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This story is about Jim Logan in between 1744    it tells a story about Jim Logan, his friends and his 5 children Kitty Logan, Rouge Logan, Charles Logan, Jack Logan and Rose, later his wife Kayla Silverfox and another daughter Laura Logan. This story mainly tells the adventures of the Logan Family.

Family Business

As Jim sailed torward Tortuga to drop off his cargo, and pick up his money he recived a message from a messanger bird. It read that Kayla, his wife, had died 3 days before and he had to come and take care of his 5 children. Jim called Jack Swordmenace to tell him he had to take a few months off to take care of his kids. Jack said, "Well alright Jim, good luck." Jim sailed to Port Royal. 3 weeks later Jim arrived with a heavy, sorrow filled face. A royal guard commander walked up to Jim with some papers. He said, "Mr. Logan, His Majesty, King George II has a few offers for you, first, a Royal Pardon, and a special offer to become the Grand Admiral of His Majesty's Navy, and to become an advisor in his Majesty's court... you will be able to keep you position as Pirate King." Jim accepted the pardon, but declined the job as Privateer. The commander said, "The offer as Admiral still stands." Jim would then walked into the mansion of his brother he inherited after his death. The kids were moved into there. As he walked in the door he saw 3 small girls huddled together crying. Jim said, "Hello little ones, I'm your father." the kids all looked happy, hugged him and told him their names. Jim then said, "Time for bed." He heard them moan. He asked, "Where do you want to sleep?" they replied, "WITH YOU!" They all went to bed in Jim's room with an extremely large bed.

Port Royal

Jim woke up in his bed at dawn and as he looked around he saw his 5 children sleeping soundly next to him. Jim then got up, walked around and took a few clothes out of his Voodoo Watch, his knife and started making some breakfast. Jim then walked over to his dresser, pulled out his voodoo communicator, put it in his ear and listened in case someone wanted to talk to him, despite no one had in three weeks since he took his vacation. "Dad?" Kitty said. As Jim turned to his oldest daughter at the age of five, with her beautiful brown hair, blue eyes and her blanket she called blankey Jim replied "Yes?" Kitty asked "Why do you always get up so early?" Jim gave a grin. "Force of habbit honey, now go on back to bed, I'll wake you up in a couple of hours for breakfast." Kitty repied in an extremly tired voice "Okay." Jim looked out the window to see a ship pull into the harbor. Jim thought, "I know that ship! Its Victor! He knows where I am living, I hope he doesnt come in right when they are sleeping." About an hour later, Jim heard a light knock at the door, Jim opened it to see his brother, Jim greeted him with a bro hug and lead him to a seat and asked, "Whats up?" Victor replied "Well Duchess sent me, she asks that you and your kids come and visit in a month." Jim replied, "Sure, I'd love to, but where?" Victor replied "Where else? France!" Jim asked "Oh, umm I'm gonna wake the kids up in a minute for breakfast, you want some?" Victor replied, "Sure! and I brought gifts. Umm.... have they showed any signs of having powers?" Jim replied, "Well, yes a little, Kitty..." Victor asked, "Kitty?" Jim laughed "Kim, she likes being called Kitty, umm she can pass through solid objects when she wants" Victor was about to speak but Jim waved his hand." Rouge can touch you, and she can have your memories, your ablities and everything, but she has to touch you, and she has to chose, Jack seems to be able to teleport without voodo, Charles can see the futre, you know 5 - 40 minutes into it, Rose can move objects without touching them." Umm wow Victor replied" UNCLE VICTOR! the kids shouted at the same time, and before either of them knew it Victor was dogpiled to the floor."Hi guys! I got presents!" Victor said The kids automaticly got into line and awaited their present. Victor said "For "Kitty" a Switchblade Knife, its sharp, For Rouge, " A new book from Mr. Gibbs," for Charles and Jack some new fising poles and some toy daggers" and for Rose, well some roses for you to start your garden!" as the kids giggled and thanked their uncle for their gifts they all started playing with them. And breakfast started with the kids eating and talking to their uncle about various stories. As it seemed as Kitty had put blueberries on all her food and Victor asked"Why do you do that Kim?" Kim replied with a raised chin "Its Kitty, and it makes everything taste better" Jim just make a grin, sat down and shared a meal with his family.

The Family That Travels Together, Trains Together

As the family finished their meal the kids all started playing with their new toys and Rose went into the backyard to plant her rose."Hey kids come over here please, i got something to ask you guys" the kids immediatly got into line from oldest to youngest with Kitty, Rouge, Rose, Jack and Charles saying "Yes?" at once. "Your uncle and I are going to Paris, France to see a really good friend of mine, and she wanted to meet you guys for the first time, so if you want to go, go in and pack all your things into your Watches, if you dont want to go, ill send you to Mrs. Turner, so whats your answer?" Kitty steeped up first as if taking responsibitiy for punishment for a group. "I want to visit your friend" and Kitty burst into her room and started packing. Rouge just followed suit and Rose looked Victor straight in the eye and said in a soft, innocent voice." I want to stay here and tend to my garden" Jim looked a little sad and unsuprised. "I wont leave Rose" Charles said with a sad voice." I want to go" Jack said with a strong, solid voice. and Jack just went in to start packing. "Well the Interceptor will leave in an hour so get ready soon". An hour went bye in the blink of an eye with Jim dropping Charles and Rose off at the Swann Mansion and the three kids that wanted to leave boarded the ship with excitement and got settled. "Alright lets set sail" Victor took out the Sword Of Cortez and put the wind in the sails and they set off for Paris. "Okay kids, lets see which one of you is the best." The kids all looked puzzled. Jim smired and tooked out 3 training swords and tossed one to each. "Fight, whoever is the last standing gets some candy." The "fight" started with Kitty and Rouge attacking Jack with a two on one attack with Jack, acting like a Royal Navy swordsman blocked them all, until Kitty used her powers and got behind Jack, knocked the sword out from his hand and Jack said"I consied" the fight contiued with Kitty and Rouge matching each other blow for blow and Kitty although being more of a better duelest, Rouge is a great fighter using parkour style, or using her enviroment to her advantage and they were even until Kitty was backed into the main mast, and as Rouge was about to hit her, Kitty fazed through the mast, came up behind Rouge with the tip of the sword to Rouge's neck and Rouge reluctantly said "I give.". Jim and Victor just watched with suprised. Jim whispered "If were not careful, we might be surpassed by kids!" Jim then tossed a lollipop to Kitty and said "Great job, tkae it easy on them next time, 'kay?" Kitty replied breathless "Okay, umm is it ok if i lie down for a while?" Jim nodded and motioned for the others to follow. "Jack, its okay to lose, your tried and your were great, but you just had a stroke of bad luck okay?" Jack replied in a sad voice "yea, i guess" Jim let him go to their beds. "Well how long till we reach France?" the navigator repied "At this rate sir.... i'd say 3 days." Jim said "great!" Jim would then spend the rest of the day watching over his children.

Meeting The Queen

After 3 days of sailiing, and the children seeming to start to get bored of traveling at sea, Jim shouted"Land HO!" The children suddenly jumped for joy."Alright your three, get dressed in your best clothes, you know tuxes, dresses, and Rouge, yes your can wear Black, ok? The girls jumped for joy and started to get dressed while Jack whined. Jim got dressed in this Admiral Uniform. about 20 minutes later, the kids came running out dressed like they were going to a fancy party. After being docked, Jim stored his ship in his Voodo Watch, and Jim took the kids and Victor to the palace in a carriage. After they arriaved at the palace The Queen, Duchess came out and greeted them with a hug and tried to annopunce them by name. "Kimmberly Anne Logan, Rouge Logan, and Jack Logan, am i right?" the kids nodded all at once and Duchess invited them in to a giant party for them. Grace would lead them to the children room.

As Night Falls

As the night went on, Jim saw that the children were having an extremely fun time in the children's room, Jim walked up to Gracie and asked "Do you have any records of their mother?" Gracie replied. "Well i'll have to know her name Jim." Jim asked. "Well her name is Kayla Starfox" Gracie replied with a shocked look on her face. " I knew of her, she was your wife Jimmy?" Jim replied with a smile. "Yes, we had 5 kids together." Gracie replied. "5? what about Laura?" Jim asked with a confused look on his face."Who's Laura?" Gracie replied with a small grin. "She is your daughter, Jim, She was born 2 years ago in Canada Jim." Jim replied. "What! I have another child? Who's her mother?" Gracie replied." Sarah Kinney." Jim replied. "But! I've only met her once and that was like.....2 years ago." Gracie replied. "Jim, c'est drôle, Je vais vous conduire à votre gars chambres dans une heure." As she left the room Jim walked into the kids play room and go ready to tell them they have another sister. Jim said."Kids i have some shocking news for you." The kids lined up, Kitty asked first. "What is it daddy?" Jim replied with tears running down this cheeks. "You have another sister." the kids all looked shocked and suprised, then they all jumped for joy. Then Jim heard Kitty say. "WE HAVE ANOTHER SISSY!" At that time Victor came in and asked. "What are they so happy about? Give them some candy?" Jim replied. "No, i told them about Laura." Victor asked "Oh their sister?" Jim asked. "You knew?" Victor replied "Ya i just talked to Gracie." Jim replied. "Oh." At that time Gracie came up to lead them to their rooms. Gracie said. "Venez, malade, vous conduire à votre chambre" The kids asked with blank,confused faces. "What?" Jim answered with a smile." She is going to lead us to our rooms." The kids replied at once. "Oh" Then as they followed Gracie to their rooms, Jim saw that Kitty, Rouge and Jack yawn nearly at once.

