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Capital: Turin

Population: 300,000 +

Currency: Scudo

Religion: Christianity, Roman Catholisim 

Languages: French, English, Italian

National Anthem: (Sardina has no official National Anthem, so I have provided one below.)  

Sardinia's National Anthem

Sardinia's National Anthem

Royal Family

King Charles Emmanuel III (Captain Ned Edgewalker)

Princess Luckey Hanford


Government Style: Absoulute Monarchy

Prime Minister: Vacant

Minister of Diplomatic Relations: Vacant

General: Vacant

Captain: Vacant


  • Sardinia
  • Savoy
  • Nice
  • Piedmont
  • Nizza

Diplomatic Relation

Allies/Friendly Nations

Nation/Faction: Leader(s): Relations:
8th Brethren Court Pirate King Richard Cannonwalker
  • Allied
  • Very Friendly
  • Trading
Russian Empire Tsar Vladmir I
  • Allied 
  • Very Friendly
  • Trading
The Government of Great Britain & Ireland King John Breasly I
  • Friendly
  • Trading


Nation/Faction: Leader(s): Relations:
Habsburg Empire Empress Hannah Bluefeather I No Tensions


Nation/Faction: Leader(s): Relations: War:
The Kingdom of Spain Cadet



The Imperial Government of Switzerland King Yellowfish I Extremely Unfriendly


June 10, 1746 - The Kingdom of Savoy is formed

June 11, 1746 - The Kingdom of Savoy is renamed Sardinia due to Savoy being a city, not a country.

June 17, 1746 - The Empire of Romania claims to have Rising Tensions with Sardinia

June 26, 1746 - The Rising Tensions between Romania and Sardinia have ended for the time being

June 27, 1746 - Sardinia offically becomes allies with The Austrian Empire 

June 28, 1746 - The reformed Kingdom of Spain is formed by King Richard Cannonwalker I, and thus Sardinia and the 8th Brethren Court flourish 

July 3, 1746 - Richard Cannonwalker surrenders the Kingdom of Spain.

September 19, 1746 - With the end of PotCO, the Kingdom is offically abolished, but not forgotten.

January 29, 2014 - The Kingdom makes appearences in stories. One serious, one... Not so much.

Febuary 13th, 2014 - Ned has announced that he will attempt to, Restart the country, when Pirates Online Rewritten is released to the public.

Febuary 16th, 2014 - Country RP, Continues, without a game, and thus, A new alliance is made with Russia & a state of Neutrality is declared by former allies, Switzerland.

Febuary 25th, 2014 - King Charles Emmanuel III declares a state of Neutrality on the Habsburg Empire

Febuary 25th, 2014 - Spain is declared the Enemy of Sardinia. 

April 16, 2014 - Switzerland is declared the Enemy of Sardinia.

Febuary 28th, 2014 - The Reformation of the Assassins Of POTCO is in progress.

Other Appearances

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