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The Last Airship was published by McKagan Productions

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This story contains swearing, if you have a problem with this contact an Administrator



Almost three decades ago, the world went to hell. Nobody knows who or what started it, but a pandemic began in 2007 that ravaged the entire world. The official name for the disease was “PAX-12”. The rest of the world called it “Hellfire”. After just five months, three billion people had already died to it, and half of the remaining population was infected. Whole countries were just things of the past now as Hellfire destroyed them. While governments began to crumble from the disease’s effects on the world, a last ditch effort was created by the U.S., Russia, and Canada. They called it Project Skyward, a long-term plan to protect as many uninfected people as they could, in airships.

Before communications broke, rumors began to spread. Rumors that they had managed to build a fleet of six airships, capable of holding five hundred people each for an indefinite amount of time. One was given to each involved government for their country’s use, and one was to gather all remaining scientists in, to work on a cure. The last two airships were to hold all uninfected people found during search and rescue missions. Thirty thousand people could have had been saved from Hellfire. As fate would have it though, only one airship supposedly made it in the air. The five others had an outbreak of Hellfire just days before their launch. No one knows if the airship actually made it off the ground which airship it was, who managed to make it on, or if Project Skyward actually succeeded in even making designs for the airship.

Soon enough all that was known about Project Skyward just became myth. After five years of living with Hellfire in the world, people began to build large camps, all with very strict policies against any outsiders. While Hellfire had managed to kill everyone it had initially infected, there were survivors now who were immune to the disease. These survivors acted as carriers for Hellfire, infecting anyone without the disease. No camp would risk their entire population just to let one person stay safe within their camp. Groups of survivors eventually formed, so that they would be able to raid camps for food and clothes. Soon enough some of the survivor groups pooled their resources together and started their own camps. After twenty-five more years of Hellfire still tormenting the world, myths had turned into a hope. A hope that one day, the Last Airship would reappear, and finally end the decades of torment Hellfire had brought upon the world.

Chapter I