Near-Sleepless Night

As the children were lead to their rooms they saw there were 2 guards at each door which made them cower behind Jim and Victor. Gracie said in a deep French Accent. "Its okay children, they are here to protect you." The children did not speak and just went into their rooms. Jim was lead to his room personally by Gracie. Gracie then said. "Jim, all your rooms are joined together so if your kids want to come in they can." Jim replied with a tired tone. "Thanks Gracie, um not to be impolite, but i'm extremely tired." Gracie replied in a cheerful tone."Ce n'est pas grave, bonne nuit Jimmy" Jim nodded. An hour later, as Jim got ready for bed, he heard a knock at his door, he opened his door to find his eldest daughter Kitty, holding her blanket she said in a soft voice. "Daddy, can i stay with you tonight? I don't want to sleep with those guards, they scare me." Jim replied with a smile and sail. "Yes of course honey." As she climbed into bed Jim noticed a locket hanging from her pajama pants. Jim asked. "Kitty, where did you get that?" Kitty looked down and said." Oh this is mommies, she gave it to me before she left." Jim said in a sad tone. "Oh" Kitty asked in an innocent voice. "Do you know what happened to her daddy." Jim said. "No, i wanted to asked The Queen about that." Jim then took his shirt off and Kitty saw the family Starbird tattoo on the back of Jim's right shoulder. Kitty asked. "Where did you get that Daddy?" Jim replied. "Its our family symbol, you will get in a few years." Kitty said. "cool, um dad, who is my sister?" Jim said." Her name is Laura." Kitty said. "AWESOME!" Jim shushed her, got under the covers gave her a hug. Jim whispered. "Good night my little angel." As Jim fell asleep he saw that Kayla fighting Blackbeard, as the fight went on, he saw that Edward hit the sword out of her hand, and used the sword of Triton to hang her with a rope. Jim woke up without screaming but with the sound of a cry from Kitty. Jim saw a terrified look on her face, he then saw that his claws were out, he retracted them and asked. "Are you okay hon'?" she nodded and held up her blanket and saw it had 3 scratches in it. Jim smiled. "ill fix it, any other injuries?" Kitty shook her head no. Jim invited her back in and they fell asleep again. Jim's next dream he saw all the good times he had with Kayla, the birth of her children, and their marriage, then he saw the day he left her and the newborns to go on another adventure, then he heard the voice of his brother John Howlett, Jr. ask, Logan, why cant you grow up and stay with her? Jim then saw Blackbeard kill Kayla again, and thats when Jim woke up again. He saw no claws, he saw Kitty still sound asleep. Jim thought. "What a perfect little angel." He then saw the time was 3:15 Jim lay'd back down and as he dozed off he saw Arabella Smith, talking with Kayla, they were talking about how he never stayed put. Jim then saw that his dream-self walked in and Arabella hugged Jim and they threw a big party. Jim then woke again with a knock at the door. He looked to see Gracie standing at the door. She said. " Bonjour Jim, je voulais vous demander, vous et votre famille à une journée de shopping." Jim said. "Oh that would be amazing. Um when do you want to leave?" She replied. "Dites sept «oclock" Jim replied. "Alright, um ill be waiting at the front door at around 6:30 kay? She replied. " Oui ce serait bien" Jim nodded.Jim set his alarm for 6:00 and dozed off again, dreaming nothing as almost right away it seemed the alarm went off.


Jim got dressed and walked next to Kitty, poked her and said. "Kitty, time to get up." Kitty just moaned and flipped over. Jim sighed and said. "Shopping!" Kitty automaticly got up, got dressed and woke up her siblings. about 20 minutes later they were waiting outside the palace, Kitty asked."Daddy, where is your girlfriend?" Jim blushed He replied. " Um, i don't know and she's not my girlfriend honey." a minute later, Gracie came out in a beautiful all-white dress. She said."Bonjour les enfants." the kids looked up at Jim with a confused look at him. Jim said. "Good morning children." They said. "Oh" and for the day they spent shopping, buying clothes, the kids nearly tricked Gracie into buying them a ship-load of candy before Victor stopped her. Jim asked Gracie. "So Grace, how do you know know Kayla?" Gracie replied."Nous étions amis comme des enfants." the kids looked at Jim again. Jim said. " They were friends as kids." Rouge asked."Madame Duchess, do you know how our mommy died?" Gracie replied in a sad tone. "Blackbeard tuée." They looked at Jim again. Jim said. "Um, Blackbeard, a mean man killed her." The kids looked all sad, shocked and then, Rouge took out a piece of candy for everyone. Jim smiled and said. "Thank your dear." He kissed her on the forehead for making everyone feel better. Jim then asked. "Who wants some Candy?" The kids jumped for joy. As they walked down the street. Victor asked Gracie in Spanish. "Hola Graciela, ¿le gustaría casarse con Jim?(Hey Gracie, would you like to marry Jim?)" Jim blushed again. Gracie replied in French. "Je voudrais quand nous serons prêts.(I would like to when we are ready)" Jim nodded. The kids ignored them. Victor then looked down at Kitty and saw 3 scratches on her arm. Victor asked Jim."Qu'est-il arrivé au bras de Kitty?(What happened to Kitty's Arm?)" Jim replied. "Accident."Victor then looked at the enormous bag Jim and he were carrying. He asked. "Lets drop these bags off at our rooms." Jim nodded. After dropping the stuff off. Rouge and Kitty walked into the town and saw a clothing store, and they both asked at the same time with extreme excitement. "CAN WE GO?! CAN WE GO?!" Jim replied. "Yes we can" They cheered. Over the next hour the 2 had tried on over 15 diffrent pairs of clothes. Jack then asked. "Can we go yet?" Jim said with a yawn. "No, we have to buy these clothes." Gracie then said. "Ok girls, one more pair, then we leave." Jim heard a pair of moans coming from the changing booths. Victor gave a small giggle. 5 minutes later the girls came out of the booths wearing all-black dresses. Kitty asked." How do i look?" Gracie replied in a very cheerful tone. "Comme parfaite petits anges." Jim said. "You look like Angles." They said. "Oh, Thanks very much madame." Gracie nodded. Jim then bought the 16 pairs of clothes. The girls jumped for joy. Jim said. "O.k. guys, lets go get some lunch." The kids cheered. Gracie then said."Je sais que le restaurant de fruits de mer parfait.(I know the perfect Seafood resturant). The kids looked at Jim again with a confused look. Jim said. "Follow Gracie."

