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London: Grand Lodge
London: Yellow Lodge
St.Petersburg: Red Lodge
St.Petersburg: Red Lodge

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The Freemasons believe in eternal light forever, Our goal is to bring peace and justice everywhere. We believe men should have a society to be with each other and make a difference. We have some of the most powerful, influential members and can make a very big change to the world.

The Freemasons started out as "stone masons " In the early middle ages, They added many masonic symbols to the World's greatest structers. The Pryamids are a Masonic symbol, The French Revolution was started by the Freemasons, The American Revolution was organized by the Freemasons. The world is ruled by the Freemasons. The current music industry is ruled by freemasons. Now, its your chance to be a Freemason. Are you ready?


1) Do not participate in Wars

2) male only

3) Keep all things a secret

4) if a member reveals any secrets they will quikcly be forced to leave the society

5) Do not let others manipulate you, You are somebody. Don't let someone make you feel weak or tell you what to dothumb|300px|right|Freemason Anthem

thumb|right|300px|This song is played during the start of every Freemason Ceremony or meetingthumb|300px|right|Freemason Funeral Music ( used for every freemason during their funeral )thumb|right|300px|The anthem of the Sovereign Grand Inspector General, This song is played whenever he enters the ceremony.

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A Freemason apron ( all members wear one during a ceremony )

The Purpose of this society is to let others have freedom. When you are at a Freemason meeting, Royalty or power does not matter. The King of England or France has no more power then a level 2 pirate. Once you enter the Freemason HQ you are in the halls of freedom, peace, and friendship.

Meetings: Every 3 months.


Blue Lodge

1) Entered Apprentice
2) Fellow Craft
3) Master Mason
Lodge of Perfection
4) Master Traveler
5) Perfect Master
6) Intimate Secretary
7) Provost and Judge
8) Intendant of the Building
9) Master Elect of the Nine - North
10) Master Elect of the North
11) Sublime Master Elected-North
12) Grand Master Architect
13) Master of the Ninth Arch
14) Grand Elect Mason ( leader of the lodge of perfection )
Council & Princes of Jerusalem
15) Knight of the East or Sword
16) Prince of Jerusalem
Chapter of Rose Croix
17) Knight of the East and West
18) Knight of the Rose Croix
19) Grand Pontiff
20) Master and Vitam
21) Patriarch Noachite
22) Prince of Libanus
23) Chief of the Tabernacle
24) Prince of the Tabernacle
25) Knight of the Brazrn Serpent
26) Friend and Brother Eternal
27) Commander of the Temple
28) Knight of the Sun
29) Knight of St. Andrew
30) Grand Inspector
31) Knight Aspirant
32) Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
Honorary Achivement
Sovereign Grand Inspector General ( leader of the freemasons)



List your name here

  • John Breasly - Master Mason
  • Edgar Wildrat -Fellow Craft
  • Lord Jeremiah Garland - Grand Master Architect
  • Cap 02:34, June 19, 2011 (UTC) -Sovereign Grand Inspector
  • General
  • Davy Daggerskul - Fellow Craft
  • Captain Crashside - Entered Apprentice
  • Cadet- Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret
  • Marc Brown - Entered Apprentice
  • Captain Josh - Entered Apprentice
  • Signature of Louis XV
    . - Knight of the Sun
  • Sir Carlos Clemte - Fellow Craft
  • !~Mega~! - Entered Apprentice
  • Captain Ryan - Fellow Craft
  • Johnny Goldtimbers - Master Mason
  • Francis Bluehawk - Master Mason
  • Captain Robert- Entered Apprentice
  • Jay Brightsun - Entered Apprentice



Padres Del Fuego Lodge


The Port Royal Lodge


Port Royal: Lodge Blue

Padres: Lodge Green

Ravens Cove: Lodge of Jeusalem

London: Yellow Lodge

St.Petersburg: Red Lodge

Rome: Imperial Lodge

Paris: Main Lodge


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