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The Lord's Blade

The Lord's Blade is a powerful Legendary cutlass. It was made by John Breasly for Captain Leon prior to his death. It was finished hours after he was buried. Not knowing what to do with it, John stored it in his office for the time being. Days later, after his uncle Johnny Goldtimbers visited him, he knew who the sword was going to. He granted the sword to Johnny, knowing only a true member of the EITC could wield it. That was mainly because that's how John enchanted the sword. Along the side of the blade is the words "Deo Dvcente Nil Nocet" or "Nothing Can Harm Us When God Leads" in Latin. When he was defeated by Viceroyalty Co., the sword was offered to Robert Mcroberts who could not take it, due to the fact he would not affiliate himself with the EITC, Navy, or Pirates. The junior officer, Jack Cannonhawk, accepted the blade. Unfortunately, the blade did not work for Jack. It was too off-balance. He then gave the blade to his father, John Breasly, who has placed it in the Royal Museum. It is unknown what intentions he has for it. It is speculated he will give it to Samuel Redbeard. For now, it is in it's creators hands.



Type N\A Cutlass
Rarity N\A Legendary
Resale Value N\A May only be passed on by hand
Attack N\A 115
Charge! (weapon skill) Rank 5 Boost morale! Give allies 50% more damage!
Lunge (weapon skill Rank 5 A damaging thrust to your enemies!
Sweep Boost +10 Sweep Boost
Availability N\A EITC Players Only

Made of

Handle Leather and Iron
Hilt Onyx Gem
Hand Guard Gold
Blade Obsidian, Steel, and Iron
Blade Side Letters Carved of Gold
Enchantment Only a true EITC member may wield