The rest of the day

After lunch, Jim took the rest of the family back to the palace for a nap. Jim walked up to Grace and asked "So when did you find out about Laura?" Grace replied in a deep French accent."About a year ago." Jim said. "Oh, so where do they live now, Canada?" Grace shook her head no. Jim asked. "Then where?" Grace replied." Here in Paris" with Jims eyes wide open Jim asked. "Where!" Grace waved her hand. "I'll take you guys after they wake up from their naps, now Jim, it looks like you need some rest too, go get some. Jim nooded, walked into his room. He saw Kitty resting softly on his bed, Jim smiled at her, kissed her on the forehead, laid down and fell asleep. Jim awoke with a slight knock at the door and saw Grace in a white gown. Jim said "Morning" Grace laughed softly and said. "Venez, nous allons voir Sarah et Laura.Jim said. "Ok, can you help me wake up the kids?" She nodded and said. "I'd be glad to." After waking up the kids they walked up to a house a few miles away. Jim knocked on the door. Victor held the kids to keep them from running in, unannounced. Jim heard a voice say. "Come in" Jim walked in the house to find her on her bed and a young girl giving her some lime juice. Jim said. "Hello Sarah." She looked at him with what looked like a big smile but with her state it looked like a frown. she said. "Hello Jim." and she started coughing up blood. Jim looked at Grace. she said."Je ne sais pas ce qui continue avec son ."(I dont know whats going on with her.)Jim asked. "Whats going on Sarah?" she replied. "I dont know, i just caught something, and i feel as if i am about to die Jim." Jim looked shocked and saddened. Jim whispered to Victor and Grace."Why is it that everytime i find someone to help raise the kids, they are dying." Victor replied. " I dont know, maybe you should marry Grace." Jim blushed. Grace elbowed Victor in the ribs hard. Then Jim and Victor heard Sarah say. "Laura, Jim, is your, Father." Laura pointed at Victor, Sarah shook her head no, Laura pointed at Jim and Sarah shook her head yes. Laura then hid behind her mother, Jim then got down on one knee and said. "It's ok, im not going to hurt you." Jim whispered to Sarah."Can she talk?" Sarah nodded and said. "Shes just very shy. Then Jim saw Laura go into a room. Jim followed her and she was holding a wanted poster without a price or name with his picture on it and she asked with a heavy French accent. "Is this you dad?" Jim shook his head yes. she hugged him. Jim gave her a Voodo Watch and said. "Scan everything ok?" she nodded and in a few minutes she had scanned almost everything in the house. Sarah started coughing harder. Grace called Jim. Jim then picked up Laura and carried her into the next room. Jim put Laura down and she hid behind Jim. Jim whispered. "Go saw hello to your siblings." Grace came over to Jim and said. "Jim she is about to pass away Jim." As he looked over at Sarah she was coughing up more blood. Jim then looked back at Laura. "She cant lose her mother too." Grace said."She will, and she will have to live with you too Jim, she needs her Father." Jim nodded. then Jim whispered to Sarah."Does Laura ever seem to have any powers?" Sarah nodded and said." Yes, she has 2 bone claws in her hands, that come out between her first and third knuckles, like yours, she also can heal almost as fast as you." Jim looked back at Laura in suprise. Jim thought."I guess it runs in the family." then Sarah started coughing harder and harder and she said her last words were. "Good-bye Laura, i love you." Laura started balling." and Sarah gave a last cough and stopped." Grace walked up to Laura and said. "Il est temps d'aller au miel(It's time to go honey.) Laura nodded in sorrow. she packed up a few of her things and left with her father to go to the palace. After giving Laura her room next to her Fathers she spend the rest of the day crying, not letting anyone in.

Night falls

As night came and Jim and the children got ready for bed, Jim heard a knock at the door, he thought it was Kitty at first but she was already asleep. he opened it to find Laura standing in the doorway with tears running down her cheeks. she asked. "Can i stay with you tonight?" Jim said. "Of course sweetie." He lead her into the bed next to Kitty and himselfkissed them both on the forehead and said goodnight. During Jim's dream he saw Laura and Kitty fighting over who's Jim's favorite daughter, Jim then broke it up and said, "I love you all the same!" they seemed to belive him, they gave him a hug, then the dream changed and he saw Laura and Kitty fighting Blackbeard, and after Kitty took his sword away, Laura used her claws to stab him. Jim woke up to see Laura and kitty hugging each other in bed. Jim thought. "They seem to be getting along just fine, and they are so cute together." Jim dozed off again, he saw Kitty, Rouge and the rest of his children growing up happy and healthy together with Jim and a girl who's face that he could not see but Jim thought. "She seems so familiar." Jim woke up again to see the time was 4:03 AM Jim thought" I guess its time to take a shower, lord knows i dont have time during the day for it." Jim took a shower and he heard one of his daughters cry and Jim put on a pair of dark-blue highwaters and checked on his kids. He saw Kitty on the floor. Jim whispered "what happened" she replied with tears coming down her face and holding her arm. "i was sleeping and i fell off the bed." Jim asked. "Did Laura accidently kick you off?" Kitty shook her head no. Jim put her back up on the bed, kissed her on the forehead and Laura rolled over and started hugging kitty again. Jim whispered to Kitty. "It looks like you too have become fast friends." Kitty nodded yes energeticly she fell asleep, Jim laid down again and fell asleep.

Alone time with the Queen

Jim woke up to find Kitty and Laura sleeping on Jim, Jim gentlely set them down in the bed, and got up, Jim then saw that the bed was soaking wet, Jim thought. "Oh ya, i forgot to towel off." woops. Jim put on a white button shirt and some buckle boots. And Jim signaled a few guards to protect the children, after that he made his way down to Grace's room, he knocked on the door and Grace opened it and asked with a tired voice."

Bonjour Jim, c'est un peu plus tôt n'est-ce pas?(Hello Jim, it's a little early isn't it?) Jim nodded and asked." I was wondering if we could have some alone time." Grace nodded and they spent the next 2 hours talking in private. Jim walked out the door and found Laura and Kitty standing outside the door. Kitty said."Hey daddy, what are you doing?" Jim replied" Um just having some alone time with Madame Duchess." Laura said."Ya daddy, you were having some fun time!" Jim noticed that despite being a year younger than Kitty, she knew more adult business than she does. Then Laura asked."Pourquoi avez-vous nous laisser dans un lit tout mouillé?(Why did you leave us in a soacking wet bed?)" Kitty ignored it and asked it in english. Jim replied to them both with. "I was taking a shower earlier when Kitty fell off the bed, i had not time to towel off." Laura asked."Did i kick you off?" Kitty shook her head no." At that moment Grace walked out with messy hair and night gown." She said."Oh bonjour les enfants, comment ça va?(Oh hello children, how is it going?)"Laura responded." Daddy left us in a soaking wet bed." Grace replied in english as best she could. "Oh, JIM! Why did you leave them in a wet bed?" Jim replied with what he told the children. Grace asked Jim.Ähm, können darüber reden, was passiert später.(We will talk about what happened later ok?)"Jim nodded. The kids looked at him confused. Jim thought. " I guess they dont know German yet." Jim walked up to the kids and said."I'm sorry about leaving you guys in the wet bed, i'll hang the sheets to let them dry today, ok? They shook their head. Jim looked at Kitty."Get one of your new clothes and give it to Laura ok? And wake up your siblings." Kitty nodded and asked." Can i wear one of my new pairs too?" Jim nodded. He looked at Grace and they each blussed.

Weird morning

As Jim followed his group of children lead by Kitty down the streets he heard a voice call his name. He turned around to see Jack Swordmenace running torward him. Jim smiled and waved at him. Jack asked."Hey i thought you said you would be in Port Royal, i went over there a couple of days ago and you werent anywhere, but i found a couple of your kids at the Swann mansion." Jim laughed and said" Ya, um we were invited to a party, and we've been visiting here since." Jack looked down and named the kids." Lets see, Kimberly, Rouge, and little Jackie. Kitty shouted "My name is KITTY!" Jack shouted." MY NAME IS JACK!" Jack looked at Laura who was hiding behind Jim. Jack asked."Who's that little one?" he went down to shake her hand and she took out her claws. Jack backed off and said."I see who her dad is, whats her name." Jim replied. "Laura, she can be shy." Jim said to Laura."Это нормально, мед, ондруг.(Its ok honey, he's a friend.)Laura then retracted her claws, but she still hid behind her father. Jack bent down, held out his hand and said." It's ok, My name is Jack Swordmenace." Jack Jr. looked up at Jim in shock. Laura shook Jack's hand and said. "I'm Laura" Jack said with a smile." I see, i'm sorry if i scared you." Laura nodded. Right there The Royal Guard commander Jim had met a week earlier. He said." Ah, Mr. Logan or sorry Mr. Howlett. We have come to tell you that your offer for Grand Admiral of the British Royal Navy still stands." Jack just stared blankly at him. Jim said. " Thanks, um i wont join." The Commander said."You will always be able to keep your position as Pirate King." Jim nodded. Kitty and Laura asked at once. " Why didnt you take that job daddy?" Jim replied." I might, but not now." Jack looked at Jim expectadly. They said their goodbyes and Jim and the children made their may to lunch.

Last Night In France

As Jim walked into his room with Laura and Kitty, Grace walked into her room and said."Um, If you would like to move into France, you may." Jim got the kids into his room and asked." Guys, Madame Duchess has offered us to stay here in Paris, now what do you say? Stay here or go back home? Rouge and Jack said they want to go home. Kitty said she wants to stay. and Laura said she wanted to stay in France. Jim looked at the kids expectantly. Victor walked in and said. "Well i think we should stay here." Grace shrugged and said. "Looks like your staying here." Jim said. "Ok Victor, then you get to pick up Rose and Charles from Port Royal. Grace said. "Well, maybe you should go home, stay there a week or so and get some quiet, you will be able to keep these rooms and you can come back in 2 weeks!" Jim nooded and asked. "How's that sound guys?" then he looked at Laura who had mixed emotioned expression. then Jim told Laura."Nous allons être en mesure de revenir dans quelques semaines.(We'll be able to come back in a couple of weeks.)" The kids packed up and left.

Coming back home.

