The Jericho is a replica of the Black Pearl created by Tia Dalma for the Spanish Empire but was called La Perla Negro After Jericho stole the ship for himself, he would rechristen it The Jericho.

Creation, theft and attacks on the French

La Perla Negro was created by Tia Dalma for the Spanish Empire in the late 1730's and was originally used to transport spices, cargo and treasure for The Spanish, in the 1740's La Perla was stolen by Captain Chris Jericho and would be later renamed The Jericho. Jericho would later use the ship to destroy French settlements near the New World and would eventually be attacked by the combined force of the British , The Spanish and the French Navies. It would be later be put in a maximum security fortress near Fort Royale where it would lay dormant for over a year.

Return to Service and war with the Spanish

After Jericho returned to the Caribbean, he would be hired by The Worlds Goverment to a "Special Mission" and would be given special Letters of Marque to destroy the pirates, and being a pirate himself, he used the Letters to instead free The Jericho and get 5 more Super Galleons to start a war with the spanish.

Other Appearances

The Jericho is scheduled to appear in the sequel to The Logan Family Saga with the confirm of Captain Chris Jericho's appearance in the book.

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