History The Lightning Wolf was built in 1604. The first captain of The Wolf was Senor Le Muerte.The Man of Death, his real name was Pedro Alvador. The Lightning Wolf is very famous in the close seas of Spain.

Famous Battles

Battle for Cadiz

Attack of the Avarcia

Assasination of the Prime

Privateers war

Famous Captains of The Lightning Wolf

Pedro Alvador 1605-'1634 (Spanish 'Brethren Court)

Jean-Le Sabre 1674- 1703 (Cult of the 'Cursed)'

Carlos Diego 1703- 1719 (Spanish Royal Navy)

Captain John Fatbeard 1723- 1743 (Spanish Brethren Court)

Jack Darksteel 1746 - Until Present (Free Pirate)

The Driftwood

The Lightning Wolf is built from Driftwood. The first Captain discovered Driftwood Island while on his voyage to find the islands of the Caribbean. He discovered many things. Unfortunatly one night while sailing he hit an enrmous reef and they broke down on Drifwood island. They found a small forest where they found this incredible wood. It was light as a feather and strong as steel.

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