After 4 days at sea.and the kids all got moved back in. Jim saw Laura looking at her new and unfamiliar surroundings. Laura asked."Comment loin de la France en sommes-nous?(How far away from France are we?)" Jim replied" About 7,000 Miles" Laura looked sad. Jim looked at her and said "It's ok we will be able to move back in a couple weeks, ok hon?" Laura nodded with tears running down her face." Jim asked in a whisper" Miss your mother?" Laura started balling. she whispered back. "yes" Jim whispered. "They have also lost their mother, and i know its rough, i lost my many years ago." Laura nodded and kept crying. The kids huddled around Laura to help calm her down. Then Rose and Charles came running in hugging Jim. Charles and Rose looked at Laura and said. "Hi, Who are you." Laura who still had tears coming down her face.said."I'm Laura" Jim said. "She is your sister." All the kids cheered(except Laura who was still crying) Charles and Rose asked." Why's she crying" Jim said." She just lost her mother." All the kids hugged Laura to attempt to calm her down. Later as Jim ws making dinner, Jim saw that Laura, who had stoped crying was playing with Kitty, Rouge and Rose rather well. Jim smiled. He asked." How are you feeling Laura? She said."I'm feeling better." Jim said. "Thats good, alright dinner!" As the kids quickly ate their dinner, he saw that Kitty's hair was yellow-gold and Jim asked. "Kitty, what did you do to your hair?" Kitty said." Huh, oh on second." she exhaled and her hair changed back to brown hair. Jim thought." Oh man, she can change into a Super Pirate." All the children, asked at once. "How did you do that?" Kitty said." I have been able to do that for a week now, i just figured out how to turn it on and off." Jim said." Just keep it under wraps please, and dont show it to anyone." Kitty nodded. Laura asked. "Can anyone do that?" Jim nodded and said." Please dont try." The children all nodded. After dinner all the kids took a bath and got dressed for bed, and as they were getting all ready Laura asked. "Where do I sleep dad? Jim said"Well where everyone else does, with me in our bed." Laura asked."Really? Ok" and as everyone got all ready with Kitty and Lauren next to each other Jim said good night to everyone and kissed Laura and Kitty on the forehead. and before Jim drifterd off to sleep, he saw that Kitty who was sound asleep was being hugged by Laura who was also asleep. Jim thought. " Aww, what perfect little angles." And Jim went to sleep.

Laura's First Day In Port Royal

As Jim woke up at around midnight, he looked around and saw that Rose and Charles were in their sleeping bags next to each other, while Jack and Rouge were next to each other at the end of their bed, and right next to him, Kitty and Laura were right next to each other with ther heads touching, Kitty streached and started hugging Laura again as they were in France. Jim just thought."Oh man those to are just the most perfect little angles, i'm lucky father in the Caribbean." As Jim got up he nearly stepped on Charles and Rose. He stepped over them and when he got into the kitchen he looked into the backyard and saw Rose's Rose garden still alive and well. Jim smiled. He heard a small voice coming from the bedroom, he looked in to see Laura talking in her sleep. Jim giggled. He heard a small knock on the door, when Jim looked through the peephole, Jim laughed silently when he opened the door Jim said "Come in!", a man with a peg leg, and an ostrich hat came in and prepaired to shout something, Jim waved his hand and whispered. "Kids are sleeping in the next room, please shhhh." The man nodded, and said. "Well, i killed Blackbeard, took his sword and his ship, now i need your help with something, and if you do, i'll let you get a scan of The Queen Anne's Revenge!" Jim looked at him expectedly. Jim asked." Wait, you killed him?" He said" Yes, now do we have an accord?" Jim asked." What do you need me to do for you?" The man said. "I need you to find Captain Jack Sparrow, take The Black Pearl, which is in a bottle, and bring it back to full size." Jim said." Ok, but i also need a scan of your Sword of Triton."

?? ??f?? t?? Triton(The Sword of Triton

The man said."Alright, but do we have an accord?" Jim nodded and shook his hand. Jim scanned the sword with his voodo watch. Jim then motioned him to leave, the man said good evening. Jim said,"Good evening Captain Barbossa."

Barbossa during this time, on the Queen Anne's Revenge

As Jim shut the door, he heard Kitty say. "Dad, who was that?" Jim walked in and whispered."Just a friend, come on, back to sleep." She nodded, yawned and laid back down. A five hours later Jim woke to find Kitty, Rouge and Laura were on the couch. Jim walked up and whispered."Guys, you can come back to bed." Kitty said." It's ok, we just wanted to see what would happen if we slept on a couch." Jim nodded. Jim whispered."You want to come back to bed?" The girls nodded. Jim asked to Kitty." When did you guys move to the couch?" Laura answered." About 2." Jim said oh. He turned to see Rouge was so groggy, she had just fell asleep on the floor. Jim grined, picked her up and laid her on the bed. Jim whispered. "Good morning guys." At around 7:45 AM Jim woke up and saw that Kitty was taking a bath, Rouge was sleeping right next to Laura, Jack, Charles and Rose were all sleeping in their sleeping bags, and Jim whispered."kitty, you ok?" She said. "Yes!" Jim woke everyone else up, gave them some sweet bread and some apples for breakfast. Jim got everyone dressed and took them down to the dock to find Jack Sparrow and Barbossa aruging over something. Jim walked up to the Captains and said."Hello Captains." They both looked at Jim, waved and then Jack looked at the children. "Who are these little people?" Jim said. "These are my children." Kitty walked up and asked. "What happened to your leg Mr.? Jim said." Kitty, dont be rude, please." Barbossa said."It's alright." Mr. Gibbs walked up and asked. "Whats your names?" Jim said. "This is Kitty, Rouge, Rose, Charles, Jack and Laura." Laura looked at Barbossa with fear and anger. Jim bent down and whispered."Whats wrong Sweetie?" Laura replied."I dont like him." Jim said. "Oh, hes ok, hes a friend, like Jack." Over the course of the next hour, Jim and the kids heard the 2 bicker over who owned the Black Pearl until Jim stepped in and said. "Ok, legally, Jack owns it." Jack said. "Yes!" Jim interupted."BUT Barbossa has a bigger crew, and he's been captain longer." Barbossa said. "YES!" Jim said." But I have a compromise, Ok, Ill get the Pearl back to size, and Jack Captains the Black Pearl, and Barbossa captains The Queen Anne's Revenge." They nodded. Jim resurrected the Black Pearl and Barbossa and Jack sailed away on each others ships in happiesness. Jim looked down at the kids and asked. "What do you guys want to do now?" They huddled together and a few minutes later." Kitty came out and said."SHOPPING!" Jim lead them up to the Tailors. and they spend the next 12 hours with the 6 children trying on several pairs of clothes. Jim asked if he could look at the Tricorns? the shopowner gave him a 6 hats to try on 4 brown hats and 2 black ones. as Jim tried them on, Jim bought a brown one. After a day of shopping Laura had picked out some Mardi Gras and all-black, loose-fitting dress. Jim thought she was one of the fasion people. then Jim asked."Is black your favorite color?" She nodded and he looked at Rouge and they suddenly started giggling. Jim laughed and paid the man. Kitty and Rose came ot with matching pink dresses and Jim paid for them too. As night fell Jim looked at Laura, Kitty and Rouge he nicknamed them them the Clique. Jim asked."Hey Laura, i was wondering, do you have any nicknames?" She nooded happily," They called me 23." Kitty asked from the bedroom." Why?" Laura said." Well, i was born on June 23, So my friends called me 23. Then they took it to X because i was X-treme, then they evolved it into X-23!" Kitty asked. "So, 23? what powers do you have?" She looked at Jim, he nooded and she showed her claws to everyone. They looked in shock. Rouge broke the silence and said. :Yours look just like Dad's!" Jim and Laura lauged. Jim asked with a simle. "So Laura, how did you like your first day in Port Royal?" She replied."Great!" As they went to bed Jim kissed them and said goodnight. Kitty and Laura laid down next to each other. Roughe and Jack laid down in sleeping bags, rose and Charles laid on the bed at the feet of Jim. Jim thought."I should really give them a day, just to themselves." As Jim dosed off, he imagined all the kids as Co-Captains of a Ship, and Kitty and the Clique lead the Next Generation known as the Eighth Brethren Court, Jim thought, "I hope that if they really chose that life, they enjoy it."

