Salutations, all. This is a log retrieved from my past. I found it amongst some old, personal items of mine. An old friend of mine had inspired me to look through my old, personal relics, when he himself had been searching his stache and found something. Not to be mentioned here, but at a later date, that reminded us of our younger times, when we were all but lads with a single dream. How I miss those days, and wish I could live them again, if even for just a day! I am grateful I had kept a log of my adventures, for this is as close to re-living those days as it gets, no?

Getting my Sea Legs

One bright, spring morn', I awoke from the tavern. I sat upright, turned to my left and stepped down from the bed, which was more or less a large sack filled with hay. Not exactly the best thing to rest on, but it served it's purpose, so I can't argue. I stood up and walked over by the medium-sized window and bent over. I brought along a small chest to store a few personal items. It was an elegant mahogany box, adorned with gold and silver ornaments. My father had been an English Admiral who was well favored by the king, so my family always lived well.

I opened the chest, and dust whooshed out like the Devil was on their hinds. Wiping my eyes from the dust, I reached in and felt something soft and warm. It was my old shirt. It was a white, wrinkly shirt that smelled of many times of adventure. I pulled it out, looked at it and decided to put it on. I dug around for my leather tricorn. Lifting it up and placing it firmly on my nicely combed black hair, I found my belt. It was black with a silver buckle. Putting this around my waist, there was one more thing in the chest I needed to get. It was an old, leather bound journal I loved dearly. This was the one I was writing this in, and would continue to scribble notes in later in life.

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