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The Island (Minedlands) is a Minecraft Page.

The Island is a giant island on the server Minedlands. While the Island was originally an archipelago of three islands, they were connected with dozens of stacks of dirt by the inhabitants as to allow more room for building.


After the closing of GabeWorld, Cannonwalker, Rocket_93, Squirto19 and Captain_Naughty decided to try out a new server Cannonwalker had stumbled upon; Minedlands. As most Minecraftians would do, they immediately ventured out into the forest in hopes of finding uninhabited land to begin their settlement on. After a long travel of seeing nothing but inhabited land, the group reached the coastline. They spent the night in a small room built into the side of the mountain and set sail the next morning.

The four all decided to go in separate directions and notify each other if they found suitable land for the new settlement. After a while of seemingly nothing Cannonwalker encountered an archipelago of three islands; he notified Squirto19, who came over as quick as possible. The two decided to dedicate one of the islands to carrot and sugar cane farming. Cannonwalker decided to dedicate another one of the islands to a tree farm (this island would also be home to the entrance to the mine).

As others began migrating to the island (just about everybody on the inhabitants list below), they began filling the space between the archipelago with dirt. Within a couple of days, the archipelago of three small islands transformed into one giant island that was one block thick in the center. Almost immediately after the completion of the man-made aspect of the terrain, Dirty_Mallace began building a large tower in the center of the island to dive in the water below from; some of the terrain had not been filled in. It was around this time that Cannonwalker decided he wanted to form his own society.

Rest to be added by Dirty_Mallace or any other inhabitant of the island.


  • Cannonwalker (Founder; former leader)
  • Dirty_Mallace (Leader)
  • Squirto19
  • Rocket_93
  • BaronVonShush
  • Captain_Naughty (former member)
  • AwesomeA321
  • The_Goldtimbers
  • Mad_Me