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The Sultanate of Morocco



Government Type:



Richard Cannonwalker

Official Religion(s):

Islam (Morocco)

Hindu (Nepal)

Official Language(s):

Berber (Morocco)

Arabic (Morocco; written only)

Nepali (Nepal)


593,800 km²

     The Empire of Morocco (الإمبراطورية المغربية) or the Sultanate of Morocco (سلطنة المغرب) is a country located in Northern Africa. After the annexation of Nepal, however, Morocco also has territory in Asia.

Currently, the Empire of Morocco's government is run as a Sultanate. Richard Cannonwalker is the current Sultan of Morocco, and exercises unlimited power over the Moroccan people. However, since Nepalese territories are so far from Rabat, a Vice-Sultan of Nepal is to be appointed. The Lords act as advisers.

The Moroccan Empire

Map of the Moroccan Empire

Morocco Map -1.png

All areas that are in the possession of the Moroccan Empire are highlighted in red on the map.  The areas in possession of the Moroccan Empire include not only the original territory in which the state of Morocco was founded upon, but include the territories located within Nepal following the annexation of Nepal to Morocco in the early January of 1746.













Territorial History

  • (Early January, 1746) The recently-united Nepalese Kingdom joins together with Morocco to become one Empire
  • (Unknown, 1746) The Moroccan Empire has been ceded to Romania (which is later merged with the Ottoman Empire)

Governmental Leaders

Sultan of Morocco -  Richard Cannonwalker

The Vice-Sultan of Nepal - Vacant

The Lord of Kathmandu -  Vacant

The Lord of Janakpur - Vacant

The Lord of Mahakali - Vacant

The Lord of Rapti - Vacant

The Lord of Karnali - Vacant

The Lord of Narayani - Vacant

The Lord of Morocco - Vacant

The Lord of Tangier - Vacant

The Lord of Rabat - Vacant

Throne Successors

For the time being, no heirs have been appointed to take Sultan Richard's empire when he's unable to rule it.

Moroccan Guilds

  • None

Wars Fought In

  • The Anglo-Nepalese War (December 26, 1745)
    • Decisive British victory
    • British claims to Nepal relinquished

Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic Standings


The Empire of Russia - Allied

The Ottoman Empire - Allied

The Republic of GenoaNeutral

The Republic of Venice - Neutral

The Empire of Japan - Allied

The Kingdom of Switzerland - Neutral

The Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland - Neutral

The British 13 Colonies - Neutral

The Empire of Austria - Neutral

The Kingdom of Prussia - Neutral

The Kingdom of France - Allied

The Protectorate of New France - Neutral

The Kingdom of the United Provinces - Neutral

The Kingdom of Sweden - Neutral

The Kingdom of Denmark - Neutral

The Kingdom of Italy - Neutral

The Kingdom of China - Neutral

The Empire of Persia - Allied

The Kingdom of Portugal - Neutral

The Kingdom of Spain - Neutral

The Protectorate of New Spain - Neutral

The Empire of Romania - Neutral

The Electorate of Bavaria - Neutral

The Kingdom of Sardinia - Neutral

The Grand Duchy of Hesse - Neutral


The 8th Brethren Court - Allied