The HMS Pride of Singapore is the personal transport vessel of Singapore's Royal governor, Jeremiah Nathaniel Garland II. The ship-of-the-line, constructed on order by Governor Garland, was originally designed to serve as a massive trade vessel for Singapore. However, during the height of the First Anglo-Spanish War, it acted as a vital flagship for the British Royal Amarda. Today, it is out-of-commission as both a warship and merchant ship, but acts only as Garland's personal transport.

Background and Construction

After Jeremiah Garland (then a lord of the East India Trading Company) was selected by King George II to serve as the governor of the British colony of Singapore on June 1, 1744, Garland saw it neccessary to improve trade and communications between England and the Asian colonies. Already, Singapore was a common destination for East India Trading Co. merchants (as was British India, Taiwan, and Shanghai). However, Governor Garland decided that in order to strenghten Singapore's economy, a trade company of his own would be founded, so rather than just receiving imports from the West Indies, a profit could be gained by putting a monopoly on all other eastern British traders.

Garland announced the formation of the Singapore Trade Co. on June 18, 1744. Although short-lived (due to an inflammation of British monetary values, which caused Garland's company to be shut down), it was during this time Garland ordered the construction of the HMS Pride of Singapore to act as a fore-running trade flagship. The following day, June 19, construction began on the soon-to-be massive ship-of-the-line.

Made from softened Malay teak wood, a valuable wood only native to the area, and lined with Laotian gold, the Pride of Singapore, upon complete in early September, weighed in at over 1,500 tons. She boasted 12 sails on her main deck, including 2 rear sails, and 3 frontal sails. Overall, it cost Garland about £200,000 to build the vessel. She was officially completed September 4, 1744, when she was Christened by Garland himself.

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