Kitty and Laura get tattoos

As Jim awoke, he saw everyone of his children, wait! one was missing, he carefully counted them," 1,2,3,4,5 and Laura was gone." Jim thought."Now where could she have gone?" As he bent up he heard a moan, and something tighted around his body, he looked down to see Laura clung to him. Jiim thought."How am i suppose to lay her down without waking everyone else up?" Jim carefully and slowly untangled her arms from his neck and laid her down. She then tried to find something to cling to, a pillow, the bed, then he saw Kitty and Laura "fight" over Kitty's blanket, Kitty won, Then Laura just hugged Kitty." Jim thought he heard her saw."Sissy." Jim smiled. He heard Laura moan again. She woke up, looked at Jim, smiled and asked." What are we doing today?" Jim replied with a smile."Well, Rouge,Rose,Charles and Jack are going to Mrs.Turner's for the day." Laura asked."Why? What about me and Kitty." Jim replied." Well, i got a suprise for you too, and only you too can do it right now because you too are the oldest, it's a family tradition." She said."Oh, ill wake Kitty." Jim nodded and made everyone a quick breakfast. An hour later he dropped everyone off at The Swann Mansion. He took the leaders of "The Clique." into town. Kitty asked with a yawn. "Where are we going....to..day" Jim replied."Well its a suprise." Kitty nodded. Laura asked if she could get some water, Jim nodded, and Laura splashed it into Kitty's face. Kitty said with an annoyed and angered tone." Why did you do that?" Jim laughed when he saw his now-soaking wet daughter. Laura said."Your awake now aren't you?" Kitty shrugged. They walked into the tatoo parlor and Laura asked with a deep French accent. "what are we doing here?" Jim replied. "Well, today i made an appointment to give Rouge and Kitty the family tatoo, but since Laura is the second oldest, you get it today." The girl shopowner came over and asked."The Logan Children, Rouge and Kitty?" Jim said. "No, um that was a mix up, it's Kitty and Laura." she said ok and looked down at Kitty and said. "I guess your Laura?" Both of them shook their head no. The shopowner said. "Oh sorry, um please take your choice kids, Blue or Red?" Kitty said." I want the Red one!" Laura said." I'll take the Blue one." the shopowner looked at Jim and said."It seems like yesterday I gave you the one on the back of your right shoulder." Jim smiled. and for the next hour Kitty got her's which she only shed a single tear. an hour later, Laura got hers which she just sat there and took it. Jim said, "Lets go show Mr and Mrs. Turner." They said "ok." As they made their way down to The Swann Mansion, Jim saw that both Kitty and Laura were rubbing the spots they got their tattos. Jim laughed and asked. "Does it hurt?" they nodded. As they walked into the Swann Mansion, Elizabeth asked. "How did it go?" They looked at Elizabeth, laughed and said. "It stings." Jim looked at them and said."Ok, now, the pain will stop after a couple of days and i reccomend you 2 dont sleep on your right shoulders, or you will be hurting for a while." They nodded. Elizabeth asked. "Whos the one in the black? I don't think i have met her before." Jim replied. "Oh this is Laura." Laura walked up, shook Elizabeth's hand and said. "Nice to meet you!" The kids giggled, Jim looked down and asked. "What?" Rose pointed at Kitty and Laura's new tatto's and asked. "Why did you get that?" Jim replied. "It's out family symbol." They said."Oh." The rest of the day was more or less just Kitty and Laura arguing who should be leader of The Kliq until Kitty came up with a compromise, since she was oldest, she was leader, and since Laura was only a few days younger, she was Co- Leader. Jim thought."No wonder my vision showed Kitty as the Pirate Queen, she is a natural-born leader!" As everyone got ready for bed Kitty asked. "Can me and Laura have our own rooms? There is like 5 guest rooms we dont use." Jim said with a smile." If your sure, i guess that would be ok." they cheered. And as everyone was getting into bed, Jim walked into their room and said. "Good-night." they said good night and Jim saw that Kitty was not only hugging her blanket but she was also hugging Laura. Jim thought." I wonder what they would have been like if they had met later in life, instead as children." Jim kissed them on the forehead and went to bed.In the morning around 4:00 a knock at the door, Jim got up and he heard Kitty ask. "WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY VISITORS? ARE WE FAMOUS OR SOMETHING?!" Jim laughed and said "no." Jim opened the door to see the mail carrier. He said. "Mail for Mr. Howlett." Jim thanked him and as he was going through it, he found a promotional poster that read. "Carnival, Tomorrow to celebrate the failed invasion of Jolly Roger in Cuba" Jim thought. "Huh, this could be the fun day i have been looking for, for the kids." Jim asked. "Hey kids, can you come here for a second?" About 2 minutes later Kitty and The Kliq walked in the room with groggy, tired faces and Laura asked. "Oui papa?(Yes dad?) Jim asked. "How would you huys like to go to the Carnival tomorrow?" the kids, suddenly with a burst of energy shouted for joy and said. "YES YES YES!" Jim said "ok, now, go back to bed, it's early." The kids as Jim got back into bed he felt that none of the kids could sit still for half an hour with excitement, until they relaxed and fell asleep."

The Carnival

Jim woke up around 7:00 and told the kids in his room that they could sleep in today, so they could stay up later in the carnival. When he walked into the "Leaders Room" He saw that Laura had her face in a pillow facing the foot of the bed and Kitty was at the head of the bed, moaned and flipped over, he tapped them on the shoulder, they looked at him with tired faces and asked. "Yes dad?" Jim whispered ."You guys can sleep in today, so you can stay awake for the carnival ok?" they nodded and went back to sleep. Jim took a quick shower, but on some Dark Blue Highwaters, and a head- band and started lifting some dumbbells. After about 2 hours Jim went into the training room and started a swordfight with a few of the dummies. After a total of 5 hours of this, he turned to see all of his children look in amazement at what he could do. Jim just looked at them with an embarrased look. He said."How long have you been standing there?" Charles answered. "About half an hour, you looked awesome." Jim laughed and asked. " How long have you been awake?" Kitty answered." About an hour." Jim nodded and asked. "What did you do for the first half hour?" Rose answered." Reading this book." Rose held up Jims Biography. Jim looked embarrased, a little angry and the kids(who had never seen Jim like this) looked scared. Jim laughed and said."You know that is more for grown ups right?" Laura said. "Yes, i read it to them, I kept out the bad stuff." Jim smiled and said." Alright, everyone, take a quick shower and get dressed." after about an hour, everyone had gotten a shower and dressed, except Kitty who everyone was waiting on to leave. Finally Laura shouted. "Please come on Kitty, this isn't a dang FORMAL PARTY!" Kitty shouted back." I KNOW! I just want to look good!" Jim laughed. Kitty walked out in an emerald attire with, Dark Emerald Pants, Emerald Shirt and matching coat and hat. Laura said."Took you long enough." Jim lead The Kliq down to the beach for the carnival they started to play various games like darts, and bolling. During the darts game, Laura had won a stuffed teddy bair, Kitty won a doll of The Queen of France and the boys failed in the game, Rose didnt try. At around 8:15 Jim heard a voice call him, Jim turned to see Edgar Wildrat walking torward him. Jim said"Hey Ed, hows it goin?" Edgar replied." Good, just celebrating the victory of Roger." Jim introduced his children from oldest to youngest. Laura still hid behind her father. Edward said. "Oh yes, 'James' I was told to invite you to become Admiral .. and." Jim waved his hand and said. "I know, i know, i accept, i just want to keep my position of Pirate King and the works." Edward shook Jim's hand and said his goodbye's. Then around 10:00 As the kids started playing on the trampoline he saw them start to play a game they called. 'Wrestling' Jim just looked scared as if they did something wrong, they could gget hurt...bad. As they started, Jim noticed they were just pretending to hit each other(but it looked real) Jim just laughed as they 'superkicked' and hit various moves. Jim then saw a little boy he had seen in France, Laura told Jim they were great friends. He was cheering on Laura. Laura was in a corner and started hitting a foot off the mat and the fellow shouted. "Shes Tuning up the band!" Laura's 'move' got countered by Rouge who put it into an 'Ankle Lock' and Kitty climed a corner. Jim heard Jack shout. "IT'S The Shooting Star!" as she leaped off, she 'hit' Rouge and she shouted. "Count it!" Jim quickly counted. 1...2...3! as the kids climed out of the trampoline, the people cheered. Jim then heard a familiar voice say. "Kids?!" Jim turned to see Kayla, alive, he then saw all the kids(except Laura) run and hug her. Jim walked up and asked." I thought you were dead?" Kayla looked up and said."I was, but a voodo witch brought me back." Kayla looked at Laura and asked. Whos this? Jim said. "This is my daughter, Laura, she's a few days younger than Kitty." Kayla motioned for Laura and Jim to join in. As they all hugged Kayla, Jim heard her say. "Guys, cant breathe." Jim and The Kliq let go. Jim then heard Victor's voice say."Don't i get a hug too?" Jim turned and gave him a hug and asked. "How did you get her to do this?" Victor replied with a smile. "Simple! I gave her a monkey." Later Jim brought Kayla back to the Mansion and as Jim and Kayla got into bed, so did everyone else. Jim looked at Kitty and Laura who were at the front and asked. Arent you going to sleep in your own room?" They shook their head no and laid down. Kitty with her blanket, Laura with her teddy bear, Rose with a pillow, Charles with a toy dog he won. Jim looked at Kayla and whispered. "Arent they perfect Angles?" Kayla shook her head yes and asked. "Are you staying or going on another grand adventure?" Jim said with all the kids listening. "Yes i am." And the family slept with smiles on their faces and happiyness in their hearts.

