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Character Directory

The Imperial West Indies PotcoEitcSymbol2

  • Lord Jeremiah Garland - Finding victories across the board, Jeremiah Garland leads the new Imperial West Indies government, ran by the EITC, a British trading company. He is the father of Stormwalker.
  • Lord Andrew Mallace - While his roleis not very clear, Andrew Mallace is second in command of the new West Indies gov't. He is the other father of Stormwalker.
  • Lady Stormwalker - She is the financial force that pushes the new government to power and is infamous for her clan the House of Storms, now assimilated into the EITC.
  • Ned Edgewalker - With his discharge from the Republic, Edgewalker is forced to pay debts to the House of Storms by securing a dangerous and key weapon stockpile for the new gov't.

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  • The Hessian - While still a mercenary and having side jobs, he is also employed by the EITC, which was his primeemployer before they were driven out in the days of the Revolution.

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  • Governor William Seasteel - Governor of Kingshead, sekf-appointed and approved by high West Indies leaders, He watches over the island and prepares soldiers for battle as the new gov't takes over.
Jason Blademorgan( skinny )
  • General Jason Blademorgan - A highly respected general, he is one of the few originals of high respect and honor still serving. Prior to coming back as a General, he lived in London, England.

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  • Earl of Upper Kings - An imported English Earl, he is very ignorant and only cares for the possible promotion to be a land owner in England, one of much prestige.

The Republic UnifiedNational

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  • Lord Christopher Crane - Not as strong as thought to be, Crane finds himself in the middle of chaos after losing Puerto Republica unexpectingly. He is unable to decide what to do.


  • Lord Admiral Bobby Moon - Furious with failed attempt after failed attempt, she leads the entire military due to the death of Lord General Plunderbones. She is also a diplomat in a new cease fire process.
  • Governor Albertus Spark - The Ravenian Governor, Albertus helps Bobby lead the military with her double role and acts as a diplomat in a new cease fire process with the Union.

Davy Gunfish Gun

  • Vice Lord Davy Gunfish - Finding himself more silent he is frustrated with the new problems that have erupted after the loss of Puerto Republica.Constant terror threats amongst them in Tortuga.

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  • Ellie Dove - A sly agent, she has been at the Governor's side for a few years. She was known to be with his people since the re-discovery of Ravenia.

The Union UnionNational


  • President Richard Cannonwalker - Richard is alarmed after seeing not only the first Union loss in the war, but the Republic's loss as well. Fearing the worst, he feels a cease fire is in order despite being sceptical.

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  • Admiral-In-Chief Nate Huntington - Huntington despite his roots with the current West Indies government, refuses to submit to their power hungry ways and craving for economic power.
David McMartin resized verison
  • Governor David McMartin - McMartin despite being crippled by the West Indies bombing of the Forum continues to fight for the Union and his friend, Richard.

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  • Governor Victoria Risa Diverti - Fed up with the entire situation, Victoria was also hurt in the West Indies bombing of the Forum. She ponders what to do about the current situation.

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  • Chief of Staff Hank Langston- Hank was a large supporter of Richard Cannonwalker when he campaigned to be the Padres governor. He eventually became his Chief of Staff in Padres, and now the Union.

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  • Jason Clubheart -

Map (Conquests)

  • PotcoEitcSymbol2 West Indies (Black)
  • UnifiedNational Unified Republic (Blue)
  • UnionNational Southern isle Union (Red)

The First Act

Act I, Scene I - Unification Day — Cuba, West Indies PotcoEitcSymbol2

Blademorgan ventured into the Pantano River as chaos enraged behind them, burning and destroying everything in their reach.

Blademorgan: Nothing is left untouched! We will make an example of their intelligence and military procedures. They will realise that they are doomed and bound to meet the drop!

West Indies Lt.: For the West Indies! For economic power! Boots manoeuvred through dry sand watching as columns of smoke littered the isle. Jeremiah Garland stood with Stormwalker as Mallace joined the two, watching Blademorgan command the destruction of Cuba to demonstrate the power and might of the new West Indies government.

Jeremiah: This will show 'em for what they did years ago.

Mallace: We told them that we would avenge if they were not careful enough with their pitiful government. Rebels rebelling from rebels! Hah!

Stormwalker: The plan was to stop them all I could in their stupid democracy, fathers. I just got very rich too at the same time.

Jeremiah: With the majority of the West Indies under our control, we can grow even richer. And not only richer but stronger. We are stronger than we ever will be and ever have been.

Mallace: Long shall we live...

Stormwalker: Long shall we reign...

Act I, Scene II - Day of Banners & Peace — Tortuga, Caribbean UnifiedNational

Ravenia's Governor smoked a cigar as him, Richard, Bobby, and Hank sat at a table putside the rooms in which McMartin and Diverti were being treated. Hank drank from a bottle of whiskey while Bobby fiddled with a blade.

Richard: Let's all face it guys... if some of the Union people govern while the Republic takes their own and Union military strategies to war with them, everything will be much easier. The Trading fuckers are gobbling you up faster than they gobble us up if we do not combine.

