The Genesis was a pirate guild under the command of Richard Cannonwalker. It was created in June 2011, although the exact day is unknown. It was named after the band Genesis.

It's unknown how many members the Genesis held at its peak, although it's assumed to have held anywhere from the mid-100s to the mid-200s.


Richard Cannonwalker created the guild in June 2011. He created the guild because he was still sore about the termination of his first pirate and the fall of The New Brood. This guild was created in hopes of re-creating the "glory days" of The New Brood. However, in Richard's eyes, it failed.


It's unknown if the Genesis ever made it to the leaderboards, although it's assumed that they didn't.


Richard Cannonwalker vs Tom Swordskull vs Jay

Richard Cannonwalker vs Tom Swordskull vs Jay

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