The Golden Rose is one of the hardest to beat, because the Captain of the Beauty Ship is Lord Maxamillion of the EITC. The Golden Rose or also known as the "The Ole' Rose", can catch up to the Pearl from a good distance. The amount of cannons on the ship is unbeatable. The sails are huge and the hull is humongous. This ship can fit up to 90 people, and hold a lot of ship materials; cargo, treasure, and spices. The brig is huge and 30 Pirates can fit inside. This vessel is as strong as The Flying Dutchmen, as fast as the Black Pearl, as scary as the Queen Annes Revenge, and as lare as the HMS Endeavour. Good luck trying to take of that crew and ship.

  • Fast
  • Uncatchable

    The Golden Rose

  • Huge
  • 50 cannons on both starboard sides
  • 45 cannons on both sides of the deck
  • Massive sails
  • A hard to beat Captain
  • Ported always next to the HMS Endeavour
  • Lord Maxamillion is so good as a cannoneer, and sailor, and is always been one of the best
  • Lord Maxamillion owns a Fury, Firebrand, and Lightning ram and has a Sven Seas GLOBE
  • Guarded by England Ports, and sometimes will be a trade holder
  • Colors ~ Gold, Black ~
  • Aloud to be used by anyone Lord Maxamillion trusts ~
    • Following People aloud to sail it:
  1. Lord Johnny Goldtimbers ~ Also a great sailor
  2. Lord William Brawlmartin ~ Very well trusted
  3. King John Breasly ~ Very well trusted
  4. Admiral Sven Daggersteel ~ A great sailor
  5. Lord Cad Bane ~ Very well trusted

- You need a winner to be a winner. Msig Talk.

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