Bobby: But what happens after, Rich? Huh? Then what?

Albertus: Will there be an after if they keep gobbling the entire Caribbean up and especially after what they did to Cuba? Most likely not. This is the only thing we can do.

Hank: It's still too risky, Rich.

Richard:, I do not even understand how it is risky at all at the rate this war is going. It completely flopped over and turned inside out. No one is going to win.

Bobby: Well if we aren't going to win then why the FUCK ARE WE TALKING?

Albertus: We are hoping to, despite the freaking odds, disprove that the EITC won't win at the very least and we can go on with life as usual.

Hank: You guys are sure this will work? Richard and Albert nod. Hank turns to Bobby for her last say.

Bobby: Dammit. If this is all we have then I guess we shall go with this.

Hank: I guess so.

Richard: Then it is settled. We call for the meeting and pitch our plan to them. If you will excuse me, I will go talk with the governors.

Act I, Scene III - Day of Banners & Peace — Rumrunner's Isle, Caribbean UnifiedNational

Rumrunners was silent as the sun rose above the isle. Trading Company agents disguised as ordinary citizens roamed and watched the isle woke up. The island had grown significantly since the days of the revolution. Some of the New World leaders described it as the Caribbean's own New York. The Hessian, the lone mercenary, roams.

The Hessian: It won't be essy to take. It's the economic center of the West Indies, after people discovered it held hundreds of kegs of rum.

Ishmael: The Republic is weak though. They could wipe them out without destroying the commerce that is taking place.

The Hessian: The Republic isn't that stupid. They will make sure our invasion is disruptive. It can be done though. With the capture of this isle we will suffocate the Republic and win out.

Ishmael: What if before the invasion there was a "disaster" here?

The Hessian: Do not joke about these things.

Ishmael: I mean like something where people would evacuate with a fleet at the ready. Maybe a big ass fire? The confusion could make it to where we could sweep up the island for ourselves in the end.

The Hessian: That could work. Let us be on witb our lives for now.

Act I, Scene IV - Day of Banners & Peace — Tortuga, Caribbean  UnifiedNational

McMartin and Diverti lay in their bed in pain. McMartin lost a leg and an eye in the explosion that blew up in the Forum. Diverti was lucky to only lose her hair and an eye as McMartin acted quickly enough to shield her. Richard sat by McMartin and Diverti as they rested.

McMartin: You know, Rich, it feels like this may all have been a wasted effort for nothing. I'm sorry I had to drag you through this crap. Frankly, I deserve this.

Diverti: Oh shut it, David. You are a great man and the only one that deserves what they got is me, I was the one that woke you up early.

Richard: Stow it the both of you, no one deserves what they got in that explosion. It is no one's fault but the Company's.

Diverti: Fucking black hats. They should shove it elsewhere.

Richard: Look, guys, I got an idea and I have some of the Republic's support for it and I want to talk about it.

McMartin: Fire away, Rich.

Richard: What if we temporarily combined both countries and some of us like Victoria, you, and me lead the government while Crane, Gunfish, and others lead the charge against the Company? we aren't the best at military strategy like we are with governing.

McMartin: What would we do after we get rid of the company? Could they not—

Richard: We don't know if this will work, David. I'm not worried about what comes after.

Diverti: Do whatever it takes for us to win.

McMartin: I guess we can try it. Go on and call the meeting without us. We have to stop them or else we will never be free again.

Richard: I will make sure it is put into motion as soon as possible, David. Take care both.

Act I, Scene V - Day of Banners & Peace — Tortuga, Caribbean UnifiedNational

Richard goes off into the Tortuga forest where he finds a private house and he enters it. Inside is Christopher Crane, Davy Gunfish, Bobby Moon, Albert Spark, Hank, Nate Huntington, and Elizabeth Bane.

Crane: At last, we can finally meet again after the tragedy that has struck both our sides. Welcome, Richard.

Richard: Yes, at last. I apologize for my being a bit tardy as I was having a quick word with McMartin. I bring here with me not only myself though but a proposal of what can be done about the mess we have ran into. I have been speaking with others in here about it and after a long discussion we agree that this may be the only way to defeat our long time foe.

Albertus: With the growth and ever expanding borders of this trading company, we find that without officially combining our resources, people, armies, and governments temporarily, we will never fully be as functionable as we could be and as strong as we should be against the enemy.

Richard: That's why we would like to propose that we combine both governments and armies so that we are one until the defeat of the company. We feel you, Crane; and you, Gunfish; would be much better off on the battlefield leading both armies taking my place and David's place.

Albertus: Lord Crane, you would work better on the land forces with Elizabeth and I while Lord Gunfish can work with Moon and Huntington with the fleets.

Bobby: It really is our best shot at it, especially due to the loss of Cuba in every way.

Hank: There is not much else we can do at this point.

Crane stood silent pondering what was said. He looked at the Vice Lord and they frowned then looked back.

