Jack and Rene

Jack and his brother, Charles

Jack Rodriguez, formely known as Andrew Rodriguez was an adventurer that born in England. His family was poor, as he had to work at from 6 am to 8 pm. His parents then had another son, Rene Rodriguez, now know ans Charles O'Hawk, which is Andrew's little brother

Life and Adventures

After the death of his parents on the british war, he changed his name to Jack Rodriguez, instead of Andrew Rodriguez, due many people didnt belive he was alive. Then his brother 'borrowed without permision with no intention on giving it back' a Sloop named The Dark Sinker which they used to travel to the Caribbean where they made a home im Tortuga, they used to work, but their boss died and they started to steal, they bought a ship, which name was The Shadow Destroyer, a Sloop armed with 16 cannons and was very fast. His brother was a cannoneer and he drived the ship.

Today they continue to plunder the seas as they have not died.


Jack Rodriguez has not passed away yet.

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