The Island of Despel is the name given to the once thriving Island that is now Phoenix Desert by today's believers. It was home to the massive, technologically advanced city of Despelia, where many different mythical weapons and efficient machinery were born. It was also where the Caribbean's most ore-rich mines were located.


The Island of Despel was the first Island in the Ivory Bay to be discovered by humans - the other two islands, which would become Arlia and Cascade centuries after the destruction of Despel, were still uninhabited plains. It was discovered by stranded miners who were heading to Cuba. These miners soon found the mining system that ran throughout the island, and they used the minerals they found there as a foundation of their new civilization.

Notables Treasures/Ores

Polonium-Coated Diamond - Believed to be responsible for the destruction of the island - left a gigantic hole where it was.

Golden Totem - Protected the Island from being completely destroyed and blown out of the water. Destroyed in the explosion.

Uranium Hatchet - The Ivory Bay's first ever advanced weapon. Believed to be sealed deep within the mines.

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