Crane: It's not what I wanted and Davy may not agree but we will have to go with it.à Let's make preparations for this and quickly.

Act I, Scene VI - Day of Banners & Peace — Kingshead, West Indies PotcoEitcSymbol2

Kingshead had been transformed from province of peace to province of protection and at war. The isle was littered with artillery, cavalry, and infantry training posts. Seasteel was pleased with the progress so far. He had for so long been raising a militia on Kingshead back when it was a republic holding a d at las 5made it a secret no more. The Earl of Upper Kings approached him.

Seasteel: The Third Division... will they be prepared for battle Earl?

Earl: Of course. We got orders that no matter the outcome of Cuba that you meet with the main fleet a few miles off the coast of Rumrunners, but to be secret about it.

Seasteel: When was this? I should have been the first one to have gotten the news.

Earl: Just now, however they sent it by messenger. The army will be ready to secure multiple isles. It will be like your old days.

Seasteel: Of course it will be. Odd it was by messenger. Did you verify it was an East India seal?

Earl: No one even knows we are a thing. The Union still thinks we are the capital, agents say.

Seasteel: You are sure of this? Why would they be calling for a cease fire then?

Earl: They are unorganised twits, what do you expect?

Seasteel: You never know until the end, you must always be weary of what your enemy thinks and does. That's why we lost the West Indies in the first place.

Earl: I suppose it is only true that philosiphy is.

Seasteel: Too true sometimes...

Act I, Scene VII - The Second Day of Unification — Tortuga, Caribbean UnifiedNational

Richard and Crane stood in a room while a scribe awaited for them to dictate what to write.

Richard: How about we just make it more official: After debate and deliberation with recent events taken into consideration, leaders of both countries have found the need to unite their respective peoples as one."

Crane: It just doesn't sound right. I say it should sound more like "From the desk of Christopher Crane: I have decided that staying divided with an old foes return would not be ideal for the future of all peoples in the Caribbean and is best off lost the Union than under the rule of our former oppresors."

Richard: Okay some of that works, some of it doesn't. Look, it needs to sound like its from both of us or else no one will take it seriously. Here how's this we start with the name of our new government. Which by the way we don't have.

Crane: It's temporary...butI guess. United Republics of the Caribbean?

Richard: The Souther. Isles are not a Republic. We are a union of two countries though. "West Indies Union"

Crane: The enemy goes by West Indies. We would be better off known as the "Greater Caribbean Union". And while we are at it our motto can be " Five Colours, Four Capitals, Three Currencies, Two Governments , One nation". It's stupid.

Richard: No, that's genius. That will be what we are going to be known as. We can have a white and golden flag too.

Crane: I think I am seeing it now... Alright then... this is what we will write then... At the top a design of a coat of arms or the flag and the name and motto of the temporary government. Then the body shall read this "Whether you are a Unified Caribbean or a Southern Islander; after debate and discussion between the two countries of the Caribbean, it has been decided that in a greater time of terror and chaos with the rise of the Imperial West Indies, that Southern Islanders and Unified Caribbeans will united as one nation: The Greater Caribbean Union. While temporary, it is necessary or we will all fall victim to the tyranny of the East India Trading Company. Be calm, be weary. These are strange times for our waters and ones that must be handled with care. Five Colours, Four ethnicities, Three currencies, Two states, One people. Long shall we be free."

Richard: Perfect. It brings tears to my eyes. I love the revised motto too. It could use some work but the scribe can work that out.

Scribe: Thank God for that.

Act I, Scene VIII - Second Day of Unification — Rumrunner's Isle, Caribbean UnifiedNational

The Hessian was standing as he looked over the plans of possible spots to begin the confusing, sneaky plan to take the economic power of the Republic. Ishmael, his fellow partner in crime looked over the blueprints and maps of ideal places. Theyhad developed several plans in which the West Indies could take the island.

The Hessian: An assassination could better our odds of distraction when an explosion goes off on th eastern docks, while the Republic supposedly unloads gunpowder, and the eastern portion could spread fire.

Ishmael: Yes but we would have to be careful of not losing too many buildings. I think if we just have a Rumrunner's ”militia" take the island and wreck the place while assasinating someine, we could take over.

The Hessian: That could also work. We just have to wait and see until Lord Garland comes.

Outside the room a Trading Company agent listened in on the two men's conversations. She listened closely as the two men discussed while she carved a pointed object out of wood with her blade.

Ellie Dove: Oh if only dumbfucks were not so dumb. She giggles softly to herself.

The Hessian: Maybe taking it by force would just be much better.

Ishmael: It is a bad idea man! We have to do it peacefully or they will rip us limb from limb.

The Hessian pounded the wall in frustration and then took a whiskey bottle and poured it down his throat.

