slipped into the lava. After Dusty had finished off her comrades Albertus came into view and looked around and sinisterly said "One Day i will Have My Revenge MUAHAHAHA" as he laughed he choked up a little and thats when he looked up and screamed in horror as a boulder dropped on him crushing him to dust. Dusty turned in his direction and said "NOT" and gave a little giggle and using her cloak she flipped it over her and vanished.


- Unknown Location -

As Dusty laughed like a schoolgirl ,Three hooded figures watched on Three Thrones at a pool of energy that showed the location surrounded by stalagmites and stalagties "The Balance has been reached" One figure said sounding robotic, "Indeed which means our time has finally come" The second figure said with a child's voice. The Third figure stood up and said in a ancient voice "Patience, let them have this moment" he said crossing his arms behind him and peering down "It will be all the more sweeter for Their Destruction" He said. He stood up and the Two others nodded as a ancinet symbol appeared behind them illuminating their eyes, the small one had a red and orange eye, the medium size one had a blue and red eye and the tall one had all blood color eyes, under their hoods. and the star shaped symbol shone as 6 bluish letters glowed.

To Be Coninued??


The Balance has been reached and the world is at peace what could be next..... An Old order returns from the ashes of defeat with a plan of universal proportions. Find out the secrets and the continuing story In

Bobby Moon's The Aftermath: Dark and Light Unite

Alternative Scenes

A few alternative scenes were writting that were only partially used in the main book, We want to give credit to CaptainGoldvane2 for making this. so kind of like Deleted Scenes

