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What They Are

The lost servers are a place in the Caribbean where the lost civilizations (Including Chetik and a few others that were actually deleted from the game). In the book The Journey of the Leviathan 2, Lawrence Daggerpaine has been living on the lost servers for some time, leaving the Gen. Of Peace guild to be run by other Guildmasters, including Bill Plunderbones (Who leaves and guards the gates to the servers by order of Law, who, even though not technically GM, is still pretty much in charge), and Charles Walsh.


  • Lawrence Daggerpaine found the lost servers many years before the first Journey of the Leviathan, but kept it secret
  • It is said that the true Fountain of Youth is located on the severs, and the fountain Jack Sparrow found in On Stranger Tides was just a "leak" from the true source
  • It is also said that there is a power there to "control the wind," and another to "control the seas."
  • Anything lost (deleted) from the real Caribbean (game) is transported straight to the Lost Servers. On a lot of the servers, the layout of the towns are the original layouts, before the EITC blew them up.
  • There are unseen enemies on the servers
  • The main enemy island is called Skull Island, and is the feature cover picture for the book The Journey of the Leviathan 2, and is seen at the top of this page
  • The longer a server is in the Lost Servers, the more over grown it becomes


The theme of the Lost Servers:

Lost Servers Theme

Lost Servers Theme

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