The Second Act

Act II, Scene I - Day of Unity Near Rumrunner's Isle, Caribbean

Ravenia's Governor stood on the Silent Raven with General Elizabeth and Lord Gunfish. They looked out at the empty and foggy waters as if to expect something. <p class="MsoNormal"> Elizabeth: Are your sources even credible? This is pissing me off so badly as if we just walked into some shit. <p class="MsoNormal"> Gunfish: If we did, we may as well sit and enjoy the foggy waters. They don't call this the foggy sea just because they feel like it would be a great joke. <p class="MsoNormal"> Albertus: Settle down child. Of course my sources are credible considering I fuck it. <p class="MsoNormal"> Elizabeth: Wonderful to know. I definitely needed to know this. While we are at it why don't you tell me how many other women you take to your cabins. <p class="MsoNormal"> Gunfish (grumbling): Where is the popcorn when you need it. <p class="MsoNormal"> Albertus: Well I apologize your bitchyness, perhaps you would rather I say "because I just know" and be all cliché about it. <p class="MsoNormal"> Elizabeth: Maybe I do. You seem like a grumpy man we don't need anyways. <p class="MsoNormal"> Albertus: Oh really? Old I am? <p class="MsoNormal"> An officer approached Lord Gunfish and pulled him aside. The two argue gradually getting louder as each says something. <p class="MsoNormal"> Gunfish: This is about to get even more interesting. Hurry up, cadet what is it? <p class="MsoNormal"> Officer: My Lord, enemy vessels as expected have been spotted. <p class="MsoNormal"> Gunfish: Of course, when it got interesting. You are to be at your post and prepared then. (Gunfish walked toward the two and out hands on both of them) Okay time is uo, we have shit to do and won't get far when you two end in making out. <p class="MsoNormal"> Both look at him a bit strangely as if he was out of his mind or insane. <p class="MsoNormal"> Gunfish: You two need to devise your plans of fucking more... private? <p class="MsoNormal"> Both just stare at him. <p class="MsoNormal"> Gunfish: What? I see everything you know. Whatever.  

Act II Scene II - Day of Unity — Near Rumrunner's, Caribbean

Ellie Dove listened as Lord Garland spoke. He addressed them as they prepared the long thought out and planned process of the rendezvous. They had just spotted a ship off the bow straight ahead of them which was believed the Steel of the Sea.

Jeremiah: We took much time to make this happen and we certainly are not going to stop now, we came a long way from the Port Royal victory to now in the present day. We will take back what is rightfully is ours and it will be with the capture of this key port. Long shall we live, long shall we reign!

Stormwalker: However we must have one officer take to the oars and row out there to hand over key plans. It will be a long process of rowing and if no one volunteers then we will randomly pick, therefore... any volunteers?

Ellie stepped up.

Ellie: I volunteer to row. My family have been oarsmen for too long, it will be a quick crossing for me.

Stormwalker: Then take to the sea as we wait.

Ellie did take to the sea and rowed towards the ship. Slowly it is revealed that the ship is not the Steel of the Sea but the Silent Raven and she continued without hesitation. She climbed the ship and with her had the battle plans and positions.

Ellie: Here you are, sir. The actual plans. She kissed the Governor's cheek. Elizabeth just hmphs.

Albertus: Sneaky sneaky. Just the way I like it. Hmmm well they truly think a distraction will work. Then let them do their damage. It will be a shame to see one of their pretty little ships meet the sands.

Gunfish: Let me see them. (He takes his time to look over them and reads it) HAH! We shall possibly see them both sink like rocks. Desperate assholes.

Elizabeth: If they are going to use a distraction then I guess we shall distract their transport. You. Whore.

Albertus: Whore has a name.

Elizabeth: Go back to them with this and act as if everything went according to plan. Good day. Ellie took to the oars again and rowed away.) What a whore.

Albertus: Whatever.

Gunfish: On second thought do me the favor of just shutting the fuck up.

Act II, Scene III - Day of Unity – Near Rumrunner's, Caribbean

The Steel of the Sea found itself approaching a a vessel and began to stop. William was as ready as ever. The ship he guided had close to 200 men ready to be dispatched with very specific orders and actions. Seasteel brought along with him Ned Edgewalker and the Earl of Upper Kings.

Seasteel: And so we await their dinghy to row towards us.

Edgewalker: Is that really one of ours?

Earl: Why of course it is. It is not firing at us and it sure as hell is not coming any closer to us. You can clearly see a black flag being flown over it, declaring it a West Indies one.

Edgewalker: Just saying, I know my ships. My previous title was Rear Admiral. You are just an Englander.

Seasteel: Enough. Here comes the dinghy now.

Bane climbed aboard in a uniform with a different set of plans.

Seasteel: Here I'll take those. It seems they want us to lead the charge in. They only want artillery to be unloaded before we unload anyone else. This should be interesting. Thank you, soldier. Be off then back to your vessel and tell them we shall proceed.

Elizabeth climbed back down and began to row back towards the Silent Raven. She quickly climbed back aboard as the Steel of the Sea began to sail towards Rumrunners.

Elizabeth: There were no questions asked and they are clearly starting to move and make the first move.

Gunfish: We must get going then. Helmsman match their course and pursue them but not too close behind them. We need to be ready to fire our cannons. I need everyone doing something or we are not getting anywhere. Until the Huntington arrives from the west, we have to take the lead.

