The Golden Mealstrom: History

Built - In 1735 by Captain Jack Darksteel

Captains - Jack Deathrbringer

            Jamie Dreadfoot

            Jack Darksteel

Materials used - Driftwood, Iron, Steel, Canvas, Silk, Pine, Oak

The Golden Mealstrom was first spotted in the war against Lord Leon, during the time it was captained by the notorius Jack Deathrbringer a pirate who always stood for his loot. After the war the Mealstrom got badly damaged and it broke down on an unknown island. It is rumored that Jack Deathrbringer stole the ship from the Spanish Royale Navy after he got out of jail for betrayal, piracy, and murder. Till this day the wherebouts of this famous ship are unknown...

Storage Room

As every good pirate always says Why is the rum always gone , You will never have to say that aboard The Mealstrom. You will find 100s of bottles of rum and fine drinks.

Storage Room - Weapons

And yes secondary we will also have some fine weapons aboard.

Most commonly you will find cutlasses, daggers, and pistols.



The Golden Maelstrom as seen in the Caribbean Waters

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