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THE GREAT CABOOST is a chicken that hangs around Abassa & Andaba WHERE ever he wants he is so Awesome that he has his own weird name.If you see this chicken 20 times you could die if u see this chicken 10 times you'll get good luck (figure that one out).He can be at Tortuga, port royal, and sometimes Cuba also at Padres Del Fuego.He can make some wicked shoes named "Error, No name"(Don't ask me how he makes them).He can understand Spanish, French,English,and somehow Greek.Cortez has convince him to join The Light.If He Goes On The Uninvited Guest he'll turn into a skeleton & obey Cortez'z every order.He is also the symbol of the guild Voyager's Edge. His owner is Cortez (Sharple) (NOTE : For now on if you see this chicken you could post it in the Slideshow xD!)

a nice shot of Caboost

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SOCIETYOF LIGHT LOGO3.png The Great Caboost is a member of The Society of The Light!

Caboost's Brother Jackie

Jackie is near his brother caboost at abassa, port royal.He is just like caboost but he is older and much smarter thats why he appeared! He doesn't make any boots or such but he knows how to cook up a good turkey,but he mostly hangs out at The Cave of Lost Souls.

Jackie, Caboost's Big Brother


Chicken dance.gif The Great Caboost saw da great Caboost!



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Caboost THE GREAT CABOOST I will peck you if you eat meh
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