Act II Scene IV - Day of Unity — Near Rumrunner's, Caribbean

Crane Huntington and Moon looked as they slowly navigated through the fog of Rumrunner's. They looked for what hopefully would be the Steel of the Sea, a West Indies ship.

Moon: If only we could see through this fog, I can't see for shit!

Huntington:  Patience, Admiral. We will find them before they know what's going on.

Moon: Have you ever pondered what could happen if this doesn't succeed? Or if any of your previous battles wouldn't succeed?

Huntington: Not at all. The expertise I have is all I needed to ensure I would win out. You see, the problem the Republic has always had is doubting itself or not being prepared and thinking ahead. The Union was always 2 moves ahead of the Republic.

Moon: Well you can thank Plunderbones for that. It's all his fault, Chris. Should never have hired that bastard.

Crane: What does it matter? Are we getting close to them?

Huntington: I can see the island. Based off our position we should probably slow 'er down. We should be coming up to them soon.

Crane: Bobby, who do you suggest we replace Bill with then? Clearly you knew he was bad from the start, so I would assume you would be right this time around.

Moon: I think my answer is quite obvious. It's as obvious as to who should succeed you when your time is up whether you seek another term or not. Based off how this whole war has played out anyways.

Crane: So... the Vice Lord?

Moon: What...?

Crew members began shouting and the ship slowed down to a quiet halt. Huntington ran over to them.

Huntington: We have arrived. Prepare to light 'em up.

The two looked at him in horror.

Moon: You're just going to sink them to the depths?

Huntington: Would you prefer them to take over Rumrunner's and watch your pitiful economy take a bigger plunge as well as holding a sea-land siege?

Crane: To battle. It's not quite as clean as it used to be so it seems.

Act II Scene V - Day of Unity — Near Rumrunner's, Caribbean

The Silent Raven slowly crept up behind the Black Explorer. The crew saw the cannon fire from The Huntington as they assaulted the Steel of the Sea. Crewmembers shouted back and forth preparing to take the flagship of the West Indies.

Elizabeth: I think... I think I'm going to be sick....

Albertus: Worry not princess! It's only water! We will soon be victorious and my people will rain down flowers on me buahahaha!

Elizabeth: Shut up.... drunkard.....

Ellie: At least he is a genius when he fights in this state. A true hero for our people.

Elizabeth: I think I'm getting very sick...

Gunfish: Enough! (He comes down unsheathing a cutlass) We are boarding and I don't care in what kind of shit condition you're in, you're fighting.


Silent Raven quickly rams into the back side of the Black Explorer shattering the windows of the Captain's quarters. For a small window several crew members board from the back as the Silent Raven backs out and prepares to ram the Black Explorer again on her Port side. Amongst the few that board are Ellie and Albertus.

Albertus (as he unsheathes two long swords and reveals his black armor): WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS! FOR THE CARIBBEAN!

Ellie: For the Caribbean!

The men chuckle at Albertus' drunken state but no less step into battle. The Silent Raven rams into the Black Explorer much better this time and more Caribbean soldiers unload clashing their swords and firing their rifles into the Black Explorer's crew. Garland quickly walks out only to dodge something flying over him.

Garland: What the fuck?!

Gunfish: A pleasure to meet you again, my former oppressor!

Garland: Oh God, not this bull again....

Gunfish quickly strides over to Garland with a sword in hand and swings it at him but not before Garland blocks his swing by pulling out a sword from a barrel.


Garland: You fuckers have no idea what you're getting yourselves into. Your funeral.

Gunfish: If we do fail, we will outlive you old man.

The two began dueling intensely. The Silent Raven and Black Explorer exchanged fire through hand-to-hand combat and ship cannons.

Act II Scene VI - Day of Unity — Near Rumrunner's, Caribbean

Seasteel panicked watching his ship burn quickly. The Huntington had quickly damaged them out of repair and he had to think fast if he wanted to do something.

Seasteel (gasping for air): Beach her... beach her helmsman!

Earl: Are you crazy?! We are going to be threatening the lives of many!

Seasteel: What does it matter? We are going to die, people are going to die at some point so either you man up and brace for impact or burn in hell!

Edgewalker: You people just couldn't listen to me could you... incompetent pieces of shit....

Seasteel: If there is a problem then perhaps you'd like to burn alive. Is that what you want

The ship suddenly jolted as it beached herself onto the Rumrunner's shores.

Edgewalker: Fuck you people...

Edgewalker unsheathed his swordand passed it across Seasteel's face leaving behind a red gash across his face. Edgewalker quickly dashed into the inner urban area of Rumrunner's.

Seasteel: FUCK! I want you to get him or else... We may be compromised...

The soldiers looked at him in disgust or confused, some collapsing grasping their heads in pain.The ship burned as the military were unable to form.

Seasteel: This is a disaster.. Troops... not able to figure out what they have to do... we are done!

Earl: And so am I.

