The Hyperbolic Time Realm. This realm has special properties that will allow someone to train for a whole year in one day. age does not matter as you can spend 30 years(30 days) in the realm and only age by 30 minutes.


1.Captain Jim Logan used it for 10 years(10days) to achive all the forms of the Super Pirate

2.By The Illustrious Front Lines to do war with The Skull Clan(for 60 days)(60 years)

3. By The Z-Fighters to do battle with the Z-Villains(for 30 days)(30 years)

4. By The Alliance of the Brethren Courts( for 10 days) to do a long war with the EITC and Lord Leon(ironically with the Skull Clan as allies).(10 years)

5. By Captain Jim Logan to fight the EITC(for 5 days)(5 years)*

6. By Captain Chris Jericho to train The Kliq for 3 days(3 years)

  • Jim had escaped death 10 times while training in The Realm to 5 Years.
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