Who are we?

The Grey is neither Dark, attributed to wanting revenge and war, nor the Light, attributed completely to forgiveness and peace. The Grey is often where many governments or groups find themselves when they have been betrayed, or attacked. It can be said that the United Freedom Confederation, originally intended towards The Light, is going through a phase of The Grey. While retaliating on Co. Black Guard for attacking their people (unarmed) and embracing revenge, they are doing so in the name of Peace and in order to bring balance back to the Caribbean. Groups that are in The Grey tend either to head towards The Light or drift closer towards The Dark, depending on the outcome of their circumstances. For example, one who had been betrayed by their best friend completely and seeks revenge may shift towards The Dark while one who chooses to end war through diplomacy or mercy will head towards The Light. Some groups may remain in The Grey.


Since The Grey is usually more of a temporary concept, there aren't really any 'rules', just 'tendencies'. Such include

  • The more you aim for revenge the closer you drift to the Dark.
  • The more you aim only to protect the closer you rise to the Light.
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