The Earl swiftly fists Seasteel in the face and walks away as Seasteel lay there knocked out. Republic Defense troops quickly dashed across the beach and opened fire on the EITC soldiers that continued on.

Act II Scene VII - Day of Unity — Near Rumrunner's, Caribbean

The Huntington quickly dashed across the water towards the battling ships. Crane came out from the deck hauling a chest and opened it.

Moon: What's all that, Hermit?

Huntington: Good grief, my Lord, I don;t think you'll need that when we board.

Crane: It's what I'm going to get from it that matters. Trust me.

Crane opens the chest and pulls out a black coat and many other EITC Uniform elements.

Huntington: What is all that? Were you...

Crane: Nope. Old habits die hard. (He begins taking off his clothes and putting on the uniform) It has been so long since I've worn this .

Moon: You still have that?

Crane: Never know when I might get a museum one day, eh?

Moon: You really think they won't notice?

Crane: Done it before, and I'll do it again.

Suddenly a loud blast from one of the lower cannons is heard and the Black Explorer's stern explodes sending many troops into the air. The Black Explorer's bow begins to tilt upwards. Moon and Crane look back at Huntington, Moon's face in shock. Moon: Are you crazy?

Huntington: No, I'm a Naval Genius. Watch them plead for their life.

Gunfish quickly swims over and climbs up The Huntington after being blasted into the water. He is gasping for air.

Gunfish: Garland... He's in the water alive. Get him quickly before he gets away...

The Huntington quickly maneuvers trying to find the Lord but to no avail. The Huntington proceeds to rendezvous with the Silent Raven as the Black Explorer lets out one last time exploding into bits of wood before the rest of it plunges to the depths. The two GCU Ships side by side brings the crews together. Albertus, Ellie, and Elizabeth step on to the Huntington.

Albertus: We let some of them live if they promised they wouldn't return and swim towards Rumrunner's to be arrested. They are off to face the music!

Ellie: All in all it was a mission accomplished. The Battle of Rumrunner's is undoubtedly a decisive GCU Win.

Elizabeth: With that said... I believe we have to get to it by high tailing it to Puerto Republica before they catch wind of this news, perhaps possibly meaning the end of this if we get there in time.

Gunfish: We should rest first though, possibly overnight it before we make a move. This one definitely wore us down some.

Crane: Agreed. Admiral, set a course to Puerto Republica. We shall once more be a unified region.

Albertus: We will see you soon. We must drop by Tortuga first to repair for damages. Unlike The Huntington, we did not attempt to be stealthy and went head on too.

Ellie: Farewell for now friends.

The two ships departed heading for their respective destinations.

Act II Scene VIII - Day of Unity — Near Rumrunner's, Caribbean

Edgewalker quickly blends into the crowd of Rumrunner's streets as the inhabitants gaze at the burning Steel of the Sea. The Hessian quickly leaves a building and catches Ned's attention from the corner of his eye. He quickly thought through what he could possibly do.

Edgewalker (in his mind): That's hessian... That could be an opportunity for me in some form if I'm going to be persecuted by the time word spreads of my betrayal... This could be a way of redeeming myself, a way to bargain with my friends too....

Edgewalker quickly caught up to The Hessian and took the Hessian's hat off and stomped it into the ground.

The Hessian: What is with you Republic scum? Betraying the true rulers of the realm? You stupid fool.

Edgewalker: Shut the fuck up and listen: Keeping anything that may portray you as an officer of the true rulers will call for attention, officials will apprehend us and just like that we are done for until there is a surrender from the GCU or they come to rescuse us. Would you like that?

The Hessian: You strike a good point, my apologies, Nimrod. (he takes his uniform off in the alley and swiftly puts on his mercenary wear while Ned disposes of his uniform too) If we want to get off this place we may want to stowaway aboard two different ships.

Edgewalker: We should probably get towards the House of Storms base of operations, that's the safest place for us, but I think one of us should go ahead to be sure the other isn't apprehended.

The Hessian raises his eyebrow and polishes a gun.

Edgewalker: I'll stowaway on a direct Tortuga transport while you stowaway to say Devil's Anvil and dinghy it over there.

The Hessian (nods his head): A wise decision. Very well, you go ahead and may your travels be well.

Edgewalker: Wasn't Ishmael with you by the way?

The Hessian: He was. But he felt the call for his faction to take this isle was very necessary, he's likely in custody.

Edgewalker nods and makes his way towards the docks to stowaway.

Edgewaler (in his head): This is just all too easy...

Act II, Scene IX - Day of Reformation Near Rumrunner's Isle, Caribbean

Richard paces in his new office on Tortuga as he administers the new Greater Caribbean Union. Hank sits in his room alongside with a healed Victoria and David.

Richard: So much we can do to fix the situation here.

McMartini: Indeed Rich, we could choose to do any of the things we believe we should have done that didn't happen.

Richard: Like what though? I never had so much power over this region. Even more so the capital of which it is administered.

Victoria: Well there's a million things you can do! Like give us French people more freedom and assistance. with the poor there. (She smiles big)

Langston: Or maybe arrest the many that have disrupted the region.

