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The Golden Dragon was created by Garcia Avaricia as a gift to Johnny "Shark" Turner. It is known for its unique mix of speed and quantity of cannons. It was responsible for the deaths of over 7,500 Spaniards and the freedom of over 15,000 undead souls. It took Avaricia two and a half years to build using 94 men. It was Spain's greatest creation, some say. It is basically a war brig, but faster and more firepower. Another gruesome tale is its broadsides of explosive ammo. If you sail too close, you will get hit, and your ship will likely sink by default. This is why the Golden Dragon is usually involved in short distance battles. 


Hull: 12,000

A painting of it with British forces on board.

Sails: 12 knots

Cannons: 26

Broadsides: 44

Cargo maximum: 20

Shipmate maximum: 16

High Ranked Crewmates

-Johnny "Shark" Turner, Captain

-Molly Scither Shark, First mate

-Cannon Bart, Head Cannoneer

-Foubeard, Head of Combat

Other photos of it

The Dragon overcoming large waves.