The Delta Empire

The Delta Empire is a Democratic Republic of Spain and France. It is lead by President Pearson Wright, and the Delta Congress. Recently The congress passed a commission for an army. This was created, and named, " The Blue Flank. " Our efforts are consistent to stop the spread of the EITC. I must remind all of you fellow pirates, that stopping one lord and electing a new one will do nothing. All the EITC lords have made promises they never keep. The EITC must be destroyed. That is the only solution.


Jack Swordmenace

Grace Goldtimbers

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The Delta Empire

Dog O' Hawk

Marie Antionette


Matthew O' Malley

Hector Wildhayes

Captain Leon


Elizabeth Pondbellows

The Blue Flank

The Blue Flank is a relatively new army created for The Delta Empire. It is Lead by General David. It is a highly elite army that is designed to protect pirates and kill EITC.

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