Richard: What do you mean?

Langston: I mean the gangs, like the House of Storms. We have our white coats now and more than the Republic ever had at any point.

McMartini: We don't have intelligence on where their base of operations are though. It would take a long time!

Langston: Not if you threaten to break up the downstairs Black Market, you could trick other gangs into telling you where certain gangs are. Eventually you would find all of them.

Victoria: Except the House of Storms, no one knows where they are.

Langston: Better than nothing though.

Richard paced more while the others looked at him.

Richard: What else? I don't want it to be just that.

Victoria: Help other provinces or reorganize something.

McMartini: What about planning how we ensure we stay in power? Getting the Republic to cave into this was unrealistic yet it happened and we now can wield the end of our war in our favor.

Richard: Perhaps we should... but we have guests coming, we should wait...

Suddenly there comes a knock on the door. Langston opens the door.

Langston: Mr. Edgewalker? What are you..? How did you...?

Edgewalker: It doesn't matter. I want you to arrest the House of Storms, and I can show you how to find them. Not only them but a stockpile of weapons they smuggled. You can hit them for so many things if you bust them.

McMartini: What a coincidence we were just speaking of them...

Edgewalker grins ear to ear seeing his plan working.

Richard: It seems we can after all go with this for now....

The Third Act

Act III Scene I - Day of Resolution — Tortuga, Caribbean

The smell of paint filled the air. Edgewalker supervised several crates being painted over in jet black paint then being labeled EITC and explosive. The team worked quickly nailing the crates shut. Richard walked in.

Richard: Never did I think we would find such powerful weapons let alone ones that would torture one in agony before their eventual death.

Edgewalker: It isn't right. No faction should be able to have them. It would divide us even more, it would cause for alarm for many, a thing to avoid. We may very well end up with two factions in the Caribbean but at least one will be neutralized.

Richard: We may not have to fear our deaths after all at the rate we are going in reforming the region. Never again will evil cross our path.

Edgewalker: We are ready to load them to Padres, Rich. We will never have to fear separation and corruption again after this. From this point forward. We can be relieved at last to see peace restored!

Richard: Indeed. It is why I am calling this day the Day of Resolution. We resolved the problems that plagued our region: The gangs, corruption, and most importantly the foe we have come out on top once more. Our former oppressors who will continue to be former oppressors.

Edgewalker: Never shall this be allowed to happen again.

The military loaded the ships and transports with the vile weapons. In the background one could see mercenaries, criminals, pimps, and more be arrested by men in white uniform. The Black Market was no more as the Day of Resolution had come....

Act III Scene II - The Second Great Siege of Puerto Republica: Day III — Puerto Republica's Coast, West Indies

The Greater Caribbean Union fleet pounded on Fort Charles, watching it fall bit by bit into rubble and into the sea, never to be seen again. A blockade has surrounded Puerto Republica not allowing anything go in or out, cornering the EITC. Crane looked out off the bow watching the EITC scramble.

Crane: Day Three. This should be the charm, the day that they give in. Garland has never survived this long without caving in, they caved in on day two last time. Gunfish: Yet they live on. We may have to deploy troops and risk it. Worst case scenario we have to wait until reinforcements come around.

Crane: I don't think we should do it. Just tire them out and eventually they'll cave. No food or anything in or out will devastate the town and they will think it over. Puerto Republica will do what we want them to for us.

Huntington joined them looking out with them. He looked through his scope out at the island.

Huntington: Morning, gents. It seems as though my former colleagues from years ago have not yet learned when it's simply good business.

Crane: So it seems.

Huntington: Does not mean they are stupid though. They'll eventually find reason. If they aren't surrendering with Charles in the sea, then I do believe it's time for artillery by land, Crane.

Crane: I would prefer to see if the third day actually means something to them, but artillery might do the trick.

Huntington: If you're willing to spend a bit of money into a new capital district, I'd say go in guns blazing and to just full on blast through the Governor's Mansion.

Gunfish: I don't think that's a good idea, there are better ways.

Huntington: And pay the same amount of money over time to a longer war, my good sir. Perfect idea. People prefer short wars than long ones. Crane: At lunch if nothing has changed, I suppose we can look into doing something other than seeing what we can reach without getting too close by ship. Huntington: So be it, but I highly doubt anything will my big friend. They have some sort of way they are able to survive three days. Unless the leaders are drunk, they must be planning an offensive attack against us to defend their holding. If this becomes the case I'd say you should plan out seizing other islands in their possession.

Crane: Perhaps. I stand by my previous decision though. If there is another way we can come up with after lunch, then we should try that before doing anything rash.

Gunfish: They will fall, they will perish, and they will not see any reason to live.

Huntington: Believe what you wish, but do remember I was in their forces fighting against you in the revolution. I know exactly what they are thinking. It will be a plan to attempt to escape or rid of us. Good day, gents.

Huntington walked away and below deck. Gunfish and Crane both exchanged glances.

