While on his journey with Duchess of Anemosis(the (player) Queen of France), the two were searching for a good hideout for her from her enemies at the time, Dog O'Hawk and the Caribbean Rangers, Pearson Wright and the Skull Clan. They encountered a small group of people who had a guild below their names but they said their "lost guild" has achieved "Super Human" transformation.

A parody of the Super Saiyan and Super Human combo from a future online game) which Jim at the time had only began to learn Ki Sense said show me, which they replied. OK!( said in an angry voice) while their leader said they all used a special redeem code, Goldesh aura surrounded them and Jim stated their power level is higher than JOLLY ROGER'S!. after a small demonstration on Dark Hart, Jim asked if Duchess can stay under their protection, which they agreed only if Jim learns to be super human, Jim agreed but Jim never learned the redeem code as the Lost guild disappeared from the Caribbean.

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