Airship Battle

Written By: CaptainGoldvane2

The crew continued hiking through the rocky mountains until they reached a small forest. “We’re getting closer!” Bill said. “Aye, They eventually found a large area where it was just rock platform. They noticed a wildlife reserve to the left, and to the right was the shorline, which held an airship station for repair. However, no ships or people were currently there. But then, there it was… the Dark Airship! It flew forward towards the crew’s location at a fast speed. Equipt with a large set of gears, which also worked as cutting blades, massive cannons, and Dark Warriors. “There they are! Fire Grenades, you useless rodents! And leave Bill for me!” Moon said with a hiss. Grenades began falling from the airship, and dropping to the crew’s area. “Take cover!” Bill said as he hid behind a rock. Cherie followed, and they began saying final words. “Bill… I threw away your Red Fury outfit..” Cherie said. “WHAT!? Cherie… I ate ten cheries on Friday.” Bill said. “NO!” Cherie began ranting. Richard and Jack looked around, and realized something. “Jack…” Richard said. “Rich?” Jack asked. “We gotta do it…” Richard said. “Yeah… I figured that. Cherie and Bill took cover while Richard and Jack began running out towards the airship. “Over here!” Jack said. “Don’t shoot Jackie! Shoot me! Look here! I’m nice and… rich!” Richard said. Smoke grenades were dropped and the two didn’t know what to do. Then, an attack airship swooped down next to them. They got on, and saw Jonathan Goldtimbers at the helm. “Welcome aboard!” Goldtimbers said. He raised his airship, as naval officers of Britain fired cannons at the enemy airship. It was a huge battle. Albertus walked out of his cabin. “What is this!?” Albert asked. “Conflict, Mr. Spark. Precious conflict!” Moon said. “Get the blade ready!” Albert yelled to the Dark Minions. “You don’t give orders on my ship, Mr. Spark!” Bob said. “Actually, I can, your ‘royal highness’!” Spark said as he became angry, and enabled the large cutter to move into Goldtimbers’s ship, putting a large hole in the mast, balloons, and hull. “We have to get out of here!” Goldtimbers said as he began steering the ship away. “We can’t! We must stop that cockroach!” Richard said. “I’m afraid Richard is right, if we run now there is no way to win!” Jack said. Goldtimbers ignored the two. Richard randomly jumped from the British ship and onto the bow of the Dark Airship. He unsheathed his Light Emerald Curse. “Richard! Get back here!” Jack said, but it was too late, the ships were too far apart. Dark Minions began attacking Richard, but he dodged attacks and threw a barrel at then, knocking five of them down to the ground, where Cherie’s broadsword was waiting. The two airships continued firing, but Goldtimbers stayed out of range of the deadly blade cutters. Richard began dueling against Dark Minions. Unfortunately, his Light Emerald Curse was flipped out of his hands, and thrown off the ships. “Oops…” Richard said as he began backing up from the approaching Darklets. “Goldtimbers! We must aid Goldvane!” Jack said. “He’ll do fine!” Goldtimbers said as he continued to steer. Jack decided to fire a cannon at the enemy ship, hoping it would aid Richard. It demolished three Darklets, and injured another. Richard took the injured Darklet’s spikey sword and finished him with it. The Dark Airship was winning the battle. Richard walked through the Dark Airship, only to find Albertus on the edge, throwing grenades at the British ship. “If it isn’t the old, dirty, murky, Ally?” Richard said. “It’s Spark. Albert.. Spark….” Albert said. “Alright, Girly Sparkles!” Richard said with a grin. Albert unsheathed his rapier and attacked Richard. Richard used his new spikey blade against Albert’s Rapier. He noticed it had a cursed ability, and decided to use it. It fired green fire at Albert. Albert walked back. Albert was still on fire, and began running around. Eventually got the fire out, but found himself up on the edge of the “Poop deck”. Richard followed. The cutting blade was right behind Albert, and Richard had his back facing the rear of the ship. They began dueling. Cannons nearly made both of them fall. Richard began pushing Albert toward the cutting blade. Eventually, Richard had him cornered, and the blade was still operating, turning and turning… and turning… “Triple nuts…” He said as Richard kept pushing him. Albert jumped off the ship, and grabbed ahold of a small flap meant to stabalize flight. Richard jumped down to it as well. “QUADROPLE NUTS!” Albert said as he dodged attacks from Richard. They continued fighting. Eventually, Albert began climbing back up, and reached the deck. Richard did the same, but couldn’t find Al. He then noticed Albert come from behind a box, holding a large barrel. He used it to push Richard towards the lower end of the rolling blades. As Albert pushed hard, Richard jumped onto the barrel, and jumped behind Albert. Albert had put so much previous force into the push, he couldn’t stop himself from pushing the barrel into the blades, which grinded up the barrel of fish so much that wood chops and fish guts went all over Albert, giving him splinters and a horrible odor, as well as knocking him down. Richard then grabbed his rapier, and threw it off the ship. Albert stood up anyways. Richard began hammering Albert with the spiked blade. He slashed his chest three times, threw in a large line-slash, a Jumping Slash, and several stabs to Albert’s feet, knocking him down. “Five nuts…” Albert said. The Dark Airship began to hammer the British ship even more. “Goldtimbers, we have to abandon ship!” Jack said. “Never! Fight til the bitter end!” Goldtimbers said. He appeared to just want to disagree with whatever anyone else had to say. Jack began to try and push Goldtimbers off of the wheel. “Stand down, Pistol!” Goldtimbers said. Cannons aimed for the top deck, and Goldtimbers was hit! “Cry god for Harry.. England… and… Saint George…” Goldtimbers said as he died. Richard continued to crush Albert. “Any last words?” Richard asked as he began to aim his blade at Albert’s throat. Albert grabbed a wood plank that had been shot off of the railing, and launched it into Richard’s head. “Ahh!” Richard said as the wood stunned him, knocking him back. Jack had taken control of the British Airship. He rammed it into the Dark Airship. Unfortunately, the Dark Ship used the cutting blade to rip off the bow part of the British airship. Somehow, this caused a lantern to fall onto a gun powder barrel, starting a large fire, which spread through the airs and balloons. The ship began to go down. “Haha! So long, loser!” Moon said. The impact of the ram knocked Richard to the ground, but he quickly got up. He Picked Albert up, and began crushing his bones. He cracked his right hand, and two ribs. As he began to aim for the killing blow, but Moon threw a dagger into his stomach. Richard just gasped and dropped his blade. He then fell over the side, plummeting towards the Wildlife reserve. Jack saw this. “No! Goldy!” Jack yelled. Richard fell into the reserve, breaking glass, and landing on some potted plants. “Rich!” Bill said. The British ship began falling to the ground fast. “In England’s name, Goldtimbers!” Jack said to the dead Goldtimbers as he jumped up and onto the Dark Airship. The British Airship then went down into the jungles, crashing in a huge explosion. Bill and Cherie were forced to move to avoid being blown up. Jack used a rope to swing into the forest, where he grabbed a tree branch and hopped down.

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