3 Weeks Later

3 weeks after the revival of Kayla Silverfox Jim awoke happily in his bed surrounded by 4 children and his wife, Jim thought." Ha ha ha ha life is good for the Pirate King!" Jim then heard a lot of coughing from "The Leaders' Room" Jim quietly got up and walked next door to find Kitty sweating and coughing a lot. Jim walked up and touched her forehead to find she had a fever. Jim motioned for Laura to leave and get Kayla. A minute later Kayla walked in and took her temperture and she said. "Jim she is really sick, can you get the doctor?" Jim nodded and said."Laura come with me." As the 2 left the house they could hear Kitty's coughs from outside. Laura asked." Is Kitty going to be ok?" Jim nodded and said. "I sure hope so." As they walked into the doctors office he said."Hello, I am Doc Grog how may i help you?" Jim replied."My oldest is sick at home." The doctor said."Alright, lets see whats wrong with the little one." As they walked into the house Jim saw Laura walk out of Kitty's room with a bucket full of something. And Jack walked in with another bucket, As Jim walked into the room he saw Kitty was puking. The Doctor said."Alright miss, can you say Awww?" Kitty opened her mouth and said it. The doctor checked her tempurture, her heart rate and Laura said."She looks almost exacly like my mother did." Jim looked down in shock as Sarah had died from the disease. The Doctor said." Oh no because of your families' extrodinary enhanced healing factor, your daughter will not die, it will just be like this for a couple of weeks, and i recommend she drink plenty of fluids and get much rest, oh and dont feed her anything." Kayla asked."Is this disease contagious?" The doctor said."No." Jim asked."Then how come Kitty caught it about a month after she was near someone who had it?" Doc Grog said." Well sir, i guess it's one of those heredity diseases, like one person in every generation could get it, but again, there is no worry because of your families' amazing healing factors, Kitty will be fine, and might i tell you something?" Jim and Kayla nodded. The Doctor said."Well its more of a private thing, children please leave." The children reluctantly left the room. Grog said."Well, i know of Laura and your claws Mr. Logan or err Mr. Howlett." Jim looked at him with a netural expression. Grog said." Well, while i was checking her pulse, i felt something in her hands, something in between her fingers in her hand, when i squeezed her wrist, Claws came out. Kitty tried to scream but as soon as they went back in, the wounds healed, did you know about this?" Jim shook his head no and said."Just about everyone in my family has 'gifts' and Kitty can also faze through solid objects." The Grog nodded and said."Well, just make sure she stays in bed, gets rest, and put a lot of fluids in her." For the following week all Laura did was watch over Kitty and claim "I watched over my mother, I will watch over my sister." After 3 days without sleep, Jim looked into see Laura asleep in a chair, watching over Kitty. Jim picked Laura up and put her in her bed. After that Jim walked in to find Kitty trying to get up, Jim stopped her and said."No no honey, you need to rest." Kitty said in a soft and low voice. "I have to use the bathroom." Jim just laid her back down and she fell asleep again. After about 10 days Kitty stoped coughing, puking and her fever broke. Dog Grog came in after the 12th day and said. "Your daughter has make a full recovery Mr. Howlett!" Jim thanked him. After 2 weeks Kitty got up out of the bed and she started playing happily with her siblings.

The Swann Party

After Kitty's Illness broke, Jim had recived an invite to The Swann Mansion for a party, celebrating Elizabeth's Birthday that saturday. After he told the family about the party, Kitty(who was still feeling the effects of the illness) jumped for joy but had to sit down from feeling dizzy. Kayla laughed at her oldest and gave her a hug and said."You need to take it easy right now 'kay hon?" Kitty nodded. The next 2 days it was all about Kitty, Rouge and Kayla all trying to pick out a nice dress for the party. An hour before the party started Laura shouted. "COME ON YOU 3 WE DONT HAVE ALL YEAR!" Kitty and Kayla shouted back. "HOLD ON LAURA!" Laura sighed and said."Come on dad, lets let them catch up." Then as Kitty and Laura walked out with matching Pink outfits Laura laughed and said. "What is this a twin contest?" Kitty just stuck her tounge out. Jim laughed at the 2 and said."No fighting tonite alright?" As they made their way into the Swann Mansion, they were greeted by Govener Swann when he said. "Ah The Howletts, welcome, please the V.I.P. lounge is over here." Kitty and Kayla looked at Jim with a quizical look and Jim said."I was told to use an alias here so i used my step-fathers name." when they made it to the V.I.P Lounge, Jim saw the young man he saw at the carnival, Laura's 'special friend' He walked up and said in a happy voice."Hey Laura! Long time no see!" Laura cheered and said."Hey Bryan! Ya!" She introduced Bryan to the family and said. "Everyone, this is Bryan Daniels." Everyone said hi. During the party, Kitty asked."So X, is that your boyfriend?" Laura blussed and Kayla said."Kitty, dont be rude." Kitty said."I just want to know." Kayla asked Laura." Why did you be called X?" Laura replied saying." I was born on the 23 of June, so my friends called me 23, then they started calling me X because i was Xtreme, then they combined them and called me, X-23" Kayla said."Oh! So when did you meet Daniel?" Laura replied."We met when i was 3, Me and my friends call him Bryan." During the party The 'Howletts' were greeted by Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner. Elezabeth said."Hello Howletts! You remember Will?" Jim nodded. Kayla asked. "Isnt he the blacksmith?" Will nodded and said."We are getting married in August, you are invited of course." Jim thanked them and as the night went on, they were frequently visited by 'fellow rich families' such as John Bresly who said. "Ah Jim, i would like to say, thank you for accepting to be the Grand Admiral of the Fleet, and i would like to say, good luck raising your children." Later one person came up to them in a cloak, so they could not see his face and he said." Don't be fooled by the times of peace, The Worlds Goverment is coming to kill every person in Port Royal to try and exterminate the Pirate Polpulation." Jim stood up and asked."Who are you." The man said."You should know me Little Jimmy, i'm the man who is going to kill you!" The man pulled a pistol out from under his black cloak and Jim punched him in the face, when he fell to the ground, his hood removed, it was revealed to be Admiral Miz and Jim using his authority as Grand Admiral ordered guards to take him to the prison. Miz shouted." I AM THE LEADER OF THE WORLDS GOVERMENT YOU CANNOT HOLD ME, I WILL MAKE SURE THE InVASION FLEET KILLS YOU ALL!" suddenly the whole crowd got silent. Govener Swann asked." What are you talking about?" Miz looked at him and said."Oh ya, 20 heavly armed Super Galleons full of soldiers are coming to kill every person on Port Royal, to kill the Pirate Population, I nicknamed it, The Great Pirate Purge, we already hit Ravens Cove and Pardes Del Fuego!" Swann asked."When will they arrive?" Miz answered."8 days!" Everyone started to panic. Jim took Miz's gun, pointed it at his chest and said."Kids, look away." The kids all closed their eyes and Jim shot Miz in the chest. He turned to Govener Swann and said."Hurry, get all the people onto ships and send them to Kingshead, thall be safe there." The Governer nodded and they started evacuating.

The Battle

After 8 days, the town of Port Royal looked like a ghost town, Jim had recived a message from Grace that she had sent 3,000 soldiers to assist in the defence but Jim settled for 1,000. Jim had also sent Kayla and the Kids to Lasile, As Jim watched the ships of TWG sail in and launch their forces, Jim went Full Power Super Pirate and Jim thought. "The first time i used this, i had to defend this place, ironic." Jim heard a pair of voices call to him, he turned to see Captain John Fatbeart and Captain Chris Jericho and their crews coming torward him, they said at once."We are here to help, and nice hair." Jim laughed and he turned "super serious" as he heard the shouts of the inVasion force coming torward him and Jim orderd." OPEN FIRE!" As Jim heard the shots go off around him and saw at least 50 men go down and saw His Majesty's Fleet open fire on The Worlds Goverment's fleet and as Jim and the defending force fight the inVasion, he had cut down alsmost half the force by himself. After a majority of the force was cut down, he looked to see he had only lost a few French soldiers. Jim heard a familiar voice and turned to see. Jolly Roger Jim looked in horror and anger and as Jim charged Roger, they started a giant sword fight and as it seemed Jim had the upper hand, he felt something sharp in his gut, he looked down to see a knife in his stomach, Jim fell to the groud and as he bled on the ground he heard Roger shout. "HA HA HA you should know, i never fight fair!" Jim pulled the knife out of his stomach, inhaled deeply, his wound healed and out of Jim's anger he turned Super Pirate 2 and Jim looked at Roger and shouted. "HEY FOOL!" Jim took out his gun and pulled the triger, and as it went through Roger, he heard him shout. "PITIFUL PIRATE!" As Roger fell to the groud, Jim turned to see only a single inVasion ship left, Jim shot at the ship with his pistol and Jericho stated."HA you can destroy a ship like..." At that moment TWG Ship blew up and Jim looked at Jericho with a cocky grin and said with an exausted voice." What was that?" Jericho just looked at Jim with suprise and said." We were suppose to have Slappy here but he 'volunteered' to stay and guard the people in Kingshead, by the way, what are we going to do about the rest of TWG's fleet? We could barley beat a few thousand people. Jim nodded and said."I warned everyone else." Over the next week, the people started moving back into their homes(some were which destroyed." and Jim had moved back into the house with the family and on after everyone was settled back in. Kitty said."Thats enough excitement for 1 year." Jim and Kayla just laughed and went to bed.

