The Kliq (Also known as the Logan Children, Kitty and the Kilq or Clique) Is a group lead by Kitty Logan during her childhood (and later in the 8th Brethren Court). They would also lead the 8th Brethren Court in the American Revolution against the British, after this they would go back to Pirating and after their retirement, they would live happily in Paris (except Charles Logan who would live in Port Royal as advisor the the Governor.)

The Kliq

Added by Captain Jim Logan



Kitty Logan


Laura Logan

Rouge Logan

Jack S. Logan

Charles Logan

Rose Logan

Father Captain Jim Logan
Mother Kayla Silverfox


The group formed when the Logan Family was all born and assembled during 1744 by their Father Pirate King Captain Jim Logan after their mother's death. Jim would take care of them after her death and Kitty would take charge due to she was the oldest. In 1745 the group would get a new member by the name of Laura due to she had a diffrent mother who died of an illness they day they met. Sine then Kitty and Laura had argued about who should be leader Kitty came up with a compromise since Laura was only a few days younger that Kitty, Kitty and Laura became Co Leaders.

The 8th Breathren Court

Later in life Kitty and the Kliq would become Pirate Lords in the 8th Brethren Court with Kitty as the Pirate Queen. And in 1775-1783 they would help in The Revolutinary War between America and England. Afterwords they would continue pirating.

Later in life

It was said in a vision from Jim Logan, that Kitty and the Kliq all moved to Paris, France after their initial retirement. But Charles would move back to Port Royal to become the assistant to the Governer. After 1785, Kitty would move to Richmond Virgina in America, Laura would move to Raven's Cove, Rose would stay in Paris and Jack would move to Tortuga to run the Kings Arm.

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