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In loveing memory of Matthew Omalley.

Matthew died on sunday of 1748. Riverta Soulstealer, Johnny seaslasher, jeremiah stormwash and all the rest of the know UA members all attended his funeral. Matthew died on his home island, driftwood. Matthew was a feared privateer, spy, and Empire GM. In Matthews late years he worked at building and improving Omalley & Stormwalkers Mercs and more.

Matthew's Will

My famed musket goes to Johnny Seaslahser for his great aim.

My boots and long coats go to Matthew O'malley for his good style.

My treasures and jewels go to erinn O'malley.

My money, ashes, and War Frigate goes to Riverta Soulstealer Omalley my wife and soulmate.

My War Galleon goes to Jim Bloodsilver for his superb privateering skills.

My Compass and navigation gear goes to Edgar Wildrat.

The rest of my belongings get distributed equally to the rest United Alliance.

--Matthew's ​Guilds--

United Alliance Flag

Matthews most notorious guild was United Alliance. UA was notorious for its master members, Guild defeats and Assassinations. UA's first successful battle was with the EITC Bay Pirates. The Bay pirates were a branch of EITC with all Master players. Fortunatley Matthew's forces were able to defeat them at ravens cove in the brink of one of jolly rogers Hallows eve curses..

Epa Flag

Official Elite Pirate Alliance Flag

Elite Assassins was Matthews last successful guild. Unfortunatley Matthew was getting weak and old and did'nt have the benifits as young unlimitied players had. Elite assassins had spyed on many guilds in its time. Matthew Omalley co gm Johnny seaslasher was a great friend of his. Matthew grew very sad when Mr. slasher decided to pull away from the guild. Johnny built a mutiny against Matt and ended Matts GM status and his career.

----CREW OF MATT---- Crew of Matt was Matthews very first guild. To this day Matthew has seen members of the Crew of Matt still running around the island of port royal.

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