Training Scare

After the InVasion failure, Jim walked to the Old Warehouse and started training, first he attacked various dummies with his version of The Sword of Triton, and as Jim was cutting down a dummy he heard the floor creak, he immediatly took out his pistol and pointed at where the sound came from, as he looked in shock he saw that it was his daughter Kitty standing, watching her father and the only thing on her face, in her eyes were pure fear. Jim automaticly droped the gun and said." Oh my, Kitty, im sorry, come here."Kitty was just frozen in place. Jim walked up and hugged her, she hugged him back and she said, with a sad and scared voice."I'm sorry, i didnt mean to bother you." Jim calmed her down and said."It was nothing Kitten, you just scared me, when the floor creaked, my relexes took over." Kitty just nodded. At that momment Kayla walked in and asked."Have you seen Laura and Kitty?" then she looked and saw Kitty was with him. Jim replied. "I got one of them, and i scared her nearly to death." Kayla asked in a motherly tone."Are you ok Kitty?" she nodded. Kayla hugged Kitty and picked her up, and put her on her shoulders and asked."Have you seen Laura?" Jim replied."No, but I think she might be by the docks." Jim picked up his sword and piston and sheathed them. As Jim made his way down to the docks he noticed Kitty was right beside him. When he looked down, Kitty smiled at him and Jim smiled back, Jim looked up at one of the Galleons and he saw the ships Captain/Owner shouting orders to his crew. Kitty asked."Why didnt you yell at the crew during our trip to Paris?" Jim replied."I'm not a cruel man Kitten, now please keep an eye out for your sis, kay?" Kitty nodded and Jim heard Laura on one of the Light Sloops. Jim looked over to see her and Daniel running around. Jim walked up and asked."Is this your boat Captain Laura?" Laura looked up and said."Yep!" Jim gave her a questioning look and asked." Pray tell, how did you buy this?" Laura looked up and said. "I scanned a light sloop at the Carnival! Then last night, i came down here and made a replica and tied it to the dock." Jim looked at Daniel and said. "Is he your first mate?" Laura shook her head yes. Jim asked."Whats the ships name?" Laura looked up and said. "The Wolverine! I named it after your nickname!" Jim looked at her with a quizical look again. Laura said."I read it in your book!" Jim said. "Oh, may we come aboard Captain?" Laura nodded and the Logan Family came aborad and the children started to play. Jim looked up to see Daniel climbing the ropes up the mast, Jim rubbed the hilt of the sword and made the rope tie around his ankle and made him dangle. Laura started to laugh at her 'first mate' and Daniel shouted."Let me down Laura!" Laura looked at Jim and Jim let him go. As Daniel fell, Laura caught him. Kitty laughed and whispered to Kayla(Jim could hear it) she said."Look at the love birds!" Jim made a rope tie around Kitty's legs and made her dangle above them and Laura laughed. Kitty used her switchblade and cut herself free and climbed into the crows nest. The Logan family would spend the rest of the day on "The Wolverine"

John Bresly's attempt

A few days later, As Jim was walking home with some groceries, he heard a voice call. "James Howlett!" Jim turned to see A man in an EITC Uniform come up with a sword and say."Today, you die pirate!" Jim said."I have no sword, i have no weapon." at that momment, Jim created a small throwing dagger and John said."Well get one!" Jim through the dagger at him and purposley missed John's head by a few inches. Jim came come, said hello, created a Sword of Trition and left before anyone could say anything. As Jim walked out the man had been waiting for him and the duel started, lefts, rights, everything and it seemed John had a slight upper hand but after Jim got knocked down, he used the swords power and used nearby rope to his advantage and as the ropes tied Jthe assassins left arm, and right leg behind him, Jim lauged and just took the sword out of the assassin's hand and said."You lose!" Over the following week the assassins had attempted to kill Jim but all would fail. Jim would later discover John Bresly had sent the assassin.

Adventure Time!

After that random and failed attempts by John Bresly stopped, Jim walked up on the Ports at night, and created a copy of The Queen Anne's Revenge and renamed it The Queen Kayla's Revenge and started looking for a crew. After about 2 Weeks he had a crew of 100 and Jim came to his home and asked."Who wants to go sailing?" The kids cheered and Kayla asked."Where are we going?" Jim replied."Here, There,Everywhere." Kayla punched him in the ribs and said again."Where are we going?!" Jim replied."Around the Caribbean, go see Paris, maybe Tortuga." Kayla nodded and said to the kids."Pack your bags!" When she turned around, she saw they had already done so. 4 hours later, Everyone had packed their bags in the Captains Cabin and Jim whispered to Kayla."I still dont have a First Mate or a Quarter Master." Kayla said."We got the Quartermaster thing handeled, Me and the kids, the Co-Quartermaters!" Jim nodded then he heard a familiar voice say." May I be your First Mate Little Jimmy?" Jim turned to see Anamaria, a friend from his youth standing there on the dock. Jim said."Please, come aboard Madame Maria." As Ana took the helm of The Revenge she shouted."All hands to your posts, we sail!" Jim nodded at her, and Jim used the power of The Sword of Triton and put the rigging where it need to be, unfolded the sails and put them in place and Jim said."Crews work is done, now Madame Maria, please, set said for England." Ana nodded and as they set sail Jim saw that the children were having a great time playing around the ship.Jim asked."With this wind and tide, how long till we reach England?" Maria said in a happy tone."About 2 days tops Captain." Jim nodded and for the rest of the trip he and Kayla just watched over The Kliq. After visiting England, Spain and Ireland, Jim ordered them to set course for France.

