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The Holy Flag, the flag for the kingdom.

The Holy Tower

The Holy Tower is a massive tower, the biggest in the world. It hold records of past rulers, battles, etc. in The Holy City Court (See also Holy City Officials and The Holy City Government).

The Holy Tower is said to be the source of peace in this world and has a counter-part in the world after this, The Chaos Tower. The tower is often filled with Mages of the Holy City. Only the exclusively picked are permited in the upper levels, along with the High Priestess and her mate [husband] (depending if they are seen there or at the palace).

Holy Tower

Its Beginning

The Holy City was founded centuries ago, by the Goddess Eula, the princess of the Gods. She was the first High Priestess [queen] and she watched over her kingdom. It is said that she mated with a soldier, against the wishes of her Guardians, and her parents, and conceived a child. The god grew angry with this, and that's when the prophecy became. All was peaceful for several years, until the god came.

Civil War

After many centuries of peace, there came a civil war. The war was between Mage Herrick, brother to the Priestess, and Kevrana and her mate Jovani. At the time, the city was in a crisis: war, famine, and ruin. The priestess and brother were at the cause, because of their greed. Kevrana and Jovani gathered any rebel to join them and they tried to reason with them, before using force. They tried to kill them all, but the rebels were ready, fighting with all their might. In the midst, the city was overrun with attacking enemies, and all over the city was chaos, fire, and blood. The fighting and desctruction continued throughout the night, and when the sun rose it showed the desecrated city. Out from the wreckage of the palace, rose Kevrana, Jovani, and several other rebels. Beaten, bloody, and worn down, the warriors soon gathered the last of their strength to rebuild, and begin again.


Jak & Razor - Let My People Go!

Theme for the civil war

None knew of the upcoming war...

The Great War

The God of Chaos was jealous of Eula, and he wanted her dead. He and his wife, Eris came and declared war on them. Eula's parents, the rulers of the gods, took her away. Erison, and his wife, soon took seige on the kingdom. Eula soon broke free from her parents grip and fought them. All of a sudden, they disappeared, and all was quiet... until centuries later...

Erisa, the goddess of Chaos, daughter to Erison and Eris, gods of Chaos.

Soon after, they elected new High Priestesses, of which brought the prophecy, mentioned in High Priestess Keira Kinover-Mar.

The god and his daughter broke free, vowing to free Eris, and conquer the world. Each time, the High Priestess sacrificed her life to stop them, and only One broke the cycle...

The Rebirth Cycle

The Rebirth Cycle is simple and complex depending on how you perceive it.

Basically, there are three planets in a "triangular" pattern that harbor life: Earth, Precursora, and Haephnes. When someone dies on one planet, they are reborn on the neighboring planet. This inturn helps keep the Life Cycle abundent. The souls follow the triangular pattern.

The Pattern consists of the three neighbors rotating in a clockwise pattern.

  • If someone dies on Earth, they are reborn on Precursora
  • If someone dies on Haephnes, they are reborn on Earth
  • If someone dies on Precursora, they are reborn on Haephnes

If the pattern was to go in reverse, then the Life Cycle would as well. If the soul pathway is disrupted between two planets, they would go to the third depending on the obstacle.

For Keira, she came to Earth alive, so she is able to travel back and forth.

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