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"The Lizard Man"
Full power
The Lizard Man in his most advanced form


c. 122,000 BCE




Chief Minister of Security for Toab., Inc. (former)

CEO of Toab. Security


Uf'us (OOF-ess),  better known on Earth as The Lizard Man is a Sangheli-Human hybrid who currently serves as the CEO of Toab. Security, a subsidiary of Toab., Inc. - prior to becoming the CEO of Toab. Security, he served as the Chief minister of Security for Toab. The Lizard Man's biology has been the subject of wide speculation and confusion from the scientific community on Earth; it is currently unknown how a Sangheli-Human hybrid was created, especially considering the two species did not come into contact for at least 124,000 years after his birth, though it seems to have resulted in an extrordanarily long lifespan. The Lizard Man was the first confirmed alien life form "discovered" by Humanity, and is also the oldest-known intelligent life form in the entire universe.

The Lizard Man is a highly-skilled, durable warrior with a penchant for committing acts of mass violence when agitated or bored, much to the chagrin of his boss Andrew Mallace and the general populace of Los Santos. The Lizard Man is the innovator of The War Vehicle™ and its line of successors, the most formidable fleet of war armaments ever created.

Early Life

Very little is known of Uf'us' life prior to coming to Earth and joining Toab, but it is known that Uf'us was a widely respected warrior on the planet of Sanghelios and may or may not have been the head-of-state for the province of Vadam over an unspecified period of time. 

An unknown event occurred which caused Uf'us to depart his home planet Sanghelios and seek refuge elsewhere. It is possible that he settled on the planet Reach for an unspecified amount of time, long before said planet was discovered by Humans.

In the Human calendar year of 2017, Uf'us came to Earth and quickly befriended Andrew Mallace, whereafter they formed the global powerhouse now known as Toab., Inc., and the rest is history. 

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