Visit to Paris

As Jim and 'The Howletts' made their way around Paris Kitty said."Its weird, it feels like Paris has changed somehow." Jim answered."I know, I dont see anything diffrent." Laura said."Well I dont see anything, When do we get to see the queen?" Jim said." We'll soon see her." Laura looked around and said."Hey look!" Jim and Kayla looked to see a sword fight between an EITC officer and a young-looking boy, and the boy was getting creamed. Jim said."Just keep moving kids, not our business." Jim heard a scream and the family turned to see the EITC guard was now just plain beating up the boy. Jim walked over and pushed the officer off of the boy and the EITC Officer shouted." WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Jim just gave him an angry look and asked."Why are you beating this boy? He is unarmed." The officer said."That boy is a pirate, and by order of The Worlds Goverment All pirates must be either sentanced to life in jail or hanging. Jim said."How old is this boy?" He responded."13" Jim asked."What crime did he commit?" he replied."Theft, and being the son of a pirate." Jim replied."What did he steal?" The officer repied."Jewlery from a rich man." Jim said."You will let him go." the officer laughed and said."Why on earth would i listen to you?" Jim replied."I am James Howlett, Grand Admiral of His Majesty's Navy and Advisor to His Majesty." The guard looked in shock and motioned for the police to let him go. After leaving the sceen Jim heard the boy say."Thank you Mr. Howlett." Jim smiled and Kitty tugged at his pants and asked."Why did you do that? I thought you said it wasnt any of our business?" Jim replied."If i didnt, the boy would have died." Kitty said."Oh" Jim walked into the palace and as he passed he was called over by Keria Kinover who said."Hello Jim! How is it going?" Jim replied."Its great, and i just gotta say, it doesnt get any better than this!" Keria nodded and said."If there is anything i can do, anything at all, just say the word." Jim thanked her and Jim made his way to the throne room and as he and the family entered he was greeted by the queen Grace Goldtimbers in a deep french accent."Hello Logan family! How are you?" Jim replied."We are doing great your majesty, how about you?" Grace said."I am doing perfect! I see your wife was revived by Tia Dalma!"Jim nodded and said."We are very greatful." At that momment a cannon ball exploded into the throne room. During the confusion, several undead pirates had stromed the throne room and their leader was barking orders to them. When Jim looked up he heard one of the men say. "Slappy Sir, we have the money we need!" Jim got up and saw several EITC Guards charge Jim and he drew his cutlass and started to battle, but almost as soon as they came, they left and Jim looked around to see the children alright, Kayla and Grace werent injured but as Jim looked outside, France was on fire. As Jim saw a group of people arguing he saw it was Slappy arguing to his men about something and he heard. "Jericho, we have burned France to the ground, now where is my money?!" He heard someone saw."You will get it in Pardes Del Fuego! Now get to the ships!" Slappy shook his head no, pulled out his gun and before Jim knew it, Slappy screamed and fell to the ground bleeding and Jim though."Only a single person in the world knows how to do that!" Jim shouted."JERICHO!" The man turned around and Jim saw it was Jericho. While turned around, Jericho shot his cronies in the face with his pistol and said."Hello Jim, hows it going?" Jim replied with anger."WHY DID YOU LIGHT FRANCE ON FIRE YOU *******?!" Chris shrugged and said."How else am I suppose to get the attention of the great Pirate King The Wolverine?" Jim punched him in the face and said."You could have just wrote a ltter, maybe walked up to my house and knocked on the door like everyone else in the world, but no, you had to go overboard AGAIN and light flipping FRANCE ON FIRE! Why did you shoot your buddies anyway?" Jericho shrugged and said."I did I was told to get my money dude, I was hired by Blackbeard a few months ago to take part in The Great Pirate Purge, we took out England, Ireland, Del Fuego, Ravens Cove, Singapore and Germany already." Jim looked shocked and said."We took out the inVasion fleet, how could you still be doing this?" Jericho said."You may have stopped the Caribbean InVasion, but not the world." Jim looked at him and asked."Why is this happening?" Jericho said."Oh its over, I lit all the World Goverment Ships on fire, they are all dead, I got my money already!" Jim laughed and said."You remind me of Sparrow!" As Jim looked down he saw Slappy running away and then he heard a shot, he turned to see none other than Kitty shoot Slappy in the back and she said."That was fun! Um, is he alright?" Jim laughed and said."If he can survive Roger, he can survive a shot to the back!" Jericho said."France will be ok, now if there is anything you need at all, just ask." Jim nodded and whispered."Ya, can you take my kids to the Hyperbolic Time Server? You know, train them for a few years?" Chris nodded and said."Anything else?" Jim said."Ya, for killing Zoro!" Jericho said."Flip!" and Jim kicked him hard in a bad spot and said."Your debt is settled."


After weeks of getting France put back together, going home and getting the kids ready for the Server, the day came and Chris asked."Ready for your training kids?" Chris asked Jim."Will they eventually kill me?" Jim laughed and said."No, only if you tick them off!" Chris nnodded, the kids said their goodbyes and 3 days came and went and the day they came back, Chris was covered in scars and scratches, blood on his clothes and bandages all over him and Jim asked with a laugh."Did they give you a fun for your money?" Chris nodded and said."That one you call Kitty, she nearly Killed me 10 times!" Jim laughed and asked."Where are they?" Chris said."Oh they're on the ship, they are still asleep." Jim and Kayla asked at once."At noon?" Chris looked at his watch and said."Oh my watch says its 6:00, woops." Jim laughed and said."Why do you think all the kids are awake in Port Royal?" Chris laughed and turned around to see all 6 kids looking at him with evil grins and Kitty asked."One more training secession?" Chris shouted."NO WAY, you nearly killed me enough for 1 lifetime!" Jim laughed, thanked Chris and they spent the next several years living happily together in Port Royal.


After about a year, Kayla would leave a note

Jim I am sorry about leaving you and the kids such short notice, but there is a problem in my family and I need to be there, It will take a few years and I want you to know, I might not be ablt to come back, so I am sorry but I have to leave you, and I want you to know I have sent, Jack,Rose,and Rouge to Canada to live with your brother I am sorry, I will always love you and the children.

~ Kayla.

Jim told the children the news and they started to cry and Jim said. "It will be ok, you will see your mother again someday, but we cant stay here kids, we will go on a trip!" Kitty asked."Where?" Jim said."Everywhere Kitten, now I am deeply sorry but there are just to many memories of your mother and siblings here." Kitty nodded in sorrow and the childrean packed their bags.

Too Be continued in The Logan Family Saga 2

Pictures of people

Laura Logan

Kitty Logan

Rouge Logan

Edgar during his appearnce

Captain Jim Logan

King George II (John Breasly)

Keira Kinover-Mar


Cancelled Characters

There were many people cut out of the early drafts and scripts and several of them are listed here

  • Zeke Mar(I think that's his name)~ He was cut out in the last draft due to complications
  • John Bresly~Cut out due to Jim Logan didn't know how to make a royal person look good.
  • Davy Jones~ Cut out due to time issues
  • Jolly Roger~ He was scheduled to make a much bigger appearance but was cut out late in the project by Jericho
  • Grace Goldtimebers(Duchess of Anemosis)~ The Queen was scheduled to make several more appearances but was cut out in the later drafts due to possible conflict with Kayla Silverfox
  • Marie Antonette(Ik its spelled wrong)~ She was scheduled to appear but was cut out in the last draft.
  • "Bootstrap" Bill Turner~ He was scheduled to appear but was cut in the second draft.
  • Keria Kinover~ She was scheduled to make a much larger appearance but was cut short in the last draft due to time delays.
  • Captain John Fatbeart~ He was scheduled to appear as he made it through the drafts but was cut short as Jim didn't want any of his closer friends to live in Port Royal too.
  • Charles Raidmalley~ He was in the first draft of the story but was cut by Vince Logan.
  • Cadet~ He was mentioned during the makings of the first draft but was cut by Jim Logan due to his friend posting it on Facebook.com, Jim feared that he would get nothing but hate mail due to the EITC players would be upset.
  • Captain Leon~ He was scheduled to appear in Visit To France as the person who burned france down but as Jims friend posted this story on Facebook, Jim feared EITC Players would send nothing but hate mail so Leon was replaced by Slappy

Cancelled Chapters

There are at least 20 cancelled chapters but here are some of the favorites of Jim Logan.These will be small summaries and lines

  • This chapter took place during The Battle Where Jim was on a mission to hunt down the Leader of The Worlds Goverment where Jim sent a message via HoloTurtle where Jim's favorite line of the chapter was. "Kitty, until I get back, your in charge." and as Jim looked away he saw Kitty stick her tongue out at Laura.



  • This is the first major story/page made by Jim Logan.
  • This book is the only book of Jim Logan to take place primarily in Port Royal
  • This is the first book of Jim Logan not to have bad criticism from EITC Players 
  • This is the first book to mention or even have any of the Logan children appear
  • In the sequel being planned for this book, only 3 of the 6 children are scheduled to appear, Kitty Logan, Rouge Logan and Laura Logan
  • In the sequel being planned, only Jim, Kitty, Laura, Jericho and Victor are scheduled to appear in the next book.
  • Jim Logan wanted a bigger love interest for Kitty, Laura and Rouge but due to time shortages, Jim, Vince and Jericho only had time to create Bobby Blake, and Bryan Daniels for Kitty and Laura.
  • This is the first book of Jim Logan's not to mention the Great War on Piracy between the Brethren Courts and the EITC.
  • This is the only book of Jim Logan's not to even mention Captain Leon
  • This is the first book of Jim Logan's to take place in Paris.
  • And it is the only book not to have a big fight scene
  • This is the first story of Jim Logan to mention him having a wife.
  • This is the first time in a book that it has been mentioned of Jim's crush on Grace Goldtimbers
  • This is the first time that Victor Logan spoke in his favorite language, Spanish.
  • During the book it was first mentioned that Jim knew almost every language in the world.
  • This is the first book Jim Logan had help writing
  • THis is the shortest story Jim wrote.
  • During the story Kitty's eye color is said to be brown and blue in different places.
  • It is unknown how or why but none of the kids react sadly to Victor's leaving
  • It is unknown at this time why Laura reacted strangely around Barbossa
  • It is often joked by Jim that "The kids spent half the book asleep" referencing to how Jim made the book mostly at night.
  • There are 2 endings, one Non-Canon ending with Kayla leaving for her unhappiness. The other resulted in her off-screen death.

How this came to be

This story was created because one night, Jim dreamed that a little girl, with a pink dress, brown hiar, blue eyes and peach skin was looking at him. That girl would eventually become Kitty Logan. Later Jim would imagine talking to the girl he saw in the dream(Kitty) and an unnamed girl(Laura) via HoloTurtle and before the chat ended, Kitty stuck her tongue out at the other girl.