The following document is the Last Will and Testimony of First Sea Lord Johnathan Francis Anthony O' Reilly. His most prized items shall be divided from his possession upon death, and gifted to the people of which he chooses. Unless specifically stated, all other items, including main estate and inheritance, are gifted to Princess Amelia Eleanor Augustus I.

The Items

Princess Amelia Eleanor Augustus I

  • Silver wedding ring
  • Portrait of O' Reilly
  • Three million pounds
  • Silverware set of the finest china

Czar Jeremiah Pond Garland II

  • Full dress sword
  • Full command of the 185th Regiment of Royal Marines
  • Ten million pounds for the Russian Government
  • Should Princess Amelia pass, fathership of O' Reilly's children
  • Two hundred fifty bottles of O' Reilly's finest wine
  • O' Reilly's personal set of playing cards

General Nathaniel Joseph Pond Garland I

  • Full command of the Royal Marines
  • The deed to O' Reilly's estate in Baltimore, Maryland
  • The original flag of the Co. First Division
  • One million pounds

​General Maxamillion Marcus Beckett I

  • Command of the H.M.S. Prince of Wales
  • The novel Seamanship written by O' Reilly himself
  • Diamond of the Sea

General Nathaniel Scottsman Huntington I

  • O' Reilly's three stallions
  • The deed to O' Reilly's estate in Bridgewater, England
  • Two hundred fifty thousand pounds
  • O' Reilly's war journal

Admiral Jackson Pistolet I

  • O' Reilly's feather quill and ink
  • Portugese blunderbuss
  • The Admiral's Dirk

Lord Roger Volkov I

  • Russian cloak, made of maroon silk

​Lady Samantha Volkov I

  • The original copy of the Royal Marine's formation charter
  • Fifty thousand pounds
  • O' Reilly's collection of wine glasses
  • Emerald ring

Lord Andrew Norrington Mallace I

  • Diamond gilted dagger
  • O' Reilly's pair of pistols
  • Bearskin cap of the Royal Guard
  • Three million pounds

​Prime Minister Johnathan Leonardo Goldtimbers del Mar

  • O' Reilly's novels of philosophy and government
  • Golden cane
  • Onyx Co. Ring
  • Ownership of the Royale Trade Co.

​More to come...

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