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Who are we?

We are The Eco Warriors! We are under the command of Keira Kinover, who also started the guild.

How to join

You can usually find us on Tortos, Tortuga, but if we aren't there, feel free to use the invite code: YBHB4586.


We currently have 60 members in all!

Name Rank

Keira Kinover


Balian Officer
John Officer
Ned Shorewrecker




Aidan Veteran
Antoine Badarrow Veteran
Bart Cannonrat Veteran
Blaze Phantomskull Veteran
Christopher Gunginty Veteran
Cleo Sternshot Veteran
David Ironfalcon Veteran
Davy Sterngrim Veteran
Elizabeth Wavebones Veteran
Elizubeth Veteran
Emily Veteran
Freebooter Veteran
Freebooter Veteran
Gerard Moonhayes Veteran
Grace Rubycload Veteran
Gunter Veteran
Hayden Veteran
Hikaru Sharkhazzard Veteran
Jack Cabinrat Veteran
Jack Stormlegend Veteran
Jack Sunspinner Veteran
Jack Swordfitte Veteran
Jason Barrelroberts Veteran
Joseph Bladewinds Veteran
Kate Veteran
Laurence Veteran
Leon Daggerphoenix Veteran
Li Veteran
Meghan Raidwalker Veteran
Miranda Namine Harley Veteran
Peter Warwinds Veteran
Pirate Veteran
Pirate Veteran
Raven Ironmight Veteran
Seadog Veteran
Seadog Veteran
Seadog Veteran
Soultaker Music Veteran
Spike Veteran
Thomas Hexpaine Veteran
Tigerskull Veteran
Violet Goldfox Veteran
William Tigerfalcon Veteran
Wolf Chainsharp Veteran

Wolf Stormhawk



  1. O U T L A W S - Thanks to Jarod


Please only use this if you are a member of The Eco Warriors

Code: {{TEWU|(add either of these a/an/the)|(add what you are, Officer, Veteran, etc.)}}