Death Statement

Some of you might have known, some of you might have not, but as of today, 3:52 PM Mountain Time Zone, Jeremiah Stormwash is no longer with us. This page will conclude his will, and much more. Read... if you dare.

Jeremiah Stormwash's Will

My Adventure Ostrich Hat to Richard Goldvane.

My Black Buccaneer Hat to Edgar Wildrat.

My Recruit Bandana to Black Blood Troop Two.

My War Frigate the Black Stallion to Jamie The Second.

My Fleet Long Coat to Lawrence Daggerpaine.

My Lucky Long Coat to Matthew Omalley.

My bright colored clothes to Matthew.

The rest of my clothes to Soar.

All my weapons lie with me in the Palaced Cave of Raven's Cove, where I will now reside.

All my treasures lie with me in the Palaces Cave of Raven's Cove, where I will now reside.

Jeremiah's Last Testimony

I dragged myself out into Raven's Cove and find my friend Johnny Sea Slasher and say "He is a traitor, he betrayed us, it's... kill him..." and I pass away. My eyes, wide open, the face of death over me, and I can see myself laying there dead, and all of a sudden from the ground, ropes of black smoke emerge and wrap around my body. Once I'm tied down my skin and mucle burn away into dust and are carried by the wind. All that remains is my bones, then my bones start fading to dust and I'm gone. Now the dust is carried by the wind through El Patron's Mine, to the Palaced Cave of Raven's Cove, which was sealed off because I was a threat to El Patron, I cannot eat, not matter how hungry I am, I cannot sleep, no matter how tired I am, and I cannot truly pass away to the next hell, no matter how much I want to truly die. Find me, and defeat me in the sealed off cave, but beware my crew, for they are dangerous and vile. They will kill anything, and they won't stop. They'll be everywhere once the cave is open, make sure it doesn't open, but you go through the solid rocks that have Tia Dalma's magic which seals them off. Getting in is the easy part, but getting out, that even I haven't figured out yet.


Currently Jeremiah Stormwash resides in the Palaced Cave of Raven's Cove, with the name Jerrymiah, not Jeremiah Stormwash. Beware, when battling him, he is not the Jerry you knew, but a bloodthristy villian who will stop at nothing...... and I mean nothing..... to kill you.

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