Act III Scene III - The Second Great Siege of Puerto Republica: Day III — Tortuga, Caribbean

There was shouting, outside the press was waiting. Richard had invited the press this one time to announce something.

Langston: You're sure about this?

Richard: These people will never change. We may be taking out corruption but then it's going to be a big politics show and I fear that we may get political factions like England has up north. It's simple quite honestly.

Langston: If you say so.

Richard walked out of the building and stood at the podium. A chilly wind blew through and it was snowing, something never seen in the Caribbean. Richard cleared his throat and began to speak.

Richard: It's hard to see things go away, things we believe are for our benefit, but ultimately I will be ridding the government and the people it serves of a great evil. The Englanders should really take note of this as they begin to think of who is really in charge with their current Parliament system. Why do we want to be like them? Why should we become something that promotes tyranny and allows corruption? This is the very reasons why I hereby abolish the legislature. Never shall we see it again and quite frankly the Presidency may very well be something we rarely see as democratic too, and it is why I am considering more reforms for this government to be more efficient. We shall see a new era in our nation and I will be sure to see through that we do not go back to the old days of gangs corrupting our officials. We have the power, the might, and we can use it on anyone threaten us, very evident by the victory of defending Rumrunner's Isle. Thank you for your time, and I hope I can come out here once more with news of peace or new reforms to further improve our region. Good day.

The crowd went crazy and started shouting as Richard walked back in to the temporary building for executive branch, now the only branch to oversee the government. People inside clapped.

Victoria: At last Rich, we can focus on what's right and no more will there be corruption!

Langston: They may be crazy but they will soon see the truth and what this government will really become with this law.

McMartini: Long we shall live, Richard. Long shall we live. To reforming this great Union, this region deserves it.

Richard: No doubt, David. No doubt.

Act III Scene IV - The Second Great Siege of Puerto Republica: Night III — Puerto Republica, West Indies

It was night and snowing. The torches lit up the island. The EITC showed no sign of surrender. Huntington stood awake while the rest slept cozily.

Huntington: We shall wait no longer. Tonight we shall see them collapse before us. Prepare the horses, we're going to wake them in the night and they will not be able to do anything.

White Coat: How many should we take sir?

Huntington: 200 Troops, artillery units mostly. Take some flags with us too, we will raise the flag over the mansion, rubble or not.

White Coat: Yes sir.

Huntington This isn't going to be bloodless unless we are lucky and do it right.

The troops were deployed, and slowly crept up the hilly scape of the island towards the capital district. Soon the Governor's Mansion was surrounded by artillery and troops awaiting anyone who dares step outside. Troops began ramming the door and it would open after 2 blows. Troops over took the mansion rapidly with Huntington close behind. Him and two men burst into the quarters of the Lords and the Lady. They continued to sleep but not for long. Huntington aimed a pistol at Andrew Mallace and slowly came closer to him.

Huntington: Your time is up, my friends.

The three slowly woke up.

Huntington: I wouldn't move or do anything rash, Mallace, or the rest of you for that matter.

Garland: What..? What the fuck is going on..? Nathan what are you doing? You're absolutely nuts. You think you're going to win the war by threatening us? In our sleep? Why is it you have such a hatred for us anyways?

Huntington: Listen to me closely. I have no problem dying at this moment if it means it ends the war. Without any leaders it means it's over, there is no one to follow. This mansion is currently surrounded by multiple artillery units along with several troops, no one could escape without dying on the spot. Listen to me closely. If you want to live then you are going to surrender.

Garland: You stupid fool. You aren't going to do anything. You're bluffing. I doubt the Republic leaders even found this a good idea let alone approve it. You wouldn't do it. Let's discuss why it is you may be doing this now. Is it because we discharged you? Can't be because you retired. Sort of. Is it because you are being paid a lot? Well it could be but you were never one to want much money.

Stormwalker: James, I don't think he's bluffing (She looks out the window as she says this) You should stop this nonsense....

Garland: Ah I know what it is! It's because you lost someone you loved, your partner! Of course, how could I not think of this? It only makes so much sense. Huntington quickly turned the gun on Garland instead of Mallace.

Huntington: You ruined lives. Not just my own, but many others when you unified the Caribbean and then attempted to keep it under your influence. I won't allow it to happen again.

Huntington shoots Garland in the foot.


Garland: My God, you really are angry! Oh, you still bluff though, and quite frankly you wouldn't kill me... I wouldn't kill me... Don't worry Andrew, nothing bad will really happen.

Huntington quickly grabbed Garland by his shirt collar and opened the window. He positioned Garland facing outwards at the army outside.

Huntington: As I told you before, I don't have problem dying if it means this war is over. What I would love is to see something go through your head and you suffer in agony, and not have the quick way out. Perhaps you will have the sense to plead for your life before I do that, though.

Garland: You make a convincing argument, my friend... We surrender. I never thought I'd see this again, except at the hand of my own man. Quite a good show. Let us discuss terms!

Huntington: You